How Would I Edit Your Photo with Scott Kelby | The Grid Ep. 481

How Would I Edit Your Photo with Scott Kelby | The Grid Ep. 481

Have you ever sat down to edit photos after a take and wondered to yourself, “How would Scott Kelby edit this image?” Well, now is your chance to see! On the latest episode of The Grid, Scott takes viewer photos and shows how he would approach their processing. This episode is full of great examples of editing, so you won’t want to miss it.

New KelbyOne Course: Working a Scene: Building with Small Flash with Joe McNally

“Lighting tools have evolved to a place where even small, hot shoe style flashes can be brought to bear in complex ways to create an entire scene that has nuance, color, depth, and dimension. Environmental portraiture and the idea of lighting an entire place was often regarded as the province of big flash. Not so anymore. In this session, our unique studio (formerly a bank) is transformed via small flash into a complex dramatic location photograph.

Every person or situation that presents itself in front of the lens to photographers is unique and demands equally unique solutions and reactions at the camera. But often in the tumult of an actual assignment, there is no time to parse out the exact look of an umbrella, a softbox, or a beauty dish, or how all these can work together in concert. In this fast-paced session, we’ll take light shaping tools, and work with the same face, in the same environment, and observe.”

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