Want to do something for your photography journey that will absolutely, positively make make an impact? Stop what you’re doing, and right now take two minutes and make a print.

If you don’t have your own printer, send it to an online lab (I use both BayPhoto Lab and — both make great prints and both have world-class customer service, and if you don’t already have a lab, try either of these — you’ll love them). You just open an account, upload your image, choose your size and they take it from there. In a day or so, your print arrives. Couldn’t be easier.

Make it a large sized print

You can get a 16″x24″ print from or for around for $24. There are few ways you can spend $24 today and effect you or someone you love (a gift?) that can have a bigger impact than a print.

OK, let’s make this happen (you’ll be so glad you did)!

Have a great “Make a Print” Monday! (our first one this year). :)


P.S. The Photoshop World Conference is just a few weeks away. Details and tickets here.

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