Upload Your Best Image From The Photo Walk For The Photo Walk Photo Competition

If you haven’t uploaded your best image from this past weekend’s Worldwide Photo Walk, now’s the time. Pick that one best image from your shoot – Upload it at the site (more on that in a moment), and you’re entered. Entering the contest is free, so whatdaya have to lose? (Heck, maybe you’ll win!).

STEP ONE: Go to the official Worldwide Photo Walk site (link), and find the page for the city where you did your walk. This is the page (above) from the walk I led in Innsbruck, Austria. Click on the Contest tab at the top (shown circled here in red).

STEP TWO: Click the “Choose File” button; navigate to your best image (in JPEG or PNG format) and then hit the Upload Image button seen here. That’s all there is to it.

Hey, ya never know — you might have the best image from your local walk, and if so, you’ll be entered into the main contest where you’ll be competing for $thousands in prizes!!! (click the Prize link at the top of the page when you’re at the site, but it’s lots of amazing goodies). Now, go do it right now, while you’re thinking about it. If you don’t enter, it’s impossible to win.

Going to Adobe MAX next week?
I’m teaching a class on their Career Track called “How to Present Like a Pro” and I’d love it if you came by. This isn’t the same stuff you read about presenting on the Internet — I’ll be sharing concepts and ideas and tips and tools I haven’t seen shared by anyone anywhere. I promise — you’ll super-dig it. I’m teaching the class twice — once each day, and I already have over 1,100 people signed by,j so come by and spend an hour with me — I’ll make it worth your while.

Going to Photo Plus Expo in New York City?
If you want a free Expo Pass to the Photo Plus Expo in NYC later this month, I can hook you up. Use this link to get in the Expo for free (or you can get 15% off a conference pass using the same link), or you can even sign up for my “Advanced Lightroom Workshop” I’m teaching at the expo, too. Hope I see you at the show in NYC. https://l.feathr.co/PPE18_Scott-Kelby-O

Have a great weekend everybody. I’m off to LA on Sunday — hope to see you at Adobe MAX. 🙂




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