Beginner Sports Photography with Scott Kelby
If you're interested in learning how to shoot sports like a pro then Beginner Sports Photography with Scott Kelby is the class for you! Join Scott as he teaches you everything you need to know to take your sports photography to the next level. The same basic principles apply whether you are shooting your kids on the weekends or covering a professional sporting event. You'll learn about the gear you need to bring the viewer into the heart of the action, the camera settings that allow you to stop motion and achieve tack sharp focus, compositional techniques you can use to tell the story of what is happening in the game, how to get started on the road to gaining greater access to shooting professional level events, and so much more!

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Kelby Training Live
Want to spend a day with Scott Kelby, Joe McNallyRC Concepcion, Ben Willmore, or Matt Kloskowski? Check out these seminar tours!

Shoot Like A Pro with Scott Kelby
July 29 - Colorado Springs, CO
Aug 16 - San Antonio, TX
Aug 21 - Indianapolis, IN
Aug 27 - San Jose, CA

Photoshop CS6 for Photographers with RC Concepcion
June 21 - Calgary, AB
June 26 - New Orleans, LA

Photographic Artistry with Ben Willmore
July 22 - Cleveland, OH

One Light, Two Light with Joe McNally
July 31 - Virginia Beach, VA
Aug 7 - Charlotte, NC
Aug 9 - Pittsburgh, PA

Lightroom 5 with Matt Kloskowski
Aug 2 - Hartford, CT

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Ron Martinsen’s Review of The Digital Photography Book Part 1, Second Edition
Photo blogger Ron Martinsen recently wrote a review of Scott’s update of his best-selling The Digital Photography Book, Part 1. You may remember Ron from last week’s 100th episode of The Grid, where he joined Scott and myself (Brad) to tackle viewer requested topics like Lightroom 5, copyright law, photography role-models and more. In the review, he talks about Scott’s approach to sharing photography tips, shares what’s new in the book, and gives a chapter-by-chapter synopsis, along with his thoughts on the book.

Head on over to to see the review and even get some great discounts on stuff like Kelby Training, NAPP, and Photoshop plug-ins! And leave a comment for your chance to win a free copy of The Digital Photography Book, Part 1, Second Edition!

Photography & Photoshop Training from Serge Ramelli
Our good friend and Paris-based photographer Serge Ramelli has just released a new class that covers his entire workflow from shooting to post processing. Join him as he goes on location in Paris and Israel to capture beautiful images, then takes them into Lightroom and Photoshop to finish them. He even gives you the RAW files so you can follow along as you’re watching the 3+ hours of training!

You can check it out right here, and use the discount code kelbyblog to get an extra 15% off this and any of his other classes!

Dave Black Class Rental
– Ray Fitzgerald

Kelby Training Live Ticket
– Phil Berg

Signed Photography Q&A Book from Zack Arias
– Gerg1967

If you’re one of the lucky winners, we’ll be in touch soon. Have a great Thursday!

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  1. Comment left for a chance to win your new book.
    Anyone reading this, if you didn’t get a chance to watch yesterday’s “The Grid”, go get it when it becomes available. Best episode yet!

  2. I Would really like a free rental of Beginner Sports Photography,

  3. “Kelby Training LiveWant to spend a day with Scott Kelby, Joe McNally, RC Concepcion, Ben Willmore, or Matt Kloskowski? Check out these seminar tours!”

    Man, I sure would! Is there any chance you guys could come over to the UK more frequently? :)

    Incidentally, there’s a subject that I’d love to see covered by a seminar/course by Kelby training: railways. Stations, rolling stock, locomotives, you name it, surely this is an area of photography that has more than a few fans? :)

  4. Hello, Hello, Hello!

    I would greatly appreciate winning a ticket to a live seminar. I want to go see Joe at Charlotte!

  5. Updated copy of Scott’s book sounds great :-)

  6. Hey, finally a seminar in cleveland! I’d love to go.

  7. Closest one is in IN, and on a weekend with a triathlon race I’m in.

  8. i already shoot amateur stuff for the wru and other sporting events and would love to learn more about this style of shooting.

  9. Just starting out photography and have bought tons of Scott’s photoshop books and love those ! Need a class to catch me up on photography :)

  10. Count me in on a chance to win some great free goodies

  11. Lots of nice classes offered. Please put my name in the hat for the Digital Photography Book 2nd Edition.

  12. I could always use free stuff.

  13. I’d love to win the sports class

  14. i’d love to win the Aug 7 – Charlotte, NC one

  15. Who wouldn’t love free Kelby stuff?

  16. have just begun getting started in sports photography… would love a chance at this course!

  17. would love to attend! pick me pick me!!

  18. Love “It’s Free Stuff Thursday” hope I win!

  19. How about something in Houston? San Antonio is nice, but Texas is huge! :) OH, and the 2nd edition of The Digital Photography Book, Part 1, would be great!

  20. It’d be great to get a digital copy of Scott’s Digital Photography Book Second Edition. That’d be a great way to replace the paper first edition I already have.

  21. I’d love to learn to shoot sports from Scott Kelby.

  22. Commenting for the book

  23. I’d love to get a rental of the class about sports photography! I really feel I need it, I am going to start shooting sports very soon and I think that will be perfect to give me a real boost before I start.

  24. I would so enjoy seeing the magnificent Joe McNally in Pittsburgh Pa.

  25. Thanks for the contest, Scott! Please make me eligible for everything you offer.

  26. Ooohh! Contest! My sports shooting needs help. As in I’ve never done it.

  27. beginner sports photography… awesome, Scott!

  28. I would like to go to Joes class in Virginia Beach.

  29. Shooting my 1st paid duathlon in little over a week. Your book 4 was a great help so far.

  30. enter me for Scott’s Vol 1 Second Edition please

  31. So many choices this week. I’d love Lightroom 5 with Matt or the book. Thanks.

  32. So many choices this week. I’d love Lightroom 5 with Matt or the book. Thanks.

  33. TOTALLY want to see scott kelby in San Jose!!! It’s on my list; but would be fantastic to win that.

  34. Off topic ==> Creative Cloud: Now that word is getting out that the Creative Cloud in its latest iteration has been hacked, Maybe Adobe needs to concentrate on providing better security for the product. The hacking community apparently and easily did its job. As a licensee of LR1-4 and shortly LR5, PS CS1-6, and possibly PS CC in the future, I have to believe the CC distribution process wasn’t tested thoroughly. Does not bode well for a PS/LR bundle in the near future as resources have or will be diverted.

  35. Like to read your blog every day.

    To see Scott in Indianapolis would be an awesome gift.


  36. Love to see Scott in San Jose or the sports course.

  37. Would love to win a copy of Scott’s book – it would make a great gift for my son Kevin.

  38. I would love to see Ben Willmore in Cleveland. His work is fantastic!

  39. I would love to be able to learn more about sports photograhpy.

  40. I would love to win the Scott Kelby in San Antonio. After all, August 16 is my father’s birthday!

  41. Could not figure out why a refund was being made to my account. I was afraid that the R.C.’s class in the Big Easy had been canceled. Then, I realized that I was a winner on Free Stuff Thursday.

    Thanks, Phil

  42. I would love to win a chance to see Scott Kelby’s Beginner Sports Photography!

  43. lightroom 5 in Hartford!

  44. Oh please: 1 light 2 light with Joe….In VA or Charlotte NC. Thanks.

  45. I would love to take Scott’s class in Colorado Springs

  46. SOOOO stoked to get involved with action and sports photography at the University of Utah this fall!! I’m going to be attending as a first time freshman!

  47. the GRID was great yesterday. I would like to see Scott in Indianapolis in August

  48. I would really appreciate a chance to go to my first Scott Kelby class In San Antonio, Texas in August. I will have to drive 6 hours to get there but I KNOW that it will be worth it! Thank you very much!

  49. Another week of good blog postings! Thanks Scott!!


  51. I’m going to be shooting a Washington Nationals game in July. Could use all the tips I can get. Would be interested in a free rental of Scott’s sports tips class. Thank you.

  52. McNally in Charlotte!!

  53. I wonder how shooting drum corp competitions or the high school marching band halftime show is from shooting football games. Maybe the Beginner Sports Photograph class would help my half-time show shots and get me started on shooting the football game, too.

  54. A sports photography class would be great. Need all the insight tips I can get.

  55. Would love to add a copy of Scott’s book to my library….and to read it lol.

  56. I think I will always be a beginner.
    Ken in KY

  57. I would love a free rental :-)

  58. Would love to win this free rental…or pay to rent the class…can’t see the information on finding that:)

  59. Would also like to take the sports course.

  60. Never could get into LR. LR5 in Hartford might help!

  61. Joe McNally in Virginia Beach? Yes Please!

  62. put me in for the free class.

  63. Sports photography please. Thanks

  64. i’d LOVE to see Joe in NC!

  65. I will take any of them within driving distance to me!

  66. Joe McNally in St.Louis please.

  67. Sports photography would be great!

  68. Sign me up for sports! :)

  69. Sports photography is lots of fun but difficult to learn.

  70. Would love the One Light, Two Light in Charlotte! :) Thanks for this great giveaway.


  72. I would love the Beginner Sports Photography class rental!!

  73. Always up for learning something new!

  74. I’ve been trying to shoot sports for a while. Help me take it further!

  75. Sign me up for the Photoshop CS6 for Photographers!

    Jane grates – Sleeklens Presets

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