Win “The Photoshop Guys” Signed Guitar & Help The Springs of Hope Orphanage

Please take a minute and check out the short video clip above—it’s an excerpt from this week’s episode of “The Grid” which explains why we need to raise some money quick to help the Springs of Hope Orphanage in Kenya, and how you might win “The Photoshop Guys” signed guitar for helping out.

Here’s the link (watch the video first, then I hope you’ll want to click the link and help. If you do help, please leave me a comment so I can thank you personally).

  1. My dear Scott, Hi

    I really like to buy a Ticket but you know that we don’t have any credit here …..

    So sad :( …. I want to tell my Uncle in Spain to do this for me.
    He is not available right now.

    Best wishes

  2. Bought a ticket, may well end up with a couple more. And I don’t even play the guitar ;) Jokes aside it’s a very good cause and I really hope you reach the mark this time as always.

    One thought – it takes only 100 ticket’s to raise the mentioned $2500, make it 200 (Hi Ken!) and we’ve really made someone’s day, 300……well I guess you get it by now. C’mon people let’s make an effort :)


  3. Good timing. I got an email from them last week saying that both of their vans were down for repairs and that the tires from one had been stolen. They were trying to raise $2K, so I sent in a donation.

    That got me thinking that I’ve been putting off the Big-5 game [photo]-shooting safari too long. There are some great photographers leading interesting tours, but if SCOTT KELBY led one, with a stop at the orphanage to help out for a day or so and some of the price going to them, I’d sign up in about a second.

    1. Hi Joe: Thanks for helping out. As for the spiral bound book—-they are long gone (we only printed 1,000 of the spiral bound, and they were gone as soon as they came in). Appreciate your willingness to help either way. :)

    1. You’re a good man, Craig. I’ll let everybody know how much we raised, but I think it’s going well. A friend donated $500 alone just yesterday, and with all the tickets being bought here, like yours, I think we’re well on our way.

      Good on ya, man! :)


  4. Hey, Scott. Happy to help; bought a couple and shared the link with my Facebook friends with a note to them as well. Great cause. My two granddaughters lives were saved by an orphanage in Ethiopia; their life expectancy was measured in weeks, not years, when they got there. The need is so great.

    1. Hey Big Guy: Thanks for donating, and for passing the link on. Amazing story about your granddaughters (one with a very happy ending). Thanks for your support (and I agree—the need is so great).


      1. Scott, I wasn’t going to say how many I actually bought, but maybe it will spur someone else on to buy more. I bought eight. Now someone else go top that!

  5. Hi Scott ! I love when you come up with chances for us to help this project.
    Just got 6 tickets and, if I happen to win, I will give the guitar back to you for a second round of raffles. So, good luck to me ! =)))

    1. Hi Ali:
      That is just fantastic!!!! I know you had to go through a lot to make that happen, but I’m so thrilled that you did. Thank you SO much for having a warm heart for the children and helping out the way you did. That is just absolutely wonderful, Ali! :)



      1. My dear Scott,

        When you call for Something, I will do my best to be there ….. I Love children, Specially when they need some help. …:), God Bless you Scott

  6. I imagine that it was not easy to give up the guitar, thanks. Bought a couple of tickets and know that it will do some good. I was there with the mob in Chicago and didn’t have the time to stay and say thanks for a great class, so thanks from a 75 year old that can still learn.

  7. Scott,
    I really appreciate all your efforts! The site and your books rock! You have such a great gift for teaching and for making us all feel like we know you. Bought 4 tickets to help the kids. I visit the site often and love the Kelby training site.

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