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Hi everybody. Lots of stuff’s been piling up during the past week or so, so here we go:

rickspodcastNew Podcast from Rick Sammon
I just learned that our buddy Rick Sammon has launched a new radio Podcast called “The Digital Photo Experience” which he co-hosts with Juan Pons. The first episode was just released on iTunes (the Podcast is free), and it’s already playing to rave reviews (his average rating is five-stars), so if you’ve got a second, check it out (here’s the link—you can listen right within iTunes, and subscribe for free so you don’t miss another episode).

Shuttle Shots from Scott Diussa
Friend of the blog (and Photoshop World instructor) Scott Diussa, posted some very cool images from the recent Space Shuttle launch taken by remote. They’re pretty sweet, so if you’ve got a minute, check them out right here on his blog. (Also don’t miss his shots of how the remote cameras looked after the launch).

David Ziser’s “Wedding Photography: Rapid Fire Tips & Tricks”
Master wedding photographer and brilliant instructor David Ziser is back with a brand new rapid-fire collection of some the must useful tips he’s picked-up during his 25-year career shooting weddings around the world. The class just went “live” last week at Kelby Training Online, and people are already talking about it. Here’s the link with more details (or to watch it online).

Thanks to the Geeks!
Just a quick word of thanks to UK-based RegHardware—the folks behind the “Geeks Guide2 Christmas Guide, Part I,” who included my new book, “The Digital Photography Book, Volume 3” in their guide this year. Here’s the link.

Photoshop User TV—-Tweaked for Episode II
Tomorrow the 2nd episode from the new season of Photoshop User TV goes live (I’ll try to run it here on the blog tomorrow if possible), and we did tweak the show a bit. After watching it, we felt pretty much the same way you guys did—-shorter and more content is better, but we lost some of what made the show what it was, so it’s still short and sweet, but not so rushed and with a little more “us” in it than the first episode. Hope you guys like the tweaks (and look for it here tomorrow, with any luck).

Volumes 1, 2, and 3 reviewed at “Learning to See the Light”
I just ran across this in-depth review of my three-volume set of, “The Digital Photography Books, Volumes 1, 2, & 3” over at the “Learning to See The Light” blog. Here’s the link to check it out.

Where are The Deals You Talked About on Friday?
OK, apparently I was one of the last people on earth to realize that today is Cyber Monday (by the way—the term “Cyber” as in “Cyberspace” is just about as dated as “Super Information Highway”), but although I’m one of the last to learn about that, apparently I am absolutely the last one to know exactly which deals my company is planning on running today as part of “Cyber Monday,” so….maybe at some point today they’ll let me know. Hey—the good news is—we may have some job openings very soon at NAPP. ;-)

That’s it for “Cyber Monday”
Have a great day as you “Surf The Web” (Sorry, that’s the only other related phrase I could think of that is as dated as “Cyber”).


Howdy folks. First a quick thanks to photographer Bruce DeBoer for his inspiring Guest Blog post yesterday here on the blog. Very cool stuff! Now, onto the news!

Nikon releases FREE “Learn & Explore” iPhone App
This one slipped by me, but luckily John “The Snake” Barrett dropped me a line to let me know that Nikon has released a FREE iPhone App called “Learn & Explore,” which not only has tips for using your Nikon camera, but it also has access to back issues of “Nikon World Magazine” (John let me know that the issue I’m in is there as well—in the Winter of 2009 Issue—click on Roadmaster—so if you didn’t get to catch it in the magazine itself, now you can not only read it on your iPhone, it even lets you listen to my audio slideshow as well). Also, John pointed out that, although he’s a Canon shooter, he liked the App because many of the photography tips applied to his Canon gear as well. You can download it free direct from your iPhone, or by clicking here. (Thanks John for the heads up).

Catch Lesa Snider’s New “Elements 8 for Digital Photographers” Online Class
Photoshop World instructor, and author of “Photoshop: The Missing ManualLesa Snider has just released an online class at Kelby Training Online on the newly released Adobe Photoshop Elements 8. Lesa is a terrific teacher (which is why we have her training at Photoshop World), and her classes are always top-rated, so if you’re into Elements, make sure you take her new online class. Here’s the link.

NAPP Member’s work featured in the Smithsonian Museum
Larry Becker turned me on to the news that NAPP member and Nature Photographer John Reiter has the incredible honor of having two of his images hanging in the Smithsonian Museum (two 4’ x 6’ images). His nature photography is just awesome (which is why it’s hanging in the Smithsonian, right?), and if you’ve got a moment to see some really great work, drop over to his Web site and take a quick look at some of his images (here’s the link). A big congratulations to John!!!

It Finally Happened—We taped Photoshop User TV Yesterday!
It’s a Holiday miracle—we taped the first show of our totally revamped, new set, new everything, new season of Photoshop User TV, and it’s set to air next Tuesday! I’ll be posting the entire show here—-so you can watch it right here on my blog (it’s much shorter than before, but with WAY more content than ever), and we’re pretty excited about the new look and feel. Hope you guys like it, too!

Don’t Miss RC and Dave Cross in San Diego Tomorrow
They’ll be there doing our Adobe-sponsored “Adobe CS4 Creative Suite Unleashed Tour” and if you can get there—you don’t want to miss it. Here’s the link.

Following Up the MPIX Discount Deal Tomorrow!
Last weekend’s “This weekend only” discount deal was such a huge hit, that I’m working on putting together a different discount (from a different vendor) for this weekend for you guys. Hope to have details tomorrow (I’m keeping my fingers crossed—could be a good one!).

That’s it for today, folks
Have a great day everybody, and I hope to see you here tomorrow. :)

Hi Gang: I have just 12 minutes this morning to write this news and stuff. Here goes:

Tampa Love (vague reference to Tupac)
Thanks to the 500+ photographers who came out to my Photoshop seminar in Tampa yesterday. What a fantastic group to present. Even had Manuel Obordo (one of the two guys who originally taught me Photoshop) stop by and say hi. It was an awesome day and a great way to wrap up the tour for this year.

Catch my interview on TechTock Radio
I did an in-depth interview Jack Howard on Adorama’s Tech Talk radio show, and we covered everything from Photoshop ethics to retouching ethics to…well…you name it, because we covered a lot of ground. Here’s the link to check it out.

Lightroom on Alltop
I didn’t know this until this week, but now has a page dedicated to Lightroom blogs, and you can check it out right here.

Lightroom Collections Questions Answer Man
Thanks to TrevJ (one of my readers) for helping field Lightroom questions here on the blog yesterday while I was teaching my seminar. I’m a bit underwater today, but I’ll try and catch any others today when I come up for air. That’s again TrevJ!

Made the Top 20 Gift List
Thanks to Camera 47 for including my “Digital Photography Book Volume 3” in their 2nd annual holiday “20 photography gifts under $100 list.” Here’s the list (Lots of great stuff on their list).

Scott Bourne on Social Media Marketing for Photographers
I just got my copy of PPA’s excellent “Professional Photographer” magazine, and in this issue is a fantastic article on Social Media Magnate Scott Bourne, and in the article, Scott shares some amazing insights on building and working social media for photographers. You can download a PDF of the article here (even if you’re not into the marketing aspects of this—download the article just to see some of his great images!).

Taping an Online Class Today on Getting Killer Prints From Your Epson Printers
Dan “Dano” Steinhard is at the Kelby Training Studio today as Dano and I are filming an online class for Kelby Training on how to get the best possible prints from your Epson printers. Dano was at my Tampa Seminar yesterday and we had a chance to catch up at lunch, and he has a really brilliant class outline, and it’s really going to help a lot of photographers big time! I’ll let you know when it goes live (it’ll still be a few weeks in production after taping).

Good on Getty!
I just got word that Getty Images is once again funding two major grants for photographers in the coming year. Here’s how they describe them, “Getty Images Grants for Editorial Photography was established in 2004 to enable emerging and established photojournalists to pursue projects of personal and editorial merit. Getty Images will again award five professional photojournalism grants of $20,00 each and four student grants of $5,000 each, annually.” The 2nd reads, “Getty Images Grants for Good was launched in 2009 to involve the creative and nonprofit communities. In the program’s first year, the participation of a creative agency was optional, but is now a requirement in the application process in 2010.  This change ensures that all grant proposals will benefit from an agency’s strategic guidance as to how the imagery will be used by the nonprofit.” For more details, click here.

That’s it for today.
Gotta run. Have a good one!



Hi gang:
First I want to thank yesterdays Guest Blogger Scott Rinckenberger for his very cool post yesterday, and thanks to my own assistant Brad for coming up with the idea to feature the assistants of famous photographers. I love how this is shaping up! Now, onto some quick news:

Joe’s Number One!
A big congratulations to my buddy Joe McNally, whose book “The Hot Shoe Diaries” was just named to the “Best Books of 2009” list as the #1 bestselling book in the Arts & Photography category for 2009 at (as seen above) If you don’t have a copy yet, it would make a perfect Holiday gift (and it’s a totally kick-butt book, which is precisely why it’s number 1). My congrats to Joe and the great folks over at New Riders Publishing, who together put together one heck of a book (and I didn’t want to say ‘heck’).

Got Lots of Lighting Gear to Ship? Take a tip from Big Joe
Larry Becker pointed this tip out to me last week, when a bunch of Joe McNally’s equipment arrived at our offices. He noticed that some of his larger gear was stored in cases that looked just like golf travel cases (the kind intended for shipping golf club bags). Larry pointed out that Golf travel bags are generally a lot cheaper than photo-lighting equipment bags that are about the same size and shape. So, Larry went checking and last weekend he spotted a hard shell golf bag at Sports Authority on sale for $89! That’s about $200 off compared to something similar for photo gear. Thanks for the tip Larry (and Joe).

Meet me in Tampa on Monday
My last seminar of the year is coming up on Monday, as my new “Photoshop for Digital Photographers Tour” makes it’s final stop at the Tampa Convention Center. Hope I’ll get to see you there! (Here’s the link with details).

Want to see some Amazing Art?
My buddy Mike “Hollywood” Kubeisy turned me on to the art of Tom Fritz who is just an incredible traditional artist. In fact he’s so good, he does exclusive work for companies like Harley Davidson (among others), and his stuff is just totally amazing. If you want to start your day off right, two one minute and check out his paintings right here. Wow!

That’s it for today folks
Have a great Thursday everybody, and we’ll see you back here tomorrow, cause I’m working on setting up a special deal for you guys for the weekend.

Hi gang. First, I want to thank Tyler Stableford for a tremendously inspiring post yesterday. His post is really what it’s all about. When I met Tyler at Photo Plus Expo, I knew I had met a great photographer, but as he’s demonstrated through this actions, he’s much more than that, and I’m even more impressed. If you didn’t watch his video yesterday, please take a moment to watch it right now. It’s incredibly powerful, and you’ll be glad you did.


Cool new iPhone App for Adobe Freaks (like me)
My buddy Terry White has just released his own iPhone App (you knew it was only a matter of time, right?), that is already getting rave reviews. The App lets you watch Terry’s top-ranked “Creative Suite Podcast” right on your phone, but the advantage of using the App (as opposed to just subscribing to the Podcast and watching it on your iPhone) is that with the App, you get special Bonus Content, created especially for the iPhone App users, which won’t be available anywhere else. Plus, the App is a bargain—-it’s just $1.99 (less than a cup of coffee). Here’s the link to it. Totally cool, and very well designed Way to go Terry—you should write a book on the iPhone (Barnes & Noble,, Borders). ;-)

Thieves are targeting Wedding Photographers

This particular story, passed on to me by a reader: Cary Talbot, is about how Wedding Photographers in the Salt Lake City, Utah area are having their gear stolen after on location wedding shoots, but everyone should read this story because seeing how they’re doing it may well save your gear. Here’s the link (thanks Cary for sending this one our way).

Review of Volume 3
I just ran across this review of  “The Digital Photography Book, Volume 3” over at Stephen’s Photography Tips. Here’s the link.

That’s it for today

Hope you have a great day, and we’ll see you back here tomorrow for a Friday wrap up (and something really cute, too!)


Hi Folks, and greetings from 37,000 feet, somewhere over Pennsylvania (courtesy of Delta’s new in-flight ‘go-go” wi-fi Internet service). I’m totally beat, so I’m gonna keep this one short and sweet (that way, I can take a nap before I have to change planes for the 2nd leg back home).

Philly rocked!
First, thanks to everybody (nearly 600 of you), who came out to my Philadelphia seminar yesterday. What a great group to present to! It’s been years since I’ve been to Philly, but I’ll make sure it’s much shorter before my next visit!

Adobe has a challenge
After teaching this seminar in Boston and now Philadelphia, it has really become even more clear to me that there’s just a ton of confusion about the differences between Lightroom and Photoshop. Most of the photographers I talked to yesterday already use Lightroom, but the ones that didn’t, have no idea what Lightroom really does. Most told me they didn’t need it because they thought Lightroom is just a replacement for the Bridge, and virtually none of them had any idea that Lightroom’s Develop module IS Camera Raw. Adobe really has a challenge in getting the word out about the differences between the two, and how they work together, and when you use which and for what.

Eric got a Cheetah Stand
Remember last week when I talked about the Cheetahstand collapsing lightstand? I asked for your comments about how you might use the stand, and well, part of the reason was; I had an extra Cheetahstand, and I thought I would choose one of the folks that took to the time to comment to have that free stand, and that person was Eric Dousay from Little Rock Arkansas. Eric, your stand is on its way!

Photoshop User TV
We’re scheduled to shoot the first episode of our new season of Photoshop User TV today (yes, the set is finally done), and if all goes well, it’ll air next week. In the meantime, you can check out some of the mini-highlight episodes we’ve been posting, along with our “Live from Photoshop World” episode at

Some amazing photos from China’s 60th Anniversary of Communist Rule
One of my readers’s sent me this link to’s article with photos from China’s celebration marking their 60th anniversary, and the photo are amazing (it’s a mixture of beautiful color, and lots of scary-looking military hardware at the same time). It’s definitely worth seeing (though it might make you sleep a little uneasy). Here’s the link.

Tomorrow’s Special Guest Blogger is….
…one kick-butt adventure photographer; and Canon Explorer of Light, Tyler Stableford.

You guys probably remember me raving about Tyler’s work after seeing his presentation in Canon’s booth at Photo Plus Expo in New York, and then Brad took it upon himself to quickly contact Tyler and see if he would do us the honor of being a Guest Blogger here, and son-of-a-gun if we don’t have him here tomorrow. How cool is that! (Way to go, Braddo!). I’ll be here checking it out myself tomorrow, but in the meantime check out Tyler’s portfolio right here.

That’s it from 37,00 feet
Hope you all have a fantastic Tuesday!!!