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  • Posts By Scott Kelby


    Here's a really popular, super simple, technique for creating ad backgrounds (you see this look a lot in print ads and online banners. The one we're going to recreate is a print ad I saw for the Modern Shoe Hospital), but there's an added super-handy trick inside of this, and it's how to keep the original drop shadow from a placed product shot on a white background. It's cooler than it sounds. Here goes: STEP ONE: Open a new document and fill the background with a solid color. This doc is around 8"x10" at 72 ppi resolution. STEP TWO: Create a new blank layer, then get the Elliptical Marque tool and create a large oval-shaped section (like the one you see here). Now set your Foreground color to white, then press Option-Delete (PC: Alt-Backspace) to fill your oval with White (as seen here). Now…

    I saw this Photoshop down & dirty technique in a print ad for the Samsung Galaxy S4 and thought I'd break it down for you, here.   STEP ONE: Open your background image (in the Samsung Ad I saw, it had a child holding a bunch of balloons, kinda like what you see here (I downloaded this stock photo from dollarphotoclub.com). STEP TWO: Open an image of a cell phone (here's a stock cell phone photo, also from dollarphotoclub). Put a selection around the cell phone (as seen here), and then Copy just the phone into memory (I used the Magic Wand tool to click on the white background, then I pressed Shift-Command-I (PC: Shift-Ctrl-I) to invert the selection (The opposite of the white background is, of course, the phone. It's an old trick). STEP THREE: Now Paste the cell phone image (that you copied into memory…


    Hey gang: We had our own Larry Becker stop by some of the exhibitors at the Photoshop World Conference Expo floor last week, so they could give us a quick look at what they were showing off at their booths. Here's a few to get you started: https://youtu.be/Q7E_H6TP7Yw https://youtu.be/Rj9CId7Qx14 https://youtu.be/TMCJIXiRcm0 https://youtu.be/ar9elr7hJQs https://youtu.be/uUGoWiBFigg https://youtu.be/FIsA8OJuOFQ https://youtu.be/SV1JNnioAvw https://youtu.be/gWZqQ14wz4Q https://youtu.be/Fi581-Efu7c https://youtu.be/ilUKNKUXXsM https://youtu.be/b2iWCPii0M0 https://youtu.be/FYZbwz3NEwE https://youtu.be/vBUN2m1Pfp0 https://youtu.be/f4Hde_MH9Qw https://youtu.be/v1G0CKUtvxo https://youtu.be/K3wygsLcWSQ https://youtu.be/CU43pj0yFs4 https://youtu.be/2JHHQDgvKXs OK, this post is getting crazy long - if you want to see more, check out our KelbyOne YouTube page where you'll find lots more stuff from Photoshop World. Hope you all have a rockin' Monday! -Scott          

    http://youtu.be/LXWWwiJotXM This quick little video gives you a real peek into what it's like being at the Photoshop World conference, from the pre-conference workshops out on location, to Adobe's opening keynote, to the conference sessions and expo. It's really quick, but it's a great look at the experience, and why you'll want to come and experience it yourself in person next year. I've got lots more to share next week, but my flight is boarding (almost home!) so I've got to run! Thanks to all our awesome instructors, to our KelbyOne crew who were remarkable going on little sleep for days on end, to all our wonderful conference sponsors and exhibitors, to our friends at Adobe who make it all happen, and especially to all our fun, ready-to-learn, ready to rock attendees from all around the world who came to spend a few days…

    A Great Good Mornin' To Ya From Photoshop World Las Vegas! (photo above by Pete Collins taken during yesterday's Concert Photography Pre-Conference Workshop - I sat in for a few songs with the band Rebel Soul). Streaming LIVE Keynote Our opening keynote, and Adobe's keynote presentation, are being streamed LIVE this morning (well, depending on where you are it may not be morning, but it's a warm, sunny morning here in Vegas!). Here's the link to register (it's free), and once you register it emails you the link to the broadcast. Hope you can join us - it's at 12:00 noon East Coast (NYC) time or 9:00 am Pacific Time (LA time). Can't wait to meet everybody today - we are super-psyched! :) Best, -Scott P.S. Peter Hurley's new book debuts here at the show today, as does the print version of my new…

    It’s here: the Photoshop World Conference & Expo kicks off today with the pre-conference workshops; the parties start tonight, and tomorrow we’re live-streaming Adobe’s keynote (here's the link to watch live), so “it’s on.” If you're joining us in Vegas, here's a few quick things to help you get the most of your experience: Check in for registered participants will begin at 10:00am at the Registration Counter in the North Convention Center. Workshop Details: If you received your conference letter with badge, please bring it with you, plus any tickets you received at the time of registration. Check in for your workshop also covers your official conference check in. You will not be able to store any personal belongings in the workshop rooms. Offsite workshop attendees can keep items on the bus at your own risk. Some In-Depth Workshops require/suggest specific equipment. View your…