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Hey gang—greetings from Dallas! Mike (one of my frequent commenters here on the blog) is here early—and in the front row no less. The pressure’s on! :)

— Blogging from my iPhone.


Last Friday I was sick. This Friday (today) I feel great, so instead I’m calling in lame ’cause I’ve just got nuthin’.

I’m in my hotel room in Dallas, and I’ve been preparing for my seminar tomorrow, and it’s really late, and although I have some things I want to talk about, none of them are short and sweet, so unfortunately, I’m having to “call in lame” for the blog today.

If I can remember, I’ll get an iPhone photo or two from the seminar here and post them, but it’s kinda hectic seminar day, so I’m not sure if I’ll remember (I have the memory retention of a hamster). ‘Big Daddy Don Page’ will be at the seminar, along with Austin Mann (we all grabbed a bite last night), so maybe I’ll get them to stop moving long enough to snap a photo.

Anyway, have a great weekend everybody, and we’ll see you back here on Monday.  :)


There’s a bunch of training news that’s been stacking up, so I’ll quickly get right through it all in one post:

(1) My Dallas Seminar is Sold Out!
We have nearly 700 photographers registered for my “Photoshop for Photographers” seminar in Dallas tomorrow, so we are sold out (even after expanding the room). I’m really looking forward to seeing everybody, and if you read this blog, make sure you stop by and say hi!

(2) My Next Tour Stop: Washington DC on Monday, March 1st
I love DC (plus I get to hang out with Jeff Revell), and I’ll be there 1st of March with my seminar, so I hope you’ll come and spend the day with me. I’d sign up early, and reserve your seat. Here’s the link.

(3) Jim Smelzer’s “Senior Portraits Outdoors” Class Now Online
Jim’s other two classes on Senior Portraiture have just absolutely kicked butt, and I’m thrilled to let you know we just posted his new one this week (By the way—we post a new class every week now at Kelby Training Online). Here’s the link to his class (Jim is an absolutely fantastic teacher, and people are just lovin’ his stuff!).

(4) I’m Teaching At Professional Imaging 2010 in the Netherlands
I’m heading to Holland again, and I can’t wait! This time it’s to do the Keynote presentation, and a series of classes at the Professional Imaging 2010 event, Sponsored by Adobe, at the Nieuwegeins Business Center, Nieuwegein, Utrecht, NL on March 7-9, 2010. Here’s the link with details about the conference (by the way: I presented there a few years ago, and this is without a doubt one of the best run, best attended events I’ve ever been to anywhere!!!!).

(5) Want a kick-butt Lightroom Production Tip?
Although I’m doing a class at Photoshop World called “Lightroom Killer Tips” I came up with this tip after I finished the workbook for the class, so I did it on this week’s episode of Photoshop User TV. It’s really handy (hey, even Matt had to comment on it), so if you’ve got a sec, check out this week’s episode right here.

(6) Our “Photoshop 20th Anniversary Party is Sold Out”
We had seating for over a thousand people for the Photoshop Party of the Year, but those seats are now long gone as we’re sold out in advance. However, we’re looking at all sorts of ways to webcast, simulcast, podcast, and everything cast the event so no matter where you are in the world, you can join in the fun (and the tips), and it should be an incredible night, celebrating an amazing milestone, and I’ll have more details soon, but for now, keep the evening of Feb. 18th free, cause we’re going party like it’s….wait…that’s doesn’t work. Well, you know what I meant.

That’s it for now. Lots more to share soon. Hope to see you in person at one of these events, or online! :)


Like everybody else in the world, I was tuned in to Steve Job’s launch of the Apple iPad yesterday, and I have to tell you—I am incredibly impressed. My wife saw the video yesterday afternoon on Apple’s Website, and totally unsolicited she sent me a text that read “I want an iPad!!!!!!!!!!” (My wife so does not get geeked out by gadgets, so this is bigger than it sounds).

However, as expected within just a few hours of the announcement, some blog sites were already picking it apart, pointing out which features it doesn’t have, and what it was missing, and why it’s going to be a failure, and so on. Just like they did with the iPhone.

People were coming out of the woodwork to tell you all the features the original iPhone was missing, like no copy and paste, short battery life, no physical keyboard, no voice command, it’s geared only for consumers so no business users would consider it, it’s too expensive—there are lots of cheaper alternatives, and so on.

Of course, everything they said was missing from the iPhone was true, and you could buy phones all day long that were cheaper, had physical keyboards, longer battery life, voice control, and so on. But the iPhone didn’t become a success because of what it does. It because a success because of how it does it. People who only look at feature lists always, always, miss this. It’s not about features, or the iPhone would never have made it.

Matthew Lynn, a Bloomberg news columnist, said in a article shortly after the original iPhone’s introduction:

“Apple will sell a few to its fans, but the iPhone won’t make a long-term mark on the industry.”

He’s a feature counter, and he has lots of company. You’re hearing from a lot of them today.

They may as well comes to grips with it—-the iPad is going to be huge. Game changing huge! I haven’t personally talked with a single person yet who said they don’t want one. But that’s not why it’s going to be huge.

It’s going to be huge for a phenomenon that I’ve seen happen again and again, year after year. When Apple comes out with a new product, it always looks pretty cool when you see it in their TV ads, and on the Web,  but when you actually see the product in person at the Apple store, and you get your hands on it—you fall in love with it. Apple stuff just looks incredibly cool in person. It’s Apple’s secret weapon.

And if last quarter was any indicator, when the iPad ships, nearly 50 million (that’s right—-million) people will see an iPad in person at their local Apple Store in the first 90 days after it launches. Yup. This going to be huge!

By the way; if you think it should have had a built-in chat camera, or a phone, or run multiple applications, or have notifications, or cost less, or any thing that kept it from being as great as you thought it should be, don’t buy it. It’s that simple.

For a detailed first take on the iPad, visit Terry White’s Tech Blog (link). When it comes to Apple, Terry is absolutely one of the most insightful people in the entire industry, so it’s always great to hear his take on it.

Anyway, I can’t wait to get mine (and apparently, I’d better pick up one for my wife, too). :)