Tomorrow’s the Big Day!

If you’ve seen any of our teaser ads (below) on the Web or in magazines, hinting that something big is coming from us, wellâ¦.it is, and we’re just one day away.

Tomorrow at 12:00 Noon ET we’ll be making the biggest announcement in our history, and even at that, it’s just the beginning (our next big announcement is right behind it, on Feburary 1st ). It’s going to be an amazing year for creative people, and I hope you’ll stop by tomorrow for the big announce.

If you want us to send you a reminder tomorrow, just go right here. We’re really, really excited — tomorrow’s gonna be a big day! :-)

  1. Count me in! I just sign up for the reminder … us old dudes need that! :-) You haven’t disappointed me in the pass … so I’m really looking forward to this! I may not be able to sleep tonight with anticipation! :-)


  2. Jan 7 the mystery is revealed! I know you guys never play around. I’m envisioning the AT&T commercials with the kindergarten kids..”Is more better, or less?”

    I’m betting more.

  3. Looking forward to the surprise.
    Thanks Scott for all you and your team contribute to the photographic
    community. The name Kelby has become synonymous with one-stop-shopping for all
    photography training ;^)

  4. Could it be that Kelby Media Group is going public and tomorrow is our chance to get in on the IPO?!!?! I’d like to be on your board of directors or audit committee! ;)

  5. Sounds like an interesting surprise!
    On a little bit of an off topic note- I see Adobe has extended their $9.99/ month upgrade to CC until Feb 28th. I am little peeved, since I signed up Dec 31 to lock in my rate. I am currently still using CS6, and plan to for the foreseeable future. I signed up for CC to lock in so I wouldn’t
    have to pay $20/ month when a day came that I wanted to upgrade (I am a bit anti-subscription/cloud). Any idea if Adobe may extend it further? I would like to cancel, even if it is only for another two months and sign back up later on. I feel duped into signing up the last day of the year to only have the deal extended. I’d rather they just keep it at $9.99 so I can
    subscribe when I want to and not in fear of their rate going up 100%.

  6. Oh my goodness I got my dates wrong I thought the 7th was TODAY!!! Been refreshing my Kelby page all morning and nothing!!!! Come to find out it’s TOMORROW!!! I might not make it!

  7. Just a few more hours…. Can’t wait. BTW, I just received Photoshop For Lightroom Users today. It’s terrific and just what I needed! I mainly use Lightroom for my editing and go to Photoshop CC now and then and stumble my way through it. Thanks for the foresight to write PS4LRUs for us hacks!

  8. While I’m waiting enthusiastically for the news…..I have 3 requests for Kelby classes: 1) substractive photography lighting & use of black reflectors “garage lighting” 2) saturation masks (crazy Adobe still didn’t put any quick shortcut to get a saturation mask in photoshop CC’s selections!) 3) LAB color mode advanced tricks (like those in your past books on channels which I bought and loved!)

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