I’m back home again. :)

Mornin’ everybody. Sorry for the late post, but…I just woke up. LOL! (The photo above of me, with the famous Sydney Opera House in the background, is by Australian Photographer Keith McInnes).

We just got back home last night from our trip to Australia and New Zealand (and quite a few long flights), and while it was a totally incredible trip, it’s still always great to get back home.

Lots to share on Monday – I’m working on a post with images from the trip and the plan is to share those on Monday  (I’m still culling through the shoots).

Even though I’ve been on the road, the gang back here at KelbyOne has been working on lots of cool stuff I hope to share some of that with you next week, along with stories from the trip, and lots of fun news – should be a great week. :)

Anyway, just wanted to touch base; say “howdy” and let you know I’m back in the saddle (so to speak).  I’ll be shooting the Bucs again this Sunday and I’ll be back here on Monday with some shots from the trip, and I hope you’ll check back then.

Have a great weekend everybody – hope you make some great images!



P.S. Been posting lots of stuff over on Instagram – hope you’ll follow me there – @scottkelby

  1. They did such an awesome job with the Grid this week – fabulous idea. You should feel your place on the show is threatened, (!) they totally nailed it. Your amazing lighting guy at the end worked like a surgeon (bet he earns less). WELCOME HOME!

  2. Scott – I have never seen a post of yours coming from India, If you want to explore an emerging market (like a multinational) come here once. If you ever think it’s worth it, you know my email.

    1. Then you haven’t been looking very closely. LOL!! I have definitely posted many shots and stories from India, from Jaipur to Agra to New Delhi. I hope to go back one day – an amazing country with warm wonderful people. :)

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