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Last Friday I was sick. This Friday (today) I feel great, so instead I’m calling in lame ’cause I’ve just got nuthin’.

I’m in my hotel room in Dallas, and I’ve been preparing for my seminar tomorrow, and it’s really late, and although I have some things I want to talk about, none of them are short and sweet, so unfortunately, I’m having to “call in lame” for the blog today.

If I can remember, I’ll get an iPhone photo or two from the seminar here and post them, but it’s kinda hectic seminar day, so I’m not sure if I’ll remember (I have the memory retention of a hamster). ‘Big Daddy Don Page’ will be at the seminar, along with Austin Mann (we all grabbed a bite last night), so maybe I’ll get them to stop moving long enough to snap a photo.

Anyway, have a great weekend everybody, and we’ll see you back here on Monday.  :)


> Learn Concert Photography Live at Photoshop World
One of the coolest pre-conference workshops we’ve ever held during the Photoshop World Conference is the Real World Concert Photography workshop, taught by two pro-concert photographers, and kick-butt instructors: Alan Hess and Scott Diussa.

This workshop was a huge hit back in Vegas—-so much so that we’re bringing it back for Orlando (on March 23rd), but it’s limited to just 40 participants (the photo above was taken during  the workshop in Vegas, during the “Live Shoot” portion of the class) where you get to practice shooting with a live band.

For more info, or to sign up, click right here.

> 50 Free Fonts (this is not a scam)
Braddo (my knickname for Brad Moore), turned me on to this site that has links to 50 actually fairly cool fonts. I went there myself and snagged half a dozen or so, and I have to tell you—-there’s some totally great stuff there. Here’s the link.

> My Dallas “Photoshop for Photographers” Seminar will be sold out later today
It actually had sold out last week, but we were able to expand the room so now we can accommodate the nearly 700 photographers who’ll be joining me there on Friday. As of this morning, we have just a handful of seats left, and we’ll be sold out by tonight, so if you’re thinking of going, you can grab one of those remaining seats right here. (If you read this blog, make sure you come up and say “hi.”).

> Have you Entered Adorama’s Ultimate iPhone Photo Contest Yet?
They have so many prizes that if you don’t win something, you’re just not tryin’. Here’s the link with all the details.

> This is just a really cool song
This has nothing to do with Photoshop, and I’m not quite certain how I even came across this song, but it’s really cool. It’s by the band “Porcupine Tree” and the song is called “The Sound of Muzak.” Here’s a link to the song on iTunes, so you can hear a free 30-second preview. Give it a listen and see what you think (by the way—the recording quality is great).

> Apple’s Tablet on Wednesday?
Apple will be announcing something on Wednesday (hopefully, it will be the rumored tablet, or Apple’s stock will drop down to like $3), which is my guest blog day, so I won’t have a post here until Thursday. However, if my head explodes with excitement (which I feel is likely), I’ll be sharing my total freak out over on twitter at

> That’s it for today!
Hey, thanks to everybody who wished me well during my sick-day on Friday. I feel much better now, and I’m back to work (well, back to writing a book, and the occasional stop by the office to tape a show or do a meeting). Hope you guys have a really great Tuesday!

A great photogrPreviewaphy project to raise funds to help Haiti
I got an email from photographer Jim Goldstein about a friend of his, Lane Hartwell, who in just 24 hours has pooled together the amazing work of several photojournalists who have photographed Haiti creating an online magazine on the site “MagCloud”. The magazine is on sale now with all proceeds (less cost) going to the Red Cross to help their efforts in Haiti. Here’s the link. It’s only $16. I hope you’ll consider it.

A week from this Friday in Dallas. You. Me. And 500 or so of your friends.
There are less than 50 seats left for my Dallas “Photoshop For Digital Photographers” one-day workshop, so if you’re planning on going, I’d snag a seat now before it’s too late. Here’s the link. announces their 2009 “Reader’s Choice Awards” for the top 50 iPhone Apps
There are some juicy ones in there (and check out what’s at #2). Here’s the link.

Wanna see some cool photography?
NAPP member Bill Reichardt has some really wild stuff in his NAPP online portfolio (wild in a good way), and if you’ve got a second—it’s totally worth checking him out. Here’s the link. Way to go, Bill!

That’s it for this one folks
Hope you all have a kick-butt Tuesday!

Photoshop CS5 is brand new. It’s just hittin’ the streets, and so are the Photoshop Guys who are heading up to New York City for the first CS5 event of its kind – the Adobe Photoshop CS5 Summit – and you’re invited!
You’ll see exactly how Scott, Matt, Dave, RC, and Corey (NAPP’s own Photoshop team) plug the amazing new features of CS5 right into their daily Photoshop workflow. Plus, you’ll be able to meet one-on-one with Adobe’s own Photoshop and Lightroom product managers (Bryan Hughes, and Tom Hogarty) and get your questions answered direct from the source.

We’ll have drawings for some very cool giveaways, including versions of Photoshop CS5, Lightroom 3, tickets to the Photoshop World Conference, and much more. You’ll have a blast, you’ll learn a lot, and best of all – it’s all free! But it doesn’t happen if you’re not there!

Seating is limited and filled on a first-come, first-served basis, so snag your seat today and be a part of this history making Photoshop event, from Adobe and the people who bring you Photoshop User magazine.

Don’t miss it!


Before we get started, how about a big round of applause for Laura Heald, assistant to Bill Frakes and my awesome Guest Blogger yesterday. I totally dug her post (and so did a lot of other folks), and I particularly like her writing style. Very engaging! Thanks Laura (you’ve got an amazing job, and a 2nd career as a writer, too!)!!! Now, onto the news:

Share your favorite iPhone App: Maybe snag a $50 iTunes Gift Card
My buddy Terry White is running a very cool, simple, fun contest over at his new site, “” and all you do is share what you favorite iPhone App is, and you’re registered to win a $50 iTunes Gift Card. Easy enough (here’s the link).

Giving RC the Love (and tales of his midnight tweak)
My buddy RC Concepcion was listening when you guys pointed out the Arrow/Direction problem in new Portfolio design (link) and son-of-a-gun if he didn’t go in there and tweak the code so now it moves in the direction you guys felt it should. I also just wanted to thank RC Concepcion, and give him some love, not only for his helpful Q&A Tuesday about the new portfolio design, but for helping so many commentators with their questions as well. It’s an RC love fest (but a well-deserved one). Thanks RC and I agree with everybody else—you rock! (and I can’t wait for your class either!).

Dallas, Texas here I come!
I have nearly 400 photographers already signed up for my “Photoshop for Digital Photographers” workshop there on Friday, January 29th, so don’t miss out on all the learning and fun. Here’s the link—-come and hang out with me for the day—I promise to make it worth your while.

Oklahoma City, here comes Corey Barker!
Photoshop super genius guy Corey Barker is taking our “Photoshop Down & Dirty Tricks” tour to Oklahoma City on Wednesday, January 27th (it’s just a few weeks away). If you’re out that way, and into Photoshop, you gotta check this day you—he will blow you mind (and you’ll learn so much your head will hurt). NAPP members go just $79, everybody else is $99. Here’s the link.

The Amazing Photography of Mark Zibert
Mark first caught my eye with his incredible series of ads he did for Adidas, and then Brad Moore sent me his link again this week, and I checked out his stuff once more, and just wow. What a combination of photography and Photoshop skills. Go check out his work if you have a quick sec (His Adidas stuff is there too). Totally cool stuff (here’s the link).

The First Blog Review of my Photo Recipes Live DVD/Book Combo is out
Although my new Photo Recipes Live: Behind the Scenes DVD/Book combo just came out last week, the blog “World Through a Camera Lens” has posted the first in-depth review. Here’s the link.

NOTE: I just got word that now has the Photo Recipes combo back in stock, ready for immediate shipping. Here’s the link.

Thanks it for today everybody!
I’m staying home today and working on a new book (if I go into the office, I’ll just sucked into an endless vortex of meetings), so while it’s unlikely that I’ll have a kick butt day, I sure hope you do! :)