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Hey guys, Brad Moore here with some exciting news… Scott Bourne over at Photo Focus has named Scott Kelby as the Photographic Educator of the Year for 2011! Scott (Kelby) was super excited, and of course very honored to find out about this. When I saw it, I was really happy for him and wanted to share it with you all as well.

Please join me in congratulating one of the most entertaining, talented, and engaging teachers I know, Mr. Scott Kelby!

Today is Veterans Day in the US, and I wanted to take a moment to honor and thank the men and women who have served in our country’s military, and who fought to defend the very freedoms we enjoy today. America owes you a debt of gratitude for your service and sacrifice, and I just wanted to join in with a heartfelt thanks.

Hi Gang: There’s a lot going on right now, so I thought I’d just bring you up-to-date on what’s up:

(1) If you missed the Grid, you gotta catch the replay
We had an epic episode of “The Grid” this week (RC co-hosted The Grid with me as well, filling in for Matt who was teaching a landscape workshop up in Maine), and it’s kind of based on the photo you see above (the topic was inspired by an excellent article in Outdoor Photographer magazine by Bob Krist). The rebroadcast is now online, and if you get a chance, check it out.

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and as you’ll see there is a 25% it will enrage you (but for many people it was also very enlightening and a real learning moment). Here’s the link.

(2) I only have three dates left this year for my“Light it, Shoot it, Retouch it” tour
I hope you can make it out in one of these cities:

> San Francisco: Nov. 14th

> Seattle: Nov. 21st

> Washington DC: December 2nd

Here’s where you go for more info, or to reserve your seat. Hope I get to see you in person soon

(3)If you missed my Webcast, it’s been posted for free replay
If you missed my free Webcast on Tuesday, the rebroadcast is finally (finally!) online. We do a studio shoot, create three different lighting looks, then I take you through the retouch from start to finish. I took questions during the live broadcast and answered those as well. Hope you can check it out. Here’s the link:

(4) I’m the guest speaker at next week’s DLWS Workshop
This weekend I’m heading to Lake Placid, New York where I’m the Guest Instructor at Moose Peterson’s Digital Landscape Workshop Series workshop (link), and I am really psyched. Any time I get to present along Moose Peterson it a true honor, and I’m looking forward to meeting everybody on Sunday night where I’m doing a special presentation of my “Crush The Composition” class. Can’t wait! A big thanks to Moose for letting me be a small part of your renown workshop series.

(5) My love affair with Google+ continues to grow
If you’re on Google+ I invite you to follow me there. I post there usually a few times a day, and I often share things there I don’t get to share anywhere else (or at the very least, I get to share them there first). It’s really an amazing social meeting gathering place for photographers, and the community there reminds me a lot of the one we have here — a lot of great people all helping each other. You’ll love it. Here’s the link to my Google+ page.

(6) A great deal for Photo Walkers from our friends at Adobe
If you’re in North America and participated in my Worldwide Photo Walk, you can pick up Lightroom for $200 Off!
Adobe put together a special deal for North American participants of my Worldwide Photo Walk. We sent an email to eligible participants yesterday so keep an eye on your inbox for all the details (that’s the header of the email above), but I think that’s very cool of Adobe to offer that, so thanks Adobe! :-)

(7) Our Web sites were….well….it hasn’t been a great month for our Websites
Thanks to everybody who dropped me a line here or over on Twitter to let me know that our and Matt’s Lightroom Killer Tips site were having problems. It took a bit of detective work, but we finally tracked down the problem and got it fixed, but we couldn’t have done it without you guys letting us know first.

It’s been a really, really tough month for our Web team here at Kelby Media. We added some amazing new features for our Kelby Training Online subscribers, but it was not without a ton of bumps and bruises along the way. Most of it is behind is now, but we’re still battling a few issues we did not expect, so first I’m so sorry to everyone who experienced our growing pains, and thanks to everybody who was patient, helped us track things down, and generally put up with us through all of this. You guys are the best.

(8) Lastly, here’s that Disciple band poster I made for my son
If you did catch “The Grid” this week, you heard me talking about some posters I made for my son of his favorite band, the Christian Metal band “Disciple.” I got the chance to shoot them when they were on tour earlier this year (here’s the link to that story), and I took some shots of the band, and made them into 20″x30″ posters in Photoshop. Then I uploaded them to, who then printed them, mounted them, framed them, added glass, and then shipped them to me the very next day (This is one of my favorite things about MPIX). The one shown above is the one I wanted to display on the show, but I didn’t have it on my blog post, so I took this iPhone photo of it before we hung it up in my son’s room. MPIX so rocks!!!! (So does Disciple, by the way. My favorite song of theirs is Dear X, You Don’t Own Me  —  available on iTunes).

(9) There’s more, but I’m pretty tired so I’m hitting the sack
Here’s wishing you your best Friday yet, and a totally cool and kick butt (CAKB) weekend. Cheers!

I had just finished teaching my seminar in Houston when my wife called me with the news that Steve Jobs had passed away. While I was talking with her, my iPhone lit up with text messages from friends around the world sharing the same sad news, but when I went to Apple’s home page and saw this, even though I had already heard the news, my head hung and my heart sank.

This is a real loss for our country. This is a real loss for the world. He was the father of personal computing and his products and innovations changed all of our lives in a very profound way. My prayers are with his family and friends. He will be missed.

P.S. Our friend and Photoshop Hall of Famer Dan Margulis wrote one of the most eloquent and moving tributes to Steve I’ve come across. If you have a moment, it’s worth a read. Bring tissue. Here’s the link.

Hi Gang: Just wanted to share a few quick things to follow-up on my post from last week (link) about why I love Google+.

Seeing your photos on G+
One of the views you can choose is right at the top of this post—this is the grid view of my Football Portfolio when I look at it on Google+ (I just posted it this weekend). You can see how many people commented on each image (the small number in the corner of the images show if anybody did comment, and how many), which is helpful for you in determining which images are resounding with your viewers.

How others see your photos
If you saw my post, and clicked on one of the photos, here’s how they’re displayed (above), with the black border and the comments running alongside.

Getting the EXIF Data on the photos is one click away
If you click and hold on the Actions button under the bottom right corner of the photos, you can choose Photo Details, and then you get the screen above with the EXIF data. Pretty handy. :)

My progress on Google+
Last week I mentioned that in just two months on G+ I had just passed the number of people who follow me on Facebook. Well, in the week since then, I’ve already now more than doubled the number (of course, much of that is because Google is now letting the public have accounts, too). I have 18,000+ folks following me on Facebook. By the time you read this, my Google+ number will over 43,000. I’m stunned.

Are your potential clients on Google+?
I saw a number of comments saying basically, “Scott, I think it’s cool that all these photographers are on Google+, but I need to find clients, not other photographers.” I totally agree, and at this point a lot more of your potential clients are on Facebook, and I don’t want you to think I’m trying to talk you out of using Facebook (I couldn’t if I tried, and I’m not going to stop using Facebook either). Here’s the good news: In the last week, more than 10 million people joined Google+ and they’re not all photographers. A lot are your potential customers. It might be easier to stand out here at this point, than it is among the 800 million people on Facebook. :-)

Anyway, just thought I’d do a little follow-up

So, that’s my thoughts on G+ as it stands today, but it’s moving and growing so fast, it’s hard to keep up, so I expect I’ll have more to report soon.

Today I’m up in Philly doing my “Light it, Shoot it, Retouch it” Tour for nearly 400 photographers (photo above from my Cologne, Germany stop, by Calvin Hollywood). My next stops are: Houston on Oct. 5th and Lansing, Michigan on Oct. 7th. Here’s the link if you want to spend the day with me. Hope I’ll see you there! (Hey, I hope I see you today in Philly!). :)

I absolutely love Google+
As far as social media goes, I’d much rather post there than anywhere, and I hear that same sentiment all the time from other photographers on G+. In fact, I find myself posting there more than anywhere, and in just a few short weeks the number of people of follow me on Google+ blew right past the number of people who follow me on Facebook (and I’ve been posting regularly there for almost two years).

Although Google+ (which had been in a semi-private beta testing period) is only about three months old, the day before yesterday Google+ (G+ for short) opened their doors to the public and now anybody can have a G+ account (it’s free), so today I thought I’d share what I love about Google+, and why I think it’s such an amazing community for photographers. Plus, I’ll give you some great folks to follow on Google+, too!

G+ knows how important photos are to….well….everybody
That’s why when you post an image, it appears much larger—right on your page—- that it does on Facebook or Twitter, and if you click on it, it opens to an even larger view with a black background, and you can easily see the EXIF data on the photo by clicking on the Actions button. It’s a beautiful way to show your images, and once you see it, you immediately understand why photographers like it so much.

It’s easy to find other photographers
When you first join Google+, it recommends people to follow in lots of different categories and that includes a category for photographers. Plus, there are already lots of lists out there leading you to active photographers on G+, so finding people to add to your circles is easy.

How it looks matters to us
I think another one of the things that attracted photographers to G+ is the overall look. The interface looks great, and how things look really matters to creative people. The visual nature of the way you put people in “circles” (kind of like Facebook’s group, only much more visual and easier to use), really attracted me right off the bat, and the whole thing feels very well thought out–very visual—very easy to use.

It’s very much like having your own blog, without the hassle of having your own blog
You can make posts like you would on a blog, and people can comment just like they do. You’re not limited to a certain number of words (like Facebook or Twitter), and if you write a post, and you make a mistake, or want to edit, delete or add something, you can actually do it (without having to start from scratch).

Google+’s Terms of Service don’t punish photographers
They clearly tell you in their Terms of Service—you retain your copyright: “11.1 You retain copyright and any other rights you already hold in Content which you submit, post or display on or through, the Services.” Besides, do you really think Google put this elaborate master plan together just to “steal” your photos? (wink).

Their photo stream is awesome
I’m one click away from seeing lots of amazing photos, presented in a way that make it really conducive to browsing great photography (I feel it does this much more so than Flickr by a long shot).

From a “content creator’s” standpoint, I feel it’s much easier and more flexible than either Twitter or Facebook
It gives you options and features that neither one has, and it’s too much to go into here, but once you start posting there…you’ll see what I mean.

It’s not going to replace Facebook
My friends are on Facebook. My family is on Facebook. Facebook isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. But I’d be worried if I were Twitter. I used to really enjoy Twitter, until I started using G+. I know a lot of folks out there still love Twitter, but G+ gives you lots of freedom whereas Twitter imposes lots of rules. It’s very text-oriented, and text-based. It’s like a Web site of text messages, and sometimes it feels very….well…DOS-based. G+ gives you the freedom everybody says they’re clamoring for. I find myself using Twitter less and less. I’m not alone.

Google+ adds improvements and enhancements almost daily
It’s been around only 90 days, and I just recently read where they have already released more than 100 user-driven improvements and tweaks. What other company is doing that anywhere? Flickr feels like someone has poured a gallon of molasses over it so it never moves. Ever.

I feel like G+ people are more engaged
If I post something to G+, the response is immediate, the numbers are big; it’s engaging, the people are very civil and friendly, and it definitely has a really great vibe.

Great photographers are already there, and they’re posting great stuff
Photographers like Trey Ratcliff, John Paul Caponegro, Frank Doorhof, Catherine Hall, Colby Brown, Robert Scoble, Moose Peterson, Jeremy Cowart, Terry White, Thomas Hawk, Joe McNally, Brian Matiash, and of course all my crew: RC, Brad, Pete, Dave Cross, and Matt Kloskowski. I also follow people like Guy Kawasaki and Leo Laporte who cover everything tech but also have interesting posts on everything!

If you’re new to Google+, make sure you read this:
Colby Brown wrote an essentials guide for photographers new to G+. I read it as soon as I started posting there, and I really found it invaluable. Colby just updated it big time, with all the latest stuff. Once you sign up, read this next (you’ll be glad you did). Here’s the link.

There’s more to G+ than just photography
It’s a new social media platform, so they have everybody from Hollywood Celebrities to scientists to athletes, so it’s attracting everybody (and they are breaking records with the number of people who’ve joined G+ in such a short time), and people who are in those circles may not even realize that photographers are even on there. G+ is big (with 43 million+ users already), and getting bigger every single day. Don’t be the last one to get on board and think, “Man, I should have done this a long time ago.”

I hope you’ll follow me there, too!
Although I still post to my Facebook page and to Twitter, I have to be honest—Google+ has won my heart, and I find myself posting more there, and wanting to post more there, and I hope you’ll come along for the ride. Here’s where you can follow me on this great community for creative folks…like you: