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WOW—-what a night!

No doubt, it was a lot of fun, but it was also very humbling to look out from the stage and see the Knoll Brothers (both Thomas and John Knoll), and about 70 of Adobe’s Photoshop engineers, along with lots of Adobe execs and directors, and well…I was incredibly nervous! (That’s me below posing with Thomas and John—-the Knoll brothers who originally created Photoshop,  right after the event).

(All photos by RC Concepcion)


Adobe’s own Russell Brown (below) did an absolutely hilarious, bring-down-the-house, totally amazing presentation about the history of Photoshop that was so good, he got a standing ovation.



Adobe’s VP of their Creative Business Unit John Loiacono was the featured presenter (better known as “Johnny L” to Photoshop World Keynote attendees—shown below before the doors opened), and Photoshop big wig Kevin Connor did the first public demo of some new Photoshop technology that had jaws just dropping (including my own).

sblog-terry-7We were also happy to be joined by Worldwide Design Evangelist and blog host Terry White, here pictured with Adobe’s John Loiacono.


Adobe’s own Julieanne Kost and Terry White did presentation as part of our look at the evolution of Photoshop, along with Matt, Corey, Dave (shown below), RC, and I. Lot of cool Photoshop tricks from everybody, and it was a really fitting way to celebrate an amazing 20 years of digital imaging magic.


We’re posting the entire event online (should be up later today) at this link, so if you didn’t catch the live event as it happened (the servers were absolutely slammed with people watching live from all over the world), you can watch it in its entirety later today. (That’s Daniel Bryant below, a video editor on our video team at Kelby Media Group, during dress rehearsal. Daniel directed the entire event for us, and did a kick-butt job!)


Thanks to everybody who came out to the San Fran event, and who watch from all four corners of the globe, and especially thanks to Adobe, and the Photoshop team, for creating something so amazing that we want to celebrate it’s birthday.


(Above: our own Corey Barker posing with John Knoll).


(Above L to R: John Knoll, Russell Brown, Thomas Knoll, Yours Truly, and RC Concepcion).


You guys might remember me doing a post a while back about these huge metal murals, (made up of a grid of multiple metallic tiles, as seen above in this shot from their tradeshow booth) which look really quite impressive in person. (here’s the link to the story–scroll down until you see Brad and I holding a six-file mural).

Well, they’re making a special deal for you guys who read my blog (hands down the best discount deal they’ve ever offered), on these huge metallic grid murals. Here’s the deal:

You get 30% OFF their 12 inch tile squares, plus you get free shipping on the entire order.

To get this deal, you have to use this link: http://metalmural.com/sk.aspx

Ask anybody who has seen these at their booth at a trade show—these tiled murals have big impact. If you get some done, let me know how you much you like ’em!