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  • Monthly Archives August 2007

    Hi everybody---here's the latest: I'm working on my 2nd annual "Scott's Gonzo Holiday Gadget Guide" for the magazine, and for an online version as well, and I've gotten a lot of great gear and gadget ideas from readers in the past, so if you know of a really cool product, accessory, plug-in, etc. that I should know about, just post a comment here on the blog, or send me an email at skelby@photoshopuser.com Just a quick note: Amazon.com is now showing that my "Photoshop CS3 Book for Digital Photographers" is in stock, so now both B&N and Amazon show the book ready to ship. I'm also starting to get emails from readers who have received the book already, so I'm glad to see it's getting in the pipeline. :) If you're looking for a really cool shooting opportunity, Moose Peterson's Digital Landscape Workshop Series…

    Howdy folks! Let's get to it: Let's start this Tuesday off right with some inspiration--I came across the photography of Erik Almas, and I was just blown away. His portrait work has a surreal feel to it that is just so captivating, and his landscapes, and well...everything he does is just amazing. Click here to visit his site, and start your Tuesday off right (hey, that rhymes). Note: He has several galleries and one of them is called Nudes. Now, I didn't click that particular link, but I'm assuming that the Nudes gallery will have photos of people without their clothes on (it's just a hunch). So, if nudity offends you----don't click that link (I hate to have to give that warning, but believe me---I have to give that warning!). Dave Cross (who is, hands-down one of the finest Photoshop teachers on the planet)…

    In my spare time (insert chuckle here) I play keyboards for "Big Electric Cat" (NAPP's own "house band" named after Adobe's internal code-name for Photoshop 4.0) and we'll be making a special concert appearance at the Photoshop World Vegas party (held at the ESPN Zone Restaurant & Bar in the New York New York Hotel & Casino). We also played at Boston Photoshop World this past spring (see photo above, taken by David Ziser, which shows lead singer Kalebra, along with bass player [and Photoshop genius] Felix Nelson--click on it for a larger view), where we played songs from Evanescence, No Doubt, and Mother's Finest, (among others), but this time we have a different set list, with some fun 80s and 90s dance hits (like Janet Jackson and Cameo), plus some Heart, and a very cool remake of Elvis' "Burin' Love." If you got…

    It's Monday, and that means…it's Monday! There's an interesting article over at one of my favorite blogs; The Online Photographer, and it's about "Photoshop Excess (the overuse of Photoshop,) and not only is it cleverly written, it makes some very good points. Check it out here. If you'd like to start your day being blown away, take a moment and visit the site of German design firm Zerone CGI. Their specialty is creating 3D versions of cars (using 3D Software) and integrating them with a photographic background, and they are so brilliant at it that you've just got to see it. Their home page graphic shows the process with an animation which starts with just the background photo, then you see a wireframe, then a rough model, then the finished car with detail (see a capture from their site above). Just amazing!Next, when you're…

    Happy Friday everybody. Here's the end-of-the-week news: I just got my copy of the new book "What The Duck: Rule of Nerds" (from Aaron Johnson) and it's just great! I'm such a huge fan of the "What the Duck" photo-centric comic strip (shown above---click for a larger view) and Aaron did just a great job putting this book together (you will absolutely laugh your butt off!). "Rule of Nerds" has to be on your Holiday gift list this year! Check it out at whattheduck.net. Congratulations to Aaron on putting an entire year of What the Duck into this hilarious book!!! :) Catch Larry Becker (NAPP's Executive Director) in an online interview posted over at TechTalkRadio where they talk about the upcoming Photoshop World, about NAPP in general, and all sorts of cool stuff. You can listen online right here. There's also an interesting video…