Something really BIG is coming Tuesday for photographers, and we’re all over it!

OK, for us, things don’t get much bigger than this â” now, unfortunately I can’t tell you actually what it is that’s coming Tuesday, but it’s SO BIG that we’re doing FOUR free live Webcasts on Tuesday and you’re invited (if you’re a photographer, you’re going to want to be there to see and talk about this big secret thingy).

Here’s the top secret details:

Who: Me and RC (co-hosts of The Lightroom Show)
What: Four free LIVE webcasts for photographers
When: Tuesday at 1:00 pm, 3:00 pm, 5:00 pm and 7:00 PM (all Eastern Time zone)
Why: We can’t tell you why yet (we’ve been double-sworn to secrecy and we had to put RC’s car up for collateral in case we blabbed so we’re keeping this one top secret till then)

Come and join RC & me â” sign-up free at this link, and we’ll see you on Tuesday for the big secret thingy that we can’t talk about now, but we’ll be talking about all day on Tuesday (and so will everybody else).

Also, can you help us spread the word through your social media and blogs and stuff? (much appreciated!). We’ve got a LOT to share (ya know, once we can officially share it). :)

Have a great top-secret weekend and we’ll see you next week!


Not Tellin’ ‘Till Tuesday

  1. I am slightly bummed that it is on a Kelby One tour date that I will be attending, but I hope to stay up to date during breaks! Or maybe Joe McNally knows and will just tell us all :P

  2. Hey Scott, I can’t wait for your announcement. It’s funny I read your blog every day. Most days I can’t comment, it won’t load. But, when I can I do. I still value your tips and opinions in which I share with my students on a constant basis. Thank you for all you have done for me since I joined NAPP in December of 2006. You Rock My Brotha!

  3. Explains why the posting at the Lightroom Killer Tips has been so light of late – they’re busy figuring all the new stuff for LR6. Kelby is probably halfway through the first book on LR6 given how productive he is.

  4. We believe, based on prior experience with Scott and crew, that tomorrow is a major Adobe announcement; however, “for fun”, when was the last time we saw a truly “major” update to Google Nik’s “core” plug-ins. You can easily argue they have lost ground to their major competition and thus way past due. Maybe Scott really does have a secret. :)

      1. Yes we did; my personal opinion of Google is pretty bad. I think all they really wanted was snap whatever they call it. :(

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