Photos from our Australia – New Zealand Trip

Hi Gang: I got some of my favorite images together from our trip, and I posted them, and the story of the trip over at (that’s the photo storytelling site I’ve been using for a year or so now, and I love it!).

Here’s the link:


Thanks for letting me share some of my photos from the trip with you. :)

Hey, I’m in Washington DC this Friday doing my seminar – hope you can join me.



P.S. If you’ve upgraded to the just-released last week version of Lightroom (or you’re thinking about it) make sure you check out my post today over at Lightroom Killer Tips. Here’s the link. 

  1. Scott, what an amazing story that you posted on Exposure. Australia is on my bucket list of countries to visit, and seeing your photos really made me yearn to go there. I think this was one of your best posts over at Exposure…. the photos were just stunning. Question about the coffee table books. Are these something you’ll be offering for sale sometime in the future? You’ve sold at least one to me! :-)

    I hope to see some football pictures this year (hint, hint)! I mean, c’mon, the Bucs won yesterday, so you must have some celebratory keepers there!


  2. Scott, this is an amazing gallery!!!

    I know you enjoy travel photography as I do. What’s your favourite travel photo destination in the world?

    Have you been in Nepal? This is where I’ve got the best time shooting during my travels.

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