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Hi gang: Here’s a quick update on how we’re doing with the Worldwide Photo Walk:

The Numbers
Wow!!! We’re at nearly 600 walks around the world, and by the time you read this, we’ll have almost 10,000 walkers registered in walks (to put that in perspective, that’s way more than we had for the first walk by a long shot, both in number of walks and walkers!). If you haven’t signed up for a walk, it’s not too late, and if there’s not a walk in your area yet, and you want to lead one, it’s not too late either. Here’s the link to get all the details, or sign up for a walk.

The Shirt
We’ve got some really cool t-shirts for walkers and leaders this year (see above), and once again 100% of the profits go directly to the Springs of Hope Orphanage in Kenya (last year we raised over $7,000 to feed and cloth the children), and this year we’re hoping, with your help, to raise even more. Here’s a link to order yours today (The link for Walk Leaders is on your Leader Dashboard).

The Love
If we didn’t get another city, my Publisher Peachpit Press would still be shipping over 1,200 copies of either my Lightroom 3 book, or my CS5 book, all over the world, and that they would be willing to do this to support the walk, is just amazing (I can’t imagine what that all costs. Well, I can, I just try not to), so do me a favor and check out their site here, or follow them on Twitter, or Facebook. They publish the very best books on Photoshop, Photography, and all the stuff we love, so please join me in giving them some big love, because without them, we couldn’t make all this happen. Thanks Peachpit (Nancy, Scott, Ted, and crew!!!).


Camera Raw 6.1 is Here, too!
Earlier in the week Adobe released the latest version of Camera Raw (version 6.1) for Photoshop CS5 users. It’s been on Adobe labs for a while, kind of marinating in testing mode, but now it’s fully baked and ready for downloading (you can use the built-in updater inside Photoshop CS5—go under the Help menu and choose Updates), or go to Adobe’s Website and download it here (Mac | Windows )

Supreme Makeover Contest
MacMall has got a really clever (and really sweet) contest that can re-equip your Large or Small studio with up to $17,000 of really juicy gear (Including CS5, of course). You gotta check his out (here’s the link).

My Moab Workshop is Sold Out
I found out on Wednesday that my Moab workshop with Bill Fortney (the one I mentioned here on Tuesday) had sold out the same day we announced it. Thanks everybody for helping me spread the word about the workshop, and for those of you who signed on (30 or so of you), I can’t wait to meet you all in person, and to go shooting together!

CS5 In The City
On Monday I announced that we’re hosting the Photoshop CS5 Summit in New York City, and by the end of the day we had nearly 1,000 people already registered (of course, it helped that we let NAPP members have the first crack at tickets), but if you want to be there with me, Matt, Dave, Corey and RC for an incredible of night, where we’ll show you how to work CS5 into your existing Photoshop workflow, make sure you reserve your free seat right this minute (before it’s too late). When you hear it about it afterward, you’ll wish you were there. (Here’s the link to save your seat).

The Topaz Bundle goes CS5, and 64-bit Compatible
Like many of you, I use plug-ins from Topaz, and many of you have been asking if they’re going to update their plug-ins for CS5, and when and if they’re going to be 64-bit compatible. Good news—it’s yes and yes. Here’s the link.

McNally Takes New York
It’s gonna be a hot summer in The City, as Joe McNally is back with a series of one day workshops in New York, and I can tell you two things: (1) It will be a day of learning and laughing you’ll never forget, taught by literally the best guy in the business, and (2) All of his workshops will be sold out way, way, way in advance. You’ve always wanted to learn from him in person. Now you can. Here’s the link with all the details (from Joe’s blog).

Have a Great Thursday Everybody!
I’m kickin’ off a new tour tomorrow—hope you’ll stop by catch all the details. Have a great Thursday gang!


Yesterday’s Guest Blog post from Ali was everything that the Guest Blog day is all about—-taking the day—making it your own—-touching us, inspiring us, and teaching us. Ali did all three (as I knew he would).

Thank you Ali for sharing a side of your beautiful country we rarely see. Yesterday you made thousands of Americans view Iran in a new light, and one day I hope we’re there as guests to photograph it with you, and to shake your hand in person.


P.S. When my Lightroom 3 book, and my Photoshop CS5 book come out, I’m shipping you a box of each for you, your fellow teachers, and your students.

My PicturesmLet me start my blog with the name of GOD.

First and most, I want to thank Scott who gave me this chance to show up here today.
Hi, I am Ali Rajabi, 29 From Tehran, Iran. Photographer and Photoshop Instructor.

Before I go to the main story of my blog, I’d like to mention that Photoshop World Conference and Expo 2010 was not just simply a memorable experience for me but basically that was the first step to realize my dream. Something I’d been waiting for for a long time. I ultimately happened to meet those who I used to see just on the internet. In the next step, it was a new start point to fly high in the Photoshop and Photography world. I’m always Thirsty about learning and trying hard, I hope one day I will instruct in this huge event. I’m sure I won’t sleep well till then. I STRONGLY BELIEVE this is not the CHANCE that KNOCKS on our door, this is RATHER US who BUILD THE OPPORTUNITY FOR OURSELVES.

So let’s hope to see that day…

Well, I wondered what to prepare for today’s blog, something brief, fruitful and pragmatic. Finally , I decided to project some of my photos here. I thought they must be useful for all who love Photography or somehow are interested in Art. So, I’ve chosen some of my pictures I took from different parts of IRAN. The Nature, People, Colors… all can be exciting for you ( Hopefully :D ).

Let’s start with Gheshm Island in southern IRAN. The Island is so eye catching and almost very hot in all 4 seasons of the year.

Here is STARS VALLEY , One of the most popular Tourist attractions of the Island with Huge ROCKS.

Picture 1sm

Another beautiful area of Gheshm is a Village called LAFT. What makes it appealing is that village has 365 wells and people have enough water during the year because at least one well is automatically full in a day.

Picture 2sm

Children of LAFT are very interested in fishing.

Picture 3sm

Picture 4sm

Both Pictures were taken in an unbelievable afternoon. The sunset and the clouds in Gheshm are incredible.

Picture 5sm

Picture 6sm

Another attractive natural landscape in Iran is the desert. Iran’s deserts appeal a large number of photographers each year. SHAHDAD Sahara¬† is a picturesque sample which is located near Kerman. An interesting thing about Shahdad desert is that it has one of the warmest climates of the Earth. The temprature there, is 100 degree (C) and above. So even bacteria can not survive here. This picture is a part of Shahdad Desert.

Picture 7sm

This one is one of my favorites. When you stand alone here you feel so close to GOD. Hey by the way this part also reminds me of the Grand Canyon.

Picture 8sm

One thing that always attracts in a desert path is traditional inns. You can rest and relax there. Here is a view from the inside.

Picture 9sm

The following photo is one of the most perfect attraction of Shahdad Desert for photographers.

Picture 10sm

And here I am and my dear friend Mehdi who is a Photoshop instructor, too. I remember it was really cold that morning.

Picture 11sm

There are also unique views in north part of Iran. Such as Kordestan and other tonic landscapes that attract tourists from around the world. There is a village called Ouramanat  in which locals have farmers and do agriculture.

Picture 12sm

You should not miss Kordestan during the spring (April and May). It’s all colorful and seductive in this time of the year, and the climate Is so pleasing by then.

Picture 13sm

Picture 14sm

Horse riding and instruction are both traditional but common professions of the region.

Picture 15sm

I told you a lot about the nature in Iran. Let’s have a picture here of Tehran, the Capital city of the Country. It feeds a population of 11 or 12 million. Tehran is really crowded and polluted. Where I have grew up. As you see here the right side of the Photo is Milad Tower. It’s almost 430 Meters and is considered as one of the highest buildings in the world.

Picture 16sm

Also, There are many historical places in Iran that I can’t show here. For Example, TAKHTE JAMSHID (PERSEPOLIS) is one of them. The Palaces of the Kings in PERSEPOLIS goes back to 2500 years ago.

I hope you enjoyed the photos. I want to thank all great masters of Photoshop and photography from whom I have learned. I owe them for the great job they have done;

Scott Kelby, Katrin Eismann, Dave Cross ,Matt Kloskowski, Deke Mclelland, Moose Peterson, Joe Mcnally, Bert Monroy, John Paul Caponigro, Ben Willmore, RC , Corey Barker and ……

All who I forgot to remember here, but after all I should to appreciate and say THANK YOU to Amir Eyvazzadeh, who first taught me Photoshop. GOD bless you all. I have no one more reliable and powerful than him. And I wish you all health and happiness. By the way here is my website address, If you like don’t hesitate to contact me there.

Hope to see you soon.

Ali Rajabi


Big news: Lightroom 3 is now shipping!!!! (Wild cheers ensue!!!).

For people like me, who do 80% of their work in Lightroom, news doesn’t get a whole lot bigger than this! Of course, true to form, Adobe snuck an extra feature or two into the final shipping version that wasn’t in the free Public Beta, (most notably the new automated Lens Correction feature—a big one on the wish list of many Lightroom users).

We’ve updated our Lightroom 3 Learning Center with more details about the update, loads of videos and interviews, plus Matt Kloskowski and I created a clip where we each share our 5 favorite Lightroom 3 features, and why they’re our favorites.

You can visit NAPP’s Free Lightroom 3 Learning Center right here.

A big high-five to Product Manager Tom Hogarty, to Adobe brilliant engineers, and to the entire Lightroom Team for kickin’ some major butt on his upgrade!


I only do one landscape workshop a year, and I only do it with my good friend, and world famous landscape photographer Bill Fortney, and we only have 15 spots open, and I’m hoping you snag one of those, because I promise you—-you are going to learn a ton, laugh a lot, and come away with some amazing photos and new techniques.

This time we’re headed out to the Moab, Utah area (Arches National Park and Canyonlands National Park), and if you’re comin’ along, plan on gettin’ up early for some amazing sunrise shooting, then later we’re back in the classroom for Lightroom, Photoshop, and Photography, and afterward we’re back out for a sunset shoot in some of the most scenic landscape locales in the country.

Joining Bill and I are photographers Wayne Bennett (who was with us last year in Savannah) and Richard Small, so we’ve got a great crew on board once again.

The workshop runs Wednesday, October 6th thru Sunday October 10th, 2010. The cost is $895 per participant, and once those 15 slots are gone, they’re gone, so if you want to go, reserve your seat right away (there will be 30 participants total, plus leaders; the other 15 slots went to participants from our workshop last year in Savannah).

To reserve your seat, call (606)-528-6119 or (606)-344-0455. Hope to see you out West with Bill and the gang. It’s gonna be a total blast!

P.S. you can read my report from last year’s Savannah workshop with Bill, right here.