Catch “Big Electric Cat” live at Photoshop World Attendee Party


Hey, if you’re going to Photoshop World later this month, there are just a few tickets left to the attendee party at B.B. Kings Bar & Grill on Wednesday night (the first night of the conference), where my band, “Big Electric Cat” will be playing (featuring Kalebra on Lead Vocals, Felix Nelson on Bass, Tony Llanes on Guitar, Scott Stahley on Drums, and me on Keyboards/Guitar. (The photo above, by Brad Moore, is us playing at the House of Blues in Vegas).

You can get all the details right here. Hope to see you out on the dance floor!

  1. As a musician myself I can say only one thing about Big Electric Cat. Hands down the tightest, best, rockiness band I’ve ever seen that doesn’t have a dozen albums. These guys could quit their day jobs in a second. The band is amazing but Kalebra sings better than most of the artists they cover. Did I mention they ROCK. Go see them!!! NOW.

    mike meyer

  2. You know- I didn’t get the name of the band “Big Electric Cat” until I saw the video to the Photoshop 20th anniversary celebration. Now it makes total sense! Just shows you how much I really don’t know about Photoshop. Pretty smart thinkin’ to name the band that. I sure hope I can get a chance you hear your band sometime.

  3. Sounds like an awesome time and looking forward to it! Scoot over and make room Brad… low light stage photography is my one of my favorites!

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