Images From Our “Concert Photography” Workshop


Here are some images from the NPS (Nikon Professional Services) sponsored “Concert Photography Pre-Conference workshop” held last week at Photoshop World.

The sessions were taught by pro concert photographers Alan Hess (who guest blogged about concert photography here on my blog), and Scott Diussa from NPS (I featured a few of Scott’s articles on concert photography here as well), and the images you see here were taken by Alan during the class itself.

The idea was to start in the classroom, and then shoot a live concert, so the day before the opening keynote, we set the stage up like a full concert, and my band, “Big Electric Cat” (Felix Nelson, Tony Llanes, Scott Stahley, and myself played two three-song sets for the photographers who took the workshop (you only get to shoot the first three songs in a real concert setting, and they wanted this to be as realistic as possible). Note: Our lead singer, Kalebra, was coordinating things on the show floor during this workshop, so we did the gig ourselves, playing a bunch of Classic Rock tunes, including songs from The Clash, Korn, Van Halen, Daughtry, and Z.Z. Top).

I talked to a lot of the class participants, and they absolutely loved the class and they said exactly what we were thinking, “Where else are you going to find a class like this, taught by two seasoned pros, and then get to shoot a concert staged just for you!” It was an incredible opportunity, and Scott and Alan really hit one out of the park (they even had real stage photo-passes printed for the participants). Here’s a few shots from the sold-out workshop:









My Thanks to Scott, Alan, and all the participants for making this concert photography workshop such a success, and we look forward to hosting it again next March in Orlando, Florida.

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