Daily Archives February 4, 2010


The Hottest Event Of the Summer: The Nik Summit
Nik Software, the company behind plug-ins I can’t live without, like Color Efex Pro 3.0, Silver Efex, and Viveza 2, is launching a very special event this May in San Diego called, “The Nik Summit” where they’re bringing together a group of top photographers (including the likes of Tony Corbell, Joe McNally, and Rick Sammon no less) and top instructors for a very cool creativity/training experience, and you’re invited.

If you’ve got a sec, check out their event site, and see if this just doesn’t sound cool as anything! Here’s the link.

If you Shoot Macro, You Gotta Get This T-Shirt!
Photographer Dan Stroka came up with just a very clever shirt for any photographer into Macro. I won’t spoil it (you have to see it yourself—you’ll crack up), but here’s the link.

Thanks to this week’s Guest Blogger, Joshua Black Wilkins
I think Brad’s idea of giving us a peek into the world of famous photographers, through their full-time assistants, is really fascinating and entertaining, and learning about folks like Joshua, and his story, how he got there, and where he’s going is just very cool. Thanks Joshua for sharing your story with us.

Contest for Photographing Children
Ginny Felch, who has the top-selling book on how to photograph children, is running a very compelling contest over on her blog for children’s photography, and the winner gets a copy of Lightroom. Here’s the link with all the details. (NOTE: Besides the contest, she’s got a great blog, with lot of great photography—definitely worth a visit).

Don’t be the last person in the world to enter Adorama’s iPhone contest
There are already over 5,000 entries—why isn’t yours in there? (OK, maybe yours is, but you know what I mean). It doesn’t cost anything to enter, and the prizes are insane (be aware though, that’s the same term that my son uses to describe the taste of a “Chicken Nugget” as in, “Dad, have you ever actually tasted a chicken nugget? They’re ‘Insane!” By the way, he actually said that, and I couldn’t stop laughing for two solid days). ;-) Anyway, here’s how to enter: (1) Look at the photos on your iPhone. (2) Find a really good one. (3) Enter the contest here. (4) Sit back and wait for prizes to rain upon you (or not, depending on how you did in Step 2. By the way: when you finally do see the winning photo (which hasn’t been chosen yet—there’s still time to enter), you’ll see it and think to yourself, “Oh man, I should have entered.” That, I can guarantee! OK, now go and enter.

New Online Class: Fixing Photographic Problems with Photoshop with Dave Cross
This class just went up live on Kelby Training Online, and just today I saw two emails from students who were raving about the class (despite the fact that much of it was in Canadian). ;-) Here’s the link. Also, thanks to everybody whose been sharing feedback and helping us get the kinks out of our cool new player. It’s coming right along, with more fixes (and new features) coming, so many thanks you guys.

It’s 12:50 am. I’m hitting the sack.
I hope you guys have a great Thursday—-in fact, I hope it’s your best Thursday yet! See ya tomorrow for some Fridayesque stuff.


Did I say “Podcast?” I meant “Padcast.” (Sorry, I just couldn’t help myself). ;-)  Seriously though—Dave came up with a great idea for a weekly podcast—it’s called “Ask Dave” (with Dave Cross) and basically you ask Dave Photoshop questions, and he answers them (Dave knows Photoshop on a crazy level).

I love this new show—–it’s short, sweet, and right to the point. Here’s the link to watch the first episode on KelbyTV, and here’s the link for submitting your questions to Dave on Twitter. Congrats Dave on launching your new show! (also catch Dave each week on the new Photoshop User TV).