You Did it! You Just Raised $20,000 For The Springs of Hope Orphanage

We have already crossed the $20,000 mark in donations for the orphanage, which is just absolutely stunning (and beating last year’s donations by thousands!).

We are so thrilled to see how, once again the photography community stepped up to help these awesome kids — this is just so wonderful. Even in my best case scenarios I never through we’d hit $20,000. My heart-felt thanks to everyone who stepped up big time like this!

Here’s the breakdown:

Donations from Photo Walk participants: $15,565.00
Donations from the online Silent Auction: $3,169.00
Official T-shirt Sales: $1,510.00

Total for Springs of Hope: $20,244

That is a HUGE WIN!!!!!

If you didn’t get in on helping, it’s not too late!

Want to take it to $21,000? We can do it! The quickest way is go to the Online Auction and:

  • Bid on a print from a KelbyOne Instructor (Printed and framed, courtesy of the awesome folks at
  • Bid on a one-on-one portfolio review from a KelbyOne Instructor
  • Bid on a one-on-one Skype help session from a KelbyOne Instructor

Those one-on-one sessions are an amazing opportunity to get a top pro to help with your portfolio, or to help with post processing, or just hang out and get to know them so go bid on one right now!

This year, instead of walkers just being able to the images from other walkers in their city, our Web team created a global gallery all photo walkers everywhere could contribute to and interact with. If you were registered for a walk, here’s the link to check out some of the wonderful images created on Saturday.

Community for the win!

Erik and I were really concerned that this year we’d be way, way off on our donations to the orphanage because of the pandemic, and not being able to hold the photo walks in large groups like we normally do. We had come up with what we thought was a decent plan to still host a walk this year, , but when we ran it past our KelbyOne community, they had so many great ideas in that meeting that we totally shifted gears; went with their ideas, and we wound up hitting a home run. Everybody in that meeting realized what was at stake here, and they gave their time and their heart to make this all work, and we’re so grateful they did.

Thanks again to everyone who participated in the walk. I know it was different this year, but it was awesome, and through it we did something really important for some kids that really matter. I dig you all! Thanks to my team here at KelbyOne, in particular Adam and our Web team; Christina and her Video crew, Rachel and her team for getting the word out so wonderfully, and to Erik “The Real RocketMan” Kuna — who all worked so hard to make this happen (and it did!).


P.S. Next week we’re wrapping up the WWPW photo contest, so if you were part of the photo walk, make sure you upload your photo and check the “enter this image in the photo competition” checkbox.

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