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I just boarded my flight home from what can only be described as a perfect day of sports shooting. I’m at full happy. :)

I got up early and caught the first flight out to Chicago today to join my buddy Mike McCaskey for a day of shooting the Chicago Cubs at the wonderful Wrigley Field. We had all access photo creds, and just had a field day (no pun intended). The iPhone photo of me above, after the game, was taken by Mike.

I’m getting home late, so I won’t have time to blog tonight, or look to see if I got any shots (didn’t bring my laptop), but I hope to have a post with shots and more details tomorrow.

They’re going to close the cabin doors so I gotta run.

Have a great Monday, and I’ll check in with ya tomorrow right here. :)


P.S. I got the upgrade! This day keeps gettin’ better and better! Whoo hoo!!!


For years I had been writing my blog using, and then in April of 2007 I switched to a WordPress powered blog (which I love), but the old blog is still posted online, with all the original posts going back to June 2005 (when I first started blogging) still in tact.

I stumbled on it a week or so ago, and it’s fun seeing some of the things that were going on, and topics we were discussing back then.

If you’ve got a spare minute, you can check it out right here.


I just got word that has my brand new book: “The Photoshop CS5 Book for Digital Photographers” in stock now—-ready to ship (here’s the link).

Also, Barnes & will have it soon as well, and it’s available for pre-order on their site.

I just got my first copy off press this week, which is really exciting for an author, and I hope you guys will have a copy soon, too!

Rendered British Flag

That’s right game—it’s official. I’m heading to London to bring one of our most popular Photoshop tours. Here are the details:

  • What: My Photoshop For Photographers Tour
  • When: Friday, October 15th
  • Where: The Business Design Centre, Islington
  • Registration: Only $149 (US) (or just $129 US if you’re a NAPP member)
  • Why: Because I love Swingin’ London baby, yeah!

My thanks go to UK-based NAPP Evangelist Dave Clayton, who got this all started with a letter-to-the-editor that I saw in Photoshop Creative magazine, and who subsequently started a Facebook group about getting us over to London again—read the original post here (though it has blossomed into something much bigger than that). Anyway—-Hey Dave—it worked! :-)

For more details, or to sign up for my London seminar (seating is limited), click right here. Hope to see you in person in Swingin’ London! :-)

P.S. Dave has started a UK NAPP member Evangelist site that is awesome. Here’s that link.

Hi Gang: Just a coupla quick news thingys for today:

Shooting Tethered Wirelessly into an Apple iPad
Check out this very cool video (below) from photographer Brent Pearson, who figured out how to make this all work. This makes sense if you have a desktop computer that’s not near where you shoot in your studio. (Obviously, if you have a laptop, it doesn’t bring that much to the table, because if you have a laptop, you can just use it for tethering, but anyway, it’s worth a quick look either way, and might be handy for having multiple monitors so your client can see images live as you shoot as well). Also, check out his blog for the step-by-step set-up.

iPad Wireless Tethered Photography from Brent Pearson on Vimeo.

New Class From Laurie Excel for Beginning Photographers
Photoshop World Instructor Laurie Excel did an awesome online class exclusively for NAPP members who are new to photography, and it covers tons of tips, tricks, settings & advice for new shooters. If you’re a NAPP member, here’s the link to your free online class. Thanks Laurie!

Dano’s Dictionary of Fine Art & Photography Printing Terms
Ron Mortinsen’s blog has a really helpful resource put together by our friend, and photographer Dan Steinhardt (of Epson), and it’s basically a dictionary of fine art printing and photographers terms. Very cool and definitely worth checking out. Here’s the link.

Yesterday Was a Blast!
First, I had a visit from my buddy Terry White, and we shot a one-hour bonus video for our new iPhone 4 Book (which is on press now), and that’s always one of the highlights of the whole year, and then we had concert photographers (and Photoshop World instructors) Scott Diussa and Alan Hess here shooting online classes for Kelby Training on “How to Shoot Live Concerts.” I went out to the venue where they were shooting the class (their venues and bands have changed each day while they’re taping, to vary the lightning and shooting conditions). I have to tell you this—-as soon as their class goes live—I’ll be the first to watch it—that’s how cool it looks. This guys are the real deal, and the stuff they’re sharing is absolute gold for anybody who wants to shoot concerts!!!!

Yesterday’s Guest Blogger
I really enjoyed yesterday’s Guest Blog Post from Ben Van Hook. Of course, he had great images, but his message was really enlightening, and there are about a dozen lines you can pull out as separate quotes about photography, finding your vision, and taking portraits with emotion, that would all stand on their own. Thank you Ben. What a great read! (if you missed it, click here).

My Free Online Lightroom Class for Photo Walkers is Online—watch it anytime!
Just a reminder—the Online Lightroom Training Class that me, RC, and Matt Kloskowski taped live for anyone who walked as part of my Worldwide Photo Walk has been archived, and you can watch it anytime, completely for free, right here.

That’s it for today
Hope you guys have an awesome day today!!!!

Making It Personal…


When I’m speaking to college students about my work, I’m always asked about finding ‘real’ moments while in the midst of a commercial shoot.  I believe it goes hand in hand with developing a personal voice in your photography.  I know students struggle with this all the time.  I’ve thought a lot about this question and in my mind it always comes down to being in touch with who you really are deep down.  We’ve all grown up with a different set of experiences and tapping into those experiences, celebrating them, finding the uniqueness in your self is really what makes us artists.





That self-realization, combined with an incredible work ethic, is a recipe for success in this business.  It’s not about the camera, digital vs. film, strobe or natural light, or how much gear it takes…

It’s about how you see the world.  (more…)