You Did it!!! The Orphanage is Back on Track!!!!

kenya2006_072_copy2Hi gang. I got the official update yesterday from Molly and Joseph Bail on how the fund raising has been going to finish the roof and complete the orphanage in Kenya.

They needed just over $49,000 total  to get the orphanage finished, furnished, and up and running, and I am absolutely thrilled to report that they now, thanks in part to your efforts, have over $64,000 and tomorrow Molly, Joseph and their son Elijah (pictured here) are flying back to Kenya for an entire year to feed, clothe, and care for these children.

I heard again and again how check and Paypal donations have been coming in (still averaging at least three a day from readers of this blog), and I am so touched and thankful to have such wonderful, caring and compassionate readers. There are even readers who have pledged monthly donations to help feed and clothe these children (if you’re so moved, here’s the link).

Gang, this was a BIG win! You did something really special—something really important in the big picture, and I can’t thank you all enough for your generosity and support for getting this project back on track!

I’ll be sure to post photos when the roof is finished, and from the opening day (which won’t be too far away now!) Please keep Molly, Joseph, and their son Elijah, in your prayers going forward, and thanks again for making a difference in the life of a child.   — Scott

P.S. I’ve received some emails from readers who have just gotten their first copies of my CS4 Book for Digital Photographers. As soon as the Spiral-bound editions hit our warehouse, I’ll sign them and get them right out to you all!

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