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Today I’ve got a couple of maintenance type issues, along with some some crisp-crunchy news, with just a hint of lightly sweetened wheat, soy and rice flakes.

Think Tank Free Bag Deal Link Has Changed
A friend contacted me yesterday to let me know that he was going to buy some Think Tank Photo gear, and that he wanted to make sure he used this blog’s Affiliate link, so the affiliate fee would go to ‘The Springs of Hope, Kenya Orphanage,’ but the link wasn’t working. I figured out why—the link has changed. Sorry ’bout that (somehow I missed the email). Here’s the direct link for the free bag deal.

Vol. 3 Video Review
I ran across this review of my book, “The Digital Photography, Volume 3” and I thought it was particularly cool because rather than a written review (like usual) it’s a video review, with the reviewer sharing his thoughts live on camera (over at the Cherry 555 blog). You can check it out right here.

Dave Cross & RC Kick Off New Creative Suite Tour
Two of the industry’s best instructors, Dave Cross and RC Concepcion (shown above) have teamed up for a new one-day Adobe Creative Suite 4 Unleashed workshop that’s headed out this fall to:

  • Miami
  • Austin
  • St Louis
  • Kansas City
  • Atlanta
  • San Diego
  • Boston
  • Washington, DC.

This new fall tour (sponsored by Adobe Systems) features classes on all the new features of the Creative Suite 4, including Photoshop CS4, Illustrator CS4, InDesign CS4, Acrobat and Flash CS4. Along with covering brand-new features they’ll also be showing how to integrate the Creative Suite Applications and how to take things to the next level in Photoshop Extended.

The seminar is only $49 ($39 for NAPP Members) AND you get a FREE copy of Dave Cross’ DVD, Adobe CS4 Creative Suite Integration. (which normally sells for $69.99 by itself). For more details, or to sign up, click right here.

Tomorrow’s Special Guest Blogger is….
…a very talented photographer and teacher, and one really scary guy when it comes to wielding a tablet and wireless pen, Wacom’s own Wes Maggio.

I’ve known Wes for a number of years now (and many of you have met him in hands-on Wacom training sessions or their booth at Photoshop World, where he’s been a fixture for years), but I have no earthly idea what his topic is for tomorrow, so make sure you join me here so we can both check out Wes’ special guest blog (good to have you here, Wes!). :)

That’s it for this Tuesday
I hope you all have a beautiful day, with the sun shining, and blue skies, and….aw, who am I kidding? Just try and not kill anybody today. (kidding!). Have a great one!


A lot of people are surprised when they find out how much Lightroom Training there is at the upcoming Photoshop World Conference in Las Vegas (which kicks off in just 15 days). This year’s conference has the most Lightroom training we’ve ever offered.

In fact, you can come to Photoshop World, and take nothing but Lightroom classes each day—all day—and never take a Photoshop class at all (which is the part of the experience we call “The Lightroom Conference at Photoshop World”).

Check out the amazing instructors teaching Lightroom at this part of the conference:

  • Katrin Eisman
  • Matt Kloskowski
  • Jack Davis
  • Julieanne Kost
  • Jeff Schewe
  • David Ziser
  • Kevin Ames
  • RC Concepcion
  • Chris Orwig
  • and Yours Truly

Take a look at the details of these daily Lightroom sessions, (click right here, and look each day at the dedicated Lightroom track) as I’d love to meet you there. :-)

My video crew was on hand at my recent Photoshop Down & Dirty Tricks seminar in Orlando, Florida, and right before the 2nd session kicked off, I did a quick little “howdy,” but beyond that, they included a behind-the-scenes look at the seminar, so if you’ve never been to one of our one-day workshops, take a look at the video clip below for a quick glimpse at the day.


Photoshop Hall of Famer Dan Margulis, the father of professional color correction using Photoshop, and the man who made Photoshop’s LAB color mode take the photographic world by storm in the past few years (thanks to his groundbreaking book on LAB color), is doing a special pre-conference workshop at Photoshop World called “The Latest in LAB.”

I have no idea what Dan’s going to teach, but I know this; each time he does a session like this—-everything changes because Dan is pretty much the bottomline when it comes to LAB mode (which is another reason he has such a legion of fans around the world).

If you’re going to Photoshop World this October in Vegas, make sure you check out Dan’s LAB pre-con (Note: Dan’s classes are pretty much for more advanced users, so if you’re kinda new to Photoshop, I’d skip this one and maybe look at either the Concert Photography Workshop [there’s only two spots left], or Ben Willmore’s “Shoot for Photoshop” (will be sold out soon), or the Canon Live Studio shoot (which will be sold out soon, too). Here’s the link for a list of the pre-cons.


So, a couple of months ago, I was shooting an event and one of the other photographers there told me about a local Photoshop expert (whom I know) who was mad at me because he sent me a friend request on Facebook, and I didn’t friend him, so he felt snubbed. Just what I needed—-another reason for people to be mad at me. ;-)

I let her know that it wasn’t intentional (I honestly never saw his friend request—you’ll see why in a moment), and I told her that I don’t really stay up with my Facebook page at all. In fact, I don’t think I’ve posted there in months—-if I do anything, it’s just to comment on something one of my friends have posted (with all the stuff I do online, I like to keep my Facebook page for just my family and personal friends).

Anyway, I felt bad that he felt slighted, so that night I went back and looked at my pending friend requests, and at that point I had over 1,000 pending friend requests. (Though after some searching, I did find his request and I “friended him”).

So, with all these requests stacking up (and the hurt feeling building up) Brad and I started sending a Facebook direct message out to these pending people to let them know that my Facebook page is really just for my personal friends (and leading them to our public NAPP Facebook page instead), and we were sending out about 30 of these emails a day to get the pending number down to something more manageable.

But then Facebook themselves sent me a warning saying they thought I was spamming people, and they were going to close my account altogether, so after making some decent progress in whittling the number way down (everybody was very kind about it and totally understood), we had to stop doing that, too.

Well, I just checked my Facebook page today and now it’s back up to nearly 1,200 pending requests, so the number of people who are mad at me, (not including sports photographers), is growing.

The reason I’m telling you this is; this week I got an email from a reader asking why I hadn’t approved their Friend request, and that they were kind of hurt, and then they gave me a list of reasons why I should reconsider. Now I feel really bad (and I don’t even know him, but the guilt is racking up now).

So, I guess I just wanted to let everybody whose feelings I might have hurt by not accepting their friend request that (1) I’m really sorry, and (2) it’s totally nothing personal—–I’m just trying to keep my Facebook page just for friends and family (people I would include in my Verizon Friends & Family plan if only the iPhone was on Verizon, which one can only hope will happen someday soon).

Now, that being said, we do now have a NAPP Facebook page and group. These are the pages that all us “Photoshop Guys” use to connect with fellow NAPP members and PhotoshopUser TV viewers and blog readers (and I’m going to try and post some there myself), so I hope you will join us there! (and yes—we will accept your friend request there for sure!).

Anyway, thanks for understanding, and here’s the link.

Like many of you who left comments, I thought Drew Gurian’s Guest Blog this week rocked, and it was both inspirational and informative on so many levels, and my hat’s off to him for a such a great post!

Now, some of you may know that my assistant Brad Moore used to be Joe McNally’s full time assistant before Drew, and both Brad and I have known Drew for a while now, and we both totally love the guy, which is probably why I jumped right on Brad’s idea to prank Drew about this guest blog.

I guess Drew really worked hard on his guest blog post, and he was kind of sweating it a bit, so Brad had me call Drew’s cell phone late Tuesday afternoon and leave him the message that “I needed to talk to him about his Guest Blog post.”

When Drew called back, I told him that I had read his guest blog, and was kind of disappointed with it, and that it was too fluffy and didn’t have any “meat” to it. Worse yet, I really needed him to rewrite the whole thing tonight to make it “more interesting.”

Well, I was really pouring it on (while Brad and my assistant Kathy were both sitting on my office literally turning red holding back their laughter), and Drew was just absolutely silent. So much so, that I finally had to let him off the hook and tell him I was totally just kidding (and then I did what any good photographer does—-I blamed it all on my assistant Brad). ;-)

After a few choice sentences which included several colorful phrases, thankfully Drew himself started cracking up. He told me he was freaking out while I was telling him, because he already had an incredibly busy night planned, and now he was looking at rewriting this post that had taken him days. Ahhh, it was a magic moment.

But beyond just pranking Drew, I think there’s a lesson in here for all photographers. When in doubt, blame your assistant. ;-)  Thanks again Drew—–you handled the whole thing like a pro! :)