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OK, so we’re pretty new at this whole “Real TV” thing, and we just heard from the folks at Fox Business that we’re lamer than even we thought.

We just learned that we turned in tonight’s show 8-seconds too short, and so they are not able to air it with 8 seconds of dead air (totally understandable). They have nothing to fill in that 8-second spot (and we don’t have time to fill it, and get it transferred to tape, and shipped to them before tonight).

So……..”tune in next week and see if you can figure out where we came up with 8 extra seconds.” (I’m trying to make the best of all this. We’re all really disappointed, but don’t worry—by next week, we’ll have it worked out. Oh yeah, one last thing. Arrrrrgggg!).

Hi Everybody. Here’s what’s up:

Popular Photography is running a very cool “Digital Wizard” contest, where you download 12 of their images and use Photoshop to create your own collage/montage Photoshop-effect extravganza, and if you win, you could pick up a cool $1,000. Here’s the link with all the details.Just some trivia: yesterday on, McNally’s book “The Moment it Clicks” is so hot that it got up to number 11 of ALL books on—ranking ahead of even the latest Harry Potter book. Come on, that’s pretty darn cool! Congratulations to Joe for taking photography books to a whole new level! (P.S. Here’s the latest review I’ve come across–this one from Michael Clark Photography).

If you’re going to Photoshop World in Orlando this April; make sure you enter the Guru Awards contest, because now the awards ceremony is being held at a local art gallery, where that evening your work will be displayed, and the highlight of the awards ceremony (hosted by Larry Becker) will be a special presentation from living photography legend, Jay Maisel. What an amazing night!

I’m a sucker for great car photography, which is why I love the work of photographer Graham Westmoreland. Click on his Folio 1 to see his car work (once you’re there, there’s no obvious navigation, so click on an image to move to the next one), but make sure you take the time to check out this other two Folios—this guy is really good! Here’s the link.

That’s it for today. Don’t forget—catch the show tonight. It’s as lame as ever!


Remember last year, when we ran a photography contest on Photoshop User TV called "The Photoshop TV Shopping Spree at B&H Photo" where we sent the grand prize winner to New York City (including round trip airfare and hotel), and gave her a $1,000 shopping spree at B&H Photo's Incredible Manhattan store?

Well, last year we announced the winner, which was photographer Rachael Cardella, from Rachael Cardela Photography. Anyway, Rachel recently took her “Shopping Spree” trip we set up for her, and sent us back some photos (some are shown above; click for a larger version), and had this to say about her trip:

I really cannot thank you all enough. My husband and I had an absolutely incredible time, and were treated like rock stars.

The staff at B&H was so wonderful. David Brommer, Tiffany and Billy were very knowledgeable and helpful, and set me up with the right gear. I ended up getting a Canon 40D, 50mm f/1.8 lens, and a new card reader – so a COMPLETE upgrade from my Digital Rebel XTI that I was using. I am SO, SO happy and thankful – you have no idea.

A few highlights from our trip:

  • Visiting B&H photo’s MASSIVE store and spending my prize money! The store was absolutely unbelievable. Everyone went above and beyond to make sure we had a great time. They also tacked an extra $100+ discounts onto my $1,000!
  • Taking the Staten Island ferry to check out the Statue of Liberty.
  • Visiting the Rockefeller Center, and getting a bird’s eye view of the city.
  • Watching Cloverleaf (the new NYC monster movie) while in NYC – cool!
  • Walking along Central Park on our way to the Museum of Natural History (amazing, we could have spent a week in there!)

The Apple Store!

We had a wonderful time, and I just can’t get it all condensed down to bullet points. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I am just so giddy, and thankful. You have made my YEAR. :)

Matt, Dave, and I send our congratulations to Rachael, for her wonderful work, and for being such a gracious winner.


OK, so you saw the B&H Photo contest winner above from last year, but what are we going to give away as the grand prize for our Photoshop User TV photography contest this year? That up to you!

Come up with a really cool, inventive idea for a contest, post it here on the blog, and if we pick your idea, I’ll get you an autographed copy of Joe McNally’s blockbuster “The Moment it Clicks.”

But don’t just put “Give me a D3, or a Mark III;” come up with something really creative and fun, that would make a great contest. Think “Dream assignment” or some amazing package of gear (but not one that’s going to bankrupt the show). Whatever it is; come up with something that makes you say, “Now that would be really cool!” Hey, ya never know! (Ask Rachael Cardella). :-)


Those of you who’ve been reading this blog for while, will remember when I did my Lightroom Tour in Hawaii this past December.

Well, the day after the seminar I joined my family in Maui, and the hotel we were staying at had this beautiful koi pond. As I was walking by, I saw what had to be the most beautiful, perfectly formed water lily, in the most perfect setting and light possible. I thought to myself, “Oh, I have got to shoot that—that is just too perfect.” But then I thought, “But to do it right, I’d have to get out my tripod, and cable release, and bring all my gear down, and it’s all up in the room, and…..(wait for it….wait for it….) I’ll just come back and shoot it later.”

The following day, the biggest storm to hit Maui in like 12 years rolled in, and our side of the island was without power for literally days. Well, when the rain finally cleared, I walked by the koi pond again, and my beautiful, perfect lily, had become the drowned, wilted, water-logged, limp lily you see above. The setting had changed, the lighting was bad, the lily was trashed, and I took the hand-held snapshot above just so I could share this “Scott’s School of Hard Knocks” story with you when I got back, with the the moral being:

“Don’t ever assume you can get the shot later.”