Where To Shoot Great Photos in NYC, It’s “Photo Tip Friday,” and More!

We’ve got a lot to cover today, so let’s get to it:

Where to shoot in New York

That was the topic when I was the guest recently on Jefferson Graham’s wonderful “Photowalk talks” and he asked me to share some of my favorite places to shoot in New York, and well…here ya go:

Jefferson has featured a host of great photographers on his Photowalk Talks series, and if you’ve got a sec, you can check them out right here. Thanks for having me on Jeff — I really enjoyed it!

I’ll Bet You Know Someone Who Could Really Use This Book!

If wouldn’t mind, could you give this a quick look (below. It’s the just-released trailer for my new ‘iPhone Photography Book,” and see if you don’t know somebody, a friend or family member, that this book wouldn’t be perfect for. If you do, I hope you’ll pass this onto them, or maybe you should buy the book for them (hint, hint). It’s been the #1 new release in the digital photography on Amazon for weeks now, and the reviews there, and from blog reviewers, have just been great.

Here’s the link to it on Amazon and Barnes & Noble and direct from the publisher at Rockynook.com

It’s “Photo Tip Friday” with Gilmar Smith

This tip is so on the money, and it’s based on the fact that when you have someone in front of your camera who is not a professional model, they look and feel awkward because they don’t know what to do with their hands. Her tip so simple yet so effective. #Gilmar for the win!

If you want to learn more from Gilmar, here’s her latest class on KelbyOne: Personal Brand Photography: Going Beyond the Headshot.

Have a stellar weekend, everybody. Stay happy and healthy, and we’ll catch you again next week (well, I certainly hope so).



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