The Latest in Photoshop LAB Color


Photoshop Hall of Famer Dan Margulis, the father of professional color correction using Photoshop, and the man who made Photoshop’s LAB color mode take the photographic world by storm in the past few years (thanks to his groundbreaking book on LAB color), is doing a special pre-conference workshop at Photoshop World called “The Latest in LAB.”

I have no idea what Dan’s going to teach, but I know this; each time he does a session like this—-everything changes because Dan is pretty much the bottomline when it comes to LAB mode (which is another reason he has such a legion of fans around the world).

If you’re going to Photoshop World this October in Vegas, make sure you check out Dan’s LAB pre-con (Note: Dan’s classes are pretty much for more advanced users, so if you’re kinda new to Photoshop, I’d skip this one and maybe look at either the Concert Photography Workshop [there’s only two spots left], or Ben Willmore’s “Shoot for Photoshop” (will be sold out soon), or the Canon Live Studio shoot (which will be sold out soon, too). Here’s the link for a list of the pre-cons.

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