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On Tuesday I got lucky enough to spend the day shooting Tiger Woods and some of the best golfers in the world at the Tavistock Cup in Orlando, Florida. My buddy, and top-notch sports shooter Mike Olivella, (who was covering the event for AP), was able to score me an “inside the ropes” all-access media pass to shoot the event, and as you might expect, I had a blast!

Although I planned to follow Tiger and his parings for the entire 18-hole round, I had to leave after only four holes because of a family emergency, but I got to shoot Tiger during his warm-ups on the range, and during those four holes (about an hour), so I still had a few opportunities to capture Tiger now that he’s back. (Note: I chose to include the shot above because even though you can’t see his face, you instantly know exactly who it is. Plus, I thought it was kind of cute the way the Nike logo on the ball in his hand happened to be facing directly at my camera position).

This was my first time shooting a golf tournament (talk about being thrown into the deep end of the pool for your first tournament shoot), but Mike (link) was incredibly gracious and gave me lots of tips and pointers the entire time.

I only used one camera body for the event–my Nikon D300 (I chose it because I just felt like shooting with it that day), and I used two lenses: a Nikon 200-400mm f/4 and a 70-200mm f/2.8 VR. I shot wide open the entire day. I used a Think Tank belt system and it once again reminded of how awesome their gear is—-I wouldn’t want to shoot a sporting event without it (Mike had a set, too).

Here are a few shots from those four holes on Tuesday.


After an 8-month layoff due to his season-ending knee injury, Tiger’s back to form.


Ian Poulter plays out of a fairway bunker.


Tiger studies a putt during Tuesday’s round.


A fully clothed Henrik Stenson tees off.


Kicking up some grass!


Waiting on the green.


Here’s a photo of me taken during warm-ups at the range (photo by Mike Olivella taken with my iPhone).

Anyway, despite the fact that I only finished four holes, it was still a day I’ll never forget! Many thanks Mike, and to the folks at Tavistock who gave me the opportunity of a lifetime.


Hi gang. Before we get going, how ’bout a round of applause for Jay Maisel’s inspiring Special Guest Post yesterday! I was just so tickled to have Jay as a guest blogger here, and I know that a lot of you that are going to Photoshop World are now going to make it a point to check out Jay’s session live. I guarantee—-it will move you! Thanks Jay, for honoring us with your words and images.

Now, onto the news:

  • Something Cool is Coming Tomorrow
    If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you’ve got to check back here tomorrow because I’m going to release something that I hope you’ll find really cool. It’s definitely something unique, it’s Photoshop related, and best of all—it’s totally free! I can’t wait to share it with you, so check back here tomorrow when all the pieces are in place.
  • 10 Annoying Things Photographers Say to Each Other
    I saw this on Paul Burwell’s”Wildshots” blog and it cracked me up (mostly because so many of his 10 things are so ‘on the money).” If you’ve got two minutes, give this a read. It’s either going to crack you up, or you’re going to think, “Oh no! I’ve said that same thing!” (NOTE: After you jump over there, if you see any that are missing, feel free to post ’em here as a comment).  Here’s the link to the article.
  • My iPhone Book is now availble on Kindle for the iPhone
    It doesn’t get any more convenient than this—-my book, “The iPhone Book” (co-authored with top iPhone guru Terry White), is now available for download to your iPhone itself, using Amazon’s free Kindle for iPhone app (here’s the link to the app). That way, you’ve got the inside tips on how to get the most from your iPhone right on your iPhone. Anyway, I was kind of psyched. It sells for $9.99 on (that’s for the book, the reader is free). NOTE: A new review just went up on the book over at the iReviewiPhoneApps blog. Here’s the link to the review.
  • Creative Photography and Photoshop Work
    Check out the work of photographer Kate Turning at her “Turning Pix” site which features some amazing (and detailed) Photoshop work combined with some first-rate photography. Very cool images and wonderful creativity. Here’s the link.
  • Our Three-Part Free Series on Nikon Wireless Flash
    (with special guest Joe McNally!)

    Today we released this week’s episode of D-Town TV (the weekly show for Nikon DSLR users), and in it we kick off a three-week series on using wireless flash. These three episodes are aimed at folks who are brand new to wireless flash, and we start at square one, so if you’re new to wireless off-camera flash—make sure you check it out. If you’re more advanced at wireless flash, make sure you watch as we have Joe McNally on as a special guest where he shows how to use some of the new features of the Nikon SB-900 wireless flash units. That guy is brilliant! Here’s the link to the first part of our three-part series.

That’s all for today folks. Hope to see you back here tomorrow! :)

© 2007 Photo by Jeff Schewe

When I was a kid, there was this sportswriter named Jimmy Cannon. He was a cut above, he wrote universally appealing stuff. Sports in a larger sense. I can’t remember specific things he wrote, but I always felt like he made me think. He found a way to ramble on about anything he wished to explore by naming some of his columns, “Nobody asked, me but…”

I want to use that format and protocol for this piece – here we go then…

Nobody Asked Me, But…
When I was starting out (okay, 55 years ago) I showed my work to an art director named Bob Cato. He went thru my folio carefully, slowly, closed the book and said, “You walk too fast.” I’ve been thinking about that a lot lately. At first I had no idea what the hell he was talking about, but over the years it has become clear. It’s about the intimacy of walking.

Think of it this way… (more…)


OK, this is the official unveiling of the completely new cover for my Photoshop CS4 Down & Dirty Tricks books (shown above), created by my wonderfully talented in-house book designer Jessica Maldonado.

This new cover came about after I did a post last month about finishing up my writing on the book, and a number of you mentioned that the old cover looked pretty dated (we had just updated the old CS2 cover with new colors and a slight modification to the type). We all agreed that it did look dated, and so Jess started from scratch and created the entirely new cover you see above (which we at NAPP HQ all love, so be nice to Jess). Thanks Jessica for all your hard work on this total redesign!

NOTE: Although the book is available for pre-order on and Barnes &, they’re probably still showing the old cover, so don’t let that throw you.


I got a pre-release copy of Joe McNally’s new “Hot Shoe Diaries” (Big Light from Small Flashes) this week and I’ve got to tell you—it rocks!!!!! The publisher did a fantastic job with the layout, and they were able to create a look that gives it the feel of his smash bestseller, “The Moment it Clicks,” while still having its own separate identity. The book contains a lot more “how to” than “The Moment it Clicks,” did (in fact, that’s the focus of this follow-up book), but there’s still lots of Joe’s amazing and inspirational imagery, along with his behind-the-scenes stories. That makes it a great read as it informs and delights. I’m not done with it yet, but this is one I’m going to read cover-to-cover. Twice! Here’s the link to it Barnes & and Congratulations Joe—-you’ve done it again!!!!


David sent me the first four or so chapters of the book, and I immediately thought to myself—-this book is going to be huge!!!!

It’s still a couple of months from being published, but the images are just so captivating, and the way he’s structured the book is just spot on, that it is just going to be a massive hit for anyone into shooting editorial style travel or people (or just learning about photography from a broader scope). His teachings on composition are worth the price of the book alone!

Keep it going David—-I can’t wait to see the rest!!!! (Note: The cover above is a “stunt cover” and not the actual cover, which David tells me they are finalizing now). You can pre-order it now on

OK, that’s all I’ve got on books today, but I wanted to share this stuff while it’s top of my mind.

….an icon in the photography world, and truly a living legend; Jay Maisel.

Jay Maisel!!!! I know—I can’t believe it myself!

I can’t tell you what an honor it is to have Jay as a guest here tomorrow and I just can’t wait to read what Jay has to share. I am just about beside myself at the thought of having Jay gracing these digital pages, so I hope you’ll join me here tomorrow for a rare opportunity to learn from one of the most gifted and engaging photographers in the world today.

This quote comes from Terry White from a review on his Tech Blog of the new Nikon P6000 point and shoot compact digital camera (here’s the link). Terry at some point in his review was going to mention that this camera from Nikon was probably positioned as an answer to Canon’s popular G9 and G10 compacts, and just mentioning that can bring some harsh comments, so so he wisely included a disclaimer right up front that basically said he didn’t want to turn this into a “Nikon vs. Canon” thing. Then came his short and sweet “quote of the week,” which was:

“…does anyone ever win those anyway?”

He’s absolutely right! Have you ever read a forum with people arguing back and forth on Nikon vs. Canon (or Mac vs. PC, or Ford vs. Chevy), where one person or the other finally says, “Ya know, you’ve got a point there—-I’m selling all my gear and switching to your brand!”? It’s probably happened once, but only because everything’s happened once.

Anyway, Terry had a great theory on why this silly “my brand is better stuff” goes on so frequently.  He said, “It’s because nobody wants to feel like they made a mistake and bought the wrong one, and they get very defensive about their choice, because they don’t want to be the goober who’s not using the right, or better, stuff.” Makes sense. His theory—-not the whole “arguing the brand” idea.  ;-)

Just remember this; whichever brand of camera you do shoot, keep this in mind; you could take a $199 point-and-shoot camera that we wouldn’t even consider to shoot our neighbor’s kids birthday party at Chuck e-Cheese’s, and hand it to my Guest Blogger tomorrow; send him out the door for an hour, and he’d come back with a better photo than most any of us have taken in our entire lifetime. Which, (as you’ve heard for the millionth time) just proves once again (say it with me now) “It’s not about the camera!”

Have a great Tuesday everybody!