Thursday News Quickies


Hi gang:
First I want to thank yesterdays Guest Blogger Scott Rinckenberger for his very cool post yesterday, and thanks to my own assistant Brad for coming up with the idea to feature the assistants of famous photographers. I love how this is shaping up! Now, onto some quick news:

Joe’s Number One!
A big congratulations to my buddy Joe McNally, whose book “The Hot Shoe Diaries” was just named to the “Best Books of 2009” list as the #1 bestselling book in the Arts & Photography category for 2009 at (as seen above) If you don’t have a copy yet, it would make a perfect Holiday gift (and it’s a totally kick-butt book, which is precisely why it’s number 1). My congrats to Joe and the great folks over at New Riders Publishing, who together put together one heck of a book (and I didn’t want to say ‘heck’).

Got Lots of Lighting Gear to Ship? Take a tip from Big Joe
Larry Becker pointed this tip out to me last week, when a bunch of Joe McNally’s equipment arrived at our offices. He noticed that some of his larger gear was stored in cases that looked just like golf travel cases (the kind intended for shipping golf club bags). Larry pointed out that Golf travel bags are generally a lot cheaper than photo-lighting equipment bags that are about the same size and shape. So, Larry went checking and last weekend he spotted a hard shell golf bag at Sports Authority on sale for $89! That’s about $200 off compared to something similar for photo gear. Thanks for the tip Larry (and Joe).

Meet me in Tampa on Monday
My last seminar of the year is coming up on Monday, as my new “Photoshop for Digital Photographers Tour” makes it’s final stop at the Tampa Convention Center. Hope I’ll get to see you there! (Here’s the link with details).

Want to see some Amazing Art?
My buddy Mike “Hollywood” Kubeisy turned me on to the art of Tom Fritz who is just an incredible traditional artist. In fact he’s so good, he does exclusive work for companies like Harley Davidson (among others), and his stuff is just totally amazing. If you want to start your day off right, two one minute and check out his paintings right here. Wow!

That’s it for today folks
Have a great Thursday everybody, and we’ll see you back here tomorrow, cause I’m working on setting up a special deal for you guys for the weekend.

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