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Photoshop World App Updated
We just released an updated version of our Photoshop World iPhone App, which includes both new features (including an Opening Keynote countdown clock, plus lots of tweaks to the “My Schedule” feature, including the ability to erase your schedule and delete all saved data), along with some bug fixes. You can download the free App from the iTunes Store, or just follow this link.

Loved Nick’s Post Yesterday
I really found Nick’s Guest Blog post yesterday fascinating (I especially thought his impressions of Michelle Obama and Annie Leibovitz were great), and his behind-the-scenes perspective, and advice, were really insightful and inspiring. Thanks Nick for a great guest post!

Come spend the day with me in Chicago
The next stop on my “Photoshop CS4 for Digital Photographers” tour is Chicago, IL on Friday, April 9th, and I hope you can join me there—-it’s gonna be an awesome day. Here’s the link with all the details.

Check out this guy’s work
Unfortunately, I can’t remember which one of my readers turned me on to the landscape photography of James Neeley (all I have is a link), but he’s got some interesting landscape photography, including some with what looks like a hint of HDR, but it’s not overdone. Here’s the link.

That’s it for now, gang
After being gone for six days, things are really crazy around this place (especially this close to Photoshop World), so I’m keepin’ it short. Hope you have a fantastic Thursday!


Calvin Rules!
First, before we do anything else, I gotta give some big love to Germany-based Photoshop retoucher Calvin Hollywood who totally rocked that Guest Blog spot yesterday with some killer techniques (I tried them myself—-they rock!) along with some great insights into the job of a full-time retoucher. I loved it, and thanks to all of you who let Calvin know just how helpful his post was. Thanks Calvin—-that absolutely rocked!

Macworld picks in theirTop 5 Design Sites
A big congrats to Corey Barker, the man behind “” as it was named one of Macworld magazine’s “Top Five Design Sites!” I have to say, with the amazing stuff Corey has been doing over there, I’m not surprised. Congrats Corey!

LA Photoshop Down & Dirty Nearly Sold Out!
My buddy, and Photoshop User TV co-host, Dave Cross is taking the “Photoshop Down & Dirty Tricks” class to Los Angeles this Friday, and there are already nearly 1,000 (that’s right—one thousand!) people signed up for the seminar, so if you want to grab one of the last remaining seats—this is your last chance. Here’s the link (it’s going to be a mind-blowing day—I hope you can make it).

New Episode of D-Town TV Goes Up Today
It’s Thursday—must be time for an episode of D-Town TV (Well, maybe not if you read this first thing in the morning on the East Coast, but more likely later this afternoon). Here’s the link to watch the current episode online.

No Photoshop, but Still B&W
The Online Photographer had a post where they pointed to this flickr page showing what at first glance appears to be a popular Photoshop trick, where you make something in your photo black and white, while everything else is in color (or vice versa), but in this case—it’s not Photoshop. The woman in the photo painted herself, head-to-toe in black and white and well…you just gotta see it for yourself. Here’s the link (thanks to Dr. William J Palank for turning me on to this one).

Stop by and See Me in Amsterdam on Sunday
If you happen to be hanging around Utrecht, just outside Amsterdam in the Netherlands this weekend, I’ll be doing the Keynote presentation, and some Photoshop and Lightroom sessions at Professional Imaging 2010 (they have over 5,000 people already signed up!). Here’s the link with all the details. Hope to see you there!

Twitter not Facebook
Hi gang—just a quick note. I don’t have a public Facebook page (here’s the link as to why), but I do have a Twitter account that I’m dialed into more and more, and I’d love to have you follow there at this link.

Th-th-ththat’s all folks!
Gotta run, but I hope you all have a majorly kick-butt day! See ya tamarra!


Just this past week, I talked to three people who were going to buy an Apple iPad the moment it is released by Apple next month.

Then I asked them if they realized that if they buy the first one that comes out, in March, that they’ll only be able to be on the Internet if they are in range of a Wi-Fi hotspot (like in their home, or at a Starbucks, McDonalds, or some other place that offers Wi-Fi). Not a single one of the three realized that was the case.

They just assumed that, like their iPhone, they’d be able to jump on the Web wherever they were (at the pool, in a cab, etc.) with the one coming out in March for $499. One of them told me, “You better warn people about this, because a lot of people I talked to think that’s the way it is.”

So, this isn’t really a warning, it’s more of just a heads-up for my readers who are planning to buy an iPad. Want to jump on the Internet anytime with your iPad? Wait until April (or whenever the Wi-Fi + 3G version ships), and get that model instead. Just know, an iPad Wi-Fi + 3G with the ability to jump on the Internet most anywhere not only costs more than the just Wi-Fi version (which starts at $499), you have to sign up for a monthly data plan (like you do with a phone).

I put the chart at the top (from Apple’s Website), to show the differences. Anything under the Wi-Fi row means you have to be in a hot-spot to access the Internet. Wi-Fi plus 3G means you can jump on anytime, but you need a data plan from AT&T (at least that seems to be the plan so far).

IMPORTANT NOTE: There is absolutely no need to post a comment saying: (a) You’re not getting an iPad (b) No Flash support was a deal-breaker for you (c) You hate AT&T (d) Anything else mean or negative at all about anything (not just the iPad). If you have no plans to buy an iPad—good news—-you don’t have to worry about this decision and this public service announcement does not affect you in any way, so just pretend it didn’t exist. Thanks. :)


Happy Thursday everybody, and a big thanks to Nick Onken for his Guest Blog post yesterday! Now, here’s what’s up:

Photo Walk Pro to Host Free Photo Walk at Photoshop World
Jeff Revell over at (one of the sponsors of annual World Wide Photo Walk) is hosting a free Photo Walk the day before Photoshop World begins (so, if you haven’t signed up for a precon by the time Photoshop World starts, now you have something fun to do!). Jump over to for all the details.

Catch Matt and Me with Bert!
Don’t know if you saw this one, but during the last Photoshop World, Photoshop Hall of Famer Bert Monroy had Matt and I on his Pixel Perfect Internet TV show as guests, and we did some Photoshop tricks, and talked with Bert and stuff, and if you get a sec, you can watch it right here.

Photo Induced is giving my stuff away!
Hey, I just saw where the folks at Photo Induced are giving away a boxed set of my three-volume set of “The Digital Photography Book” (includes volumes 1, 2, and 3). Here’s all the details.

New Fine Art Digital Workflow DVD from Mac Holbert & John Paul Caponigro
Just heard from Acme Educational that R. Mac Holbert and John Paul Caponigro have a released a new training DVD on Fine Art Digital Workflow. Mac and JP are absolute authorities on fine art printing, so I’m going to order a copy myself, but in the meantime, you can order yours right here.

That’s it for today
See ya tomorrow—have a kick-butt day!


Big Daddy Don in SI
First, a big congrats to my buddy “Big Daddy Don Page” who covered the New Orleans Saints this year for Southcreek Global Media, and had one of his shots picked up as a FULL PAGE image in the Sports Illustrated Super Bowl Commemorative issue. Hey, they don’t call him “Big Daddy” fur nuthin’! Way to go, Donald! :-)

National Lampoon’s Vacation with Vanelli. Coming Soon to Real Life near you!
Our good friend, photographer, and giant huggy bear/trained killer Robert Vanelli (known as “Vanelli” or “That huge guy” or just “V” to his friends), is holding an on- location photography, Photoshop and fun workshop called “Vacation with Vanelli.” If you haven’t gotten on board for what will be a weekend that I guarantee you’ll one day tell your grandkids about, here’s all the info.

More 20th Anniversary Coverage Tomorrow
I’ve got some more behind-the-scenes stuff for tomorrow about Photoshop’s 20th planned for tomorrow, but in the meantime, here’s a link to some coverage from Quotidian Photographer, who were on hand at the show.

Deke’s Martini Hour features Photoshop Product Managers Interview
John and Bryan were guests of our buddy Deke McClelland on his Martini Hour (hosted by Deke and Colleen Wheeler), about the 20th anniversary of Photoshop. It’s a very fun and interesting interview. Here’s the link—definitely worth a listen.

Photoshop User TV Wraps Up Fall Season
We’re doing 13-week seasons now of Photoshop User TV, (the weekly how-to show for Photoshop users) and it’s hard to believe but this week’s show is our 13th on the new set. So, now we’re taking a one-month break until the first week in April, when we’ll return with our special “Live from Photoshop World” episode, which kicks off our Spring Season. The good news is; we’re not waiting on a set to be built, or anything like that—we’re just taking a month off after every 13 weekly episodes to catch up on stuff; let our video team catch up on stuff, and give us, and our viewers a chance to catch their breath. Check out our season ender here, and then we’ll see you first week in April.

I’m at our Tampa Seminar Today!
I’m a guest speaker today at our “Photoshop CS4 Down & Dirty Tricks” seminar today at the Tampa Convention Center, taught by Dave Cross and Corey Barker. I’m doing the class on typography and designing with type (one of my all-time favorite classes to teach), so I’m pretty psyched. If you’re at the seminar, make sure you stop me and say hi.

Hope you guys have a great Monday!

Missing Guest Blog
Sorry about yesterday’s missing Guest Blog. We had a communication problem, but as soon as we get the final draft, we’ll get it online for you. Totally our fault, but we’ll get on it, and get it fixed.

20thtshirt_poster Photoshop’s 20th Anniversary Event Webcast Live!
Although the big event next week for Photoshop’s 20th anniversary celebration in San Francisco is already sold out, you’re still invited to join as we’ll be webcasting the entire event, live from the Palace of Fine Arts. I’ll have all the details in a few days, but for now just mark the evening of February 18th on your calendar as “Photoshop Night!”


Three New Photoshop Online Training Classes
We’re adding a new online class now every single week now at Kelby Training Online, but I’ve fallen a few weeks behind on announcing them, so here’s what’s new: (1) Photoshop Color Strategies, with John Paul Caponigro (link); (2) Unleashing the RAW power of Capture NX2 with Vincent Versace (link), and (3) The Art of Proofing, with John Paul Caponigro (shown above) (link).

Only Two Weeks left to save $100 on the Photoshop World Conference
OK, it’s two weeks and one day, but you get the idea. The $100 early bird registration deadline is coming up, and if you want to join us in Orlando on March 24-26 for the world’s largest Photoshop training event, (and do it on the cheap) you can sign up or just get more details right here (By the way: if you’re a NAPP member, you can get a full conference pass for only $499 using that early bird discount).

New D-Town TV Episode Later Today
It’s Thursday, and that means there’s a 60% chance that the new episode of D-Town TV (the weekly show for DSLR shooters, hosted by Matt Kloskowski and me), will actually get posted today. If you’re reading this in the afternoon, click right here, and it’s entirely possible the new episode (episode 29) will be there.

That’s it for today
Thanks for stopping by today, and I hope to see you back here tomorrow.