You Don’t Have To Settle For The Image That Comes Out Of The Camera

On Wednesday’s episode of “The Grid” we did one our most popular episodes (an idea from our friend Terry White), where we ask our viewers to send in an unedited photo (like the Raw “before” photo seen below sent in by Fredrik Brettman). The photo is solid – very well composed, it’s a great subject, there’s just a ton to like, but when you shoot in RAW, you usually get a very flat-looking photo to start with, but as you’ll see in the short video below – you don’t have to settle for what comes out of the camera. That’s why we have Lightroom and Photoshop – to bring images like Fredrik captured to life.

In this clip from ‘The Grid” below I take you from the Raw image (above left) to the after image on the right, and you see every step of the process along the way. The video starts 9-minutes and 21-seconds into the show – right where where I start editing the Raw image. It’s most Lightroom/Camera Raw, with some cool, but very easy, moves in Photoshop, and then an optional move at the end. Hope you’ll check it out below:

See, that’s why we need post-processing. That’s why learning this stuff is so important, but once you learn it, it’s just so much fun watching what develops.

Hope you found that informative, helpful, fun, and here’s wishing you a great, safe, healthy, happy weekend! :)


P.S. Don’t forget – the Lightroom Conference kicks off next week – 2 full days (plus a pre-conference “Lightroom Crash Course” the day before), with two simultaneous training tracks, with an all-star team of instructors, and you get the entire conference archived for an entire year. Here’s the link to the full conference schedule, more info, and tickets (get yours name and save a bundle). 

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