We’re Streaming the Photoshop World Keynote LIVE in one hour and 30 min from now!

We’re broadcasting the Photoshop World Opening Keynote LIVE, (hosted by yours truly) with a special presentation from Adobe today at 9:00 am  PDT (just 1 hour and 30 min from now), live from the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, NV.

You can watch it live at PhotoshopWorld.com — Hope you can join us!

Here’s a free time zone converter to help you tune in at the right time: http://www.timezoneconverter.com/cgi-bin/tzc.tzc

  1. Umm, sorry to be pedantic about the title of your blog post, but you mean either “…Keynote LIVE in one hour and thirty minutes” or “…Keynote LIVE one hour and thirty minutes from now”. I hate being bugged by grammatical mistakes… :-)

    1. Really Michael, that critique over something so unimportant? Give the man a break. I’m sure he’s going non-stop at PSW and – the message was perfectly clear, regardless of any grammatical issues. -sheesh-

      1. Agreed. We all got the message. It’s not like a spelling mistake that really turns the message around. I do remember someone posting about Matt’s new composting book….entirely different subject! :)


  2. While I love your light it, shoot it, retouch it, I noticed that Thurs you are doing a Photoshop for Travel Photographers…I would love for you to do a Kelby training class on this. How about it???

  3. There was nothing live about this. The PSW page was never updated to let people know it was to be shown at noon of the day of the Keynote. You had to keep checking the page to catch this.

    It was more like tape delay presentation than ‘live’ but it beats not seeing it at all!

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