Location Lite with Scott Kelby
Create a cool fashion shoot on a budget! Join Scott Kelby as he shows you how you can pull together a high-end looking fashion shoot on a low-end budget. Scott takes you step-by-step through the process of building a set, re-creating window light with a single speed light, shooting a variety of looks, and all the while sharing money saving tips and tricks that you can put to use on your next shoot. Throughout the class you’ll learn resources for acquiring sets and clothing, how to prepare before the shoot, what gear you’ll need, how to set the lighting, and so much more. Scott wraps up the class with a look at his streamlined post processing workflow. You don’t need a large budget if you can be resourceful, clever, and creative.

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  1. I’d love a free month – Thanks Brad!

  2. A free month of KelbyOne subscription would be an awesome prize to win!

  3. A free month of KelbyOne did Christmas come early!! Sign me up!

  4. anything that deals with getting better on a low budget is for me.

  5. I really enjoyed this class and would love to see more of these low budget focused instructive sessions.
    Sort of takes me back to the days of “Larry’s Cheap Shots”

  6. I would love to watch this class, although my budget is so low I would watching this by candle light on a 486 with the math co-processor using a 14.4k modem hopefully it will look okay, might take me the full month to watch it :)

  7. Love to have a month on Kelby – great stuff there…

  8. Enlighten me Scott – Nobody appreciates doing things on a budget than myself.

  9. First time I was a video on the site. Very informative

  10. Free.99 sounds good to me …. Love watching season professionals do things with small budgets. ????

  11. This looks like a great class! Please sign me up for a chance to win a free month. And thank you for all the great content that you share!

  12. Ohhh this would be perfect for me since i am drawing up concepts for the Fashion department in my school! And its free! sign me up pleassseee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASEEE!

  13. Oh, did You say FREE? I come here often to skim the news but never tried the subscriptions as I usually like to see “trial” or something first. Count me in!

  14. You guys rock! Awesome class and an opportunity to win a free month! I would love to win.

  15. A free month of KelbyOne would be awesome!

  16. One month for free? You can count me in!

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