Today I’m Announcing What is Probably The Coolest Hands-on Workshop I’ve Ever Done

You’ve got to watch the video above — it explains the whole thing, but I’ve got to tell you — we are incredibly excited about this. We put a lot of work into making something really unique and really special, but  it’s only for 20 very cool, very lucky photographers, and I hope you’re one of them. I hope you can join me (and Scott — watch the video) for one of the coolest workshops ever! I am not kidding! :)

Here’s the link to sign up -

P.S. Scott and I will be answering your questions here on the blog, but give me a chance to wake up and at least have a cup of coffee or two! ;-)  This is going to be (wait for it….wait for it….) edit. No, epic! 

    1. Yeah…..I just clicked it myself, and you’re right. It’s not working. Ugh! I guess the Web dept. didn’t think I’d be posting it right at midnight. Check back later in the day and hopefully it’ll be working. Sigh. So sorry about that.

  1. Scott, I would love to be able to do this but I’ll be skating around the fish. :)
    You should come and shoot a NASCAR race with me this year. I’m planning to shoot Bristol, Charlotte and Darlington. I help sponsor a Nationwide car (Jeremey Clements #51) and a pass to that is no problem (hope to move up soon to Sprint, then we can get a Hot Pass).

  2. Wow – this sounds awesome – love to be there… So how about making a video (to use on Kelby Training) for all of us who is not going to be there..? THX

  3. When I saw the announcement on the Grid I got really excited about the possibility to shoot an actual NHL game. This is an awesome workshop idea. Hope the link is fixed soon.

  4. Hey Scott,
    I’m bummed that I can’t make this. It’s 2 days too early for it to work for me. I’m coming to Tampa on Spring Break but Leaving OKC on Friday the 15th to Drive straight through. Oh well, thanks for a great opportunity for those who get to participate. I’m good though. My daughter lives in Orlando and is expected to deliver her first son any day now. I will be able to photograph something much, much better than any kind of sport.
    I would maybe like to come by the NAPP offices for a visit if I could swing that. The wife’s aunt is about 10 miles away.
    See ya,

  5. Wow! I’ve been a Lightning fan since the teams inaugural year. I never miss a game. What an opportunity! Hopefully I can afford this. Scott you are a wonderful man. Both Scott’s!!

  6. Good luck to all those who participate! Hockey is such a great and exciting sport to shoot! Kudos to Scott for setting something like this up. I am sure he had to pull a lot of strings to make this happen!

  7. Scott,
    The link isn’t working. I’m a hockey freak. Avalanche season ticket holder for 15 years, but Tampa’s not bad either. Waiting to see details. Hopefully I can make it!!!

  8. Scott, Quick Feedback. There is no cancellation policy for this training (even if the policy is “you are not allowed to cancel”. I started signing up for it, but was concerned with not being able to get flight/hotel etc. (I would fly from outside US for the workshop). Since I didn’t know what policy is, I called the help desk. They also didn’t know what it was. Given it is not written anywhere and the limited number of seats, I assumed it is a no cancel policy. Just some feedback to try to improve the good services you guys already provide.

    too bad i couldn’t sign up because of that :(

  9. Will you record this for KelbyTraining for those of us that can’t make it? I’d love to learn new tricks for fast action shooting and sports photography.

  10. Hey Scott with the “soon-ness” of this…Can I camp out on your living room floor? HEHE…Any recomendation on inexpensive but livable rooms and do we need a rental car??? Trying to do it on the cheep to save a few bucks.

  11. After playing hockey for 35 years this would have been the best workshop ever to be part of…Scott – if you could swing the workshop up here in LEAFS Nation – I’m all over it ;) – Plus I played goal for 35 years so I could give you some goalie tips!

      1. Is this going to be sent out in an email to us or a follow up on here. I didn’t know if its was a sooner is better for hotels type of thing….

  12. Any chance you can swing this with the Rays this summer. I have a goal to shoot a Rockies game from the photographers well by 2015, but a session with you Scott would go a long way to getting me there.

  13. Scott I logged onto your blog at the right time that day and immediately signed up without even checking my schedule. I’m heading to China/India tomorrow and get back to Toronto on the 12th and then off to Miami for 13-14-15th and Tampa for the workshop. I’ll be dead tired but so looking forward to meeting you guys.

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