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Camera Essentials: Nikon D5 with Larry Becker
Get the most out of your Nikon D5! Join Larry Becker as he walks you through the important things you’ll want to know about your new D5. This is not a class for seeing every menu option and obscure function, but instead Larry focuses on the things you need to know to get the camera to do what you want it to do, as if a good friend was showing you how. You’ll learn the basics of navigating the camera, how to access various shooting modes, where to find key settings, and along the way Larry shares a wealth of tips, recommendations, and insights to help you feel like a master user by the end of the class.

In Case You Missed It
Join Mia McCormick as she sits down with Stacy Pearsall and delves into topics that range from how Stacy got started in photography after joining the Air Force at age 17 to the obstacles she had to overcome as a female airman in combat situations, and from what it takes to make tough choices in chaotic situations to the process of transitioning to civilian life after being combat disabled and retired from military service. This interview kicks off our Trailblazer interview series on powerful women in photography; women who have the courage to tell stories about complicated issues, often under extreme and dangerous situations, and who are among the first female professionals to excel in their chosen discipline of photography.

  1. Hey Brad, the Trailblazer series is an important Kelbyone contribution to the history of photography. Why is it so hard to find. Pretend you are new to Kelbyone. I tell my students to watch Mia’s Trailblazer courses. They tell me they go to instructors/Mia and among her courses nothing for Trailblazers. How about fixing it.
    Peter Nord

    1. Hi Peter. I agree, the Trailblazer series is an important series. If your students search for the word “Trailblazers” all the Trailblazer interviews come right up. :) – Many thanks for sharing them with your students. :)

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