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A buddy of mine just did a survey about what people struggle with in Photoshop and the #1 response didn’t surprise me at all, because sooooooo many Photoshop users struggle with the same issue — printing. It’s only because, printing in Photoshop kinda stinks (and that’s being kind).

The fix is so simple — when it comes to printing — stay the heck out of Photoshop and ALWAYS print from Lightroom Classic.

Lightroom’s printing is everything Photoshop’s isn’t. It’s flexible, you have lots of great printing options, features and layouts, it’s streamlined, powerful, and modern, and it just works. It’s literally one of the things Lightroom does best and Photoshop (for all it’s magic, and there’s plenty) does worst. I’ll bet I haven’t printed an image from Photoshop in probably 10 years (and no, there haven’t really been improvements since then).

If you’re a KelbyOne member, you can watch this class I did on printing from Lightroom Classic (the trailer is above above), and I take you through the process from start to finish. If you’re not, either buy it and watch it right now ($29 I think), or join for a month and watch it as part of your subscription. Once you see how easy, and powerful Lightroom’s printing is versus Photoshop’s, you’ll never go back.

Here’s a link to the course.

Remember, learning cool new stuff is a great way to start your week off right. :)


P.S. Speaking of learning new stuff – I had to learn to play a little slide guitar this weekend for a recording of Elton John’s Rocket Man. First time I ever actually tried slide (well, I tinkered for about 10 minutes once a few years ago when I bought a glass slide on a lark), but this time I needed it for the song, so I was patient and just practiced a bunch and son-of-a-gun it actually sounds OK. No one is more surprised than me. Now I’m thinking, it’s time for “Freebird!” ;-)

Happy Friday, everybody! Here we go:

I Took 1st Place In The WPE International Photography Awards Landscape Category

I’m excited to share the news that I won 1st place in the Landscape category in the 2020 WPE International Photography Awards. I was super psyched (and I got a lovey cut glass engraved award), and I was equally amazed that I somehow edged out famous landscape photographer Peter Lik, whose work I’ve always admired. Thank you to the judges for choosing my image (taken near Guilin, China) — I’m truly honored.

It was just a few weeks ago that, on The Grid, where out topic was “Things you can do to make the most of your photography in 2021” I talked about why you should enter photography competitions because you just never know (and contests are uniformly kind if your image doesn’t win an award). This is exactly what I was talking about, and I hope this gives you a nudge to enter some of your images in competitions this year.

21 Questions With…Um…Me?!

I did a really fun interview with the social media crew at B&H Photo, and they asked some really interesting questions. If you’ve got a minute or two, here’s the link (or click the link in their tweet below).

I’m Speaking At the Depth of Field Conference

It’s the fourth year in a row B&H Photo has produced the Depth of Field Conference for portrait, wedding and event photographers and I’m excited to be one of the instructors this year.

It’s March 7-8, 2021 and it’s all online. Here’s the link to register, and I’ll catch you then online.

OK, that wraps up Scott Stuff day (perhaps the greatest name of a blog post in the history of blog posts, but then, I may be biased).

Have a kick butt weekend, everybody! #GoBucs!

The Guy Behind Scott Stuff

Last week the box I’ve been waiting for arrived from B&H Photo with my new Canon EOS R6 and a Tamron 150-600mm lens.

When I shared the photos of my delivery on social (taken with my iPhone), I had a number of folks asking “Why did you choose the R6 over the R5?” so I thought I’d cover that here today (and why I decided to upgrade from . Here we go:

Lower Noise / Better Sensor

This was probably the biggest thing for me. My main sports camera has been the Canon 1Dx. Not the Mark II. Not the Mark III. Just the original 1Dx, which is a boss when it comes to low noise. Literally the best camera I’ve ever used in low light. Just incredible, and it has a wider dynamic range. It’s an incredible sensor, and somehow the R6 (not the R5) has the same sensor in it as the Canon 1Dx Mark III, at a fraction of the price. The 1Dx Mark III body alone is $6,500. The R6 is $4,000 less at $2,500. This was the main reason I went with it. The rest is just icing on the cake.

The Lower Price

The R5 is pretty expensive at $3,899 ($1,400 more than the R5), and that allowed me to save enough also to get the Tamron lens I’ve been wanting, and still have enough left over to buy…well…lots of stuff!

The lower megapixels (What?!)

For me (and in my opinion, for most photographers out there), more megapixels just mean more hassles. Your cards fill up faster, your drives fill up faster, Photoshop runs slower, and you’re always dealing with huge files. My current high-end camera, my 1Dx, is an 18-megapixel camera, and it’s what so many pro sports shooters — commercial photographers who make their living shooting for magazines and news sites, use day in and day out. The R6 has a couple more at 21-megapixels, which is great, but it’s all I need (even when making huge prints). The R5 is 45-megapixels which, is 50% higher than my old EOS R at 30-megapixels, which was already more than I needed. For me, the lower megapixels are a big plus.

I don’t shoot video. At all.

If I hit the video button on the back of my camera, it’s by accident. I wind up editing a lot of videos, but I don’t shoot any at all. The R5 is a video camera that shoots stills. It’s aimed at the video crowd, and they absolutely love it, but I feel like it’s video first and stills as the sideshow, so none of the video features that make video folks drool over the R5 mean anything to me, so that helped make my choice easier. The R6 is a camera for the still shooter (even though it still has some pretty impressive video features)

I don’t like CFexpress cards

I love that the R6 takes fast SD cards. I hate that one of the card slots on the R5 is a CFexpress slot. I don’t really need two slots in the first place, to be perfectly honest, but if I have two, I don’t want to require really expensive cards that I don’t have. Now I have to carry two types of cards? Nope. I’m going with the R6.

Why Did I Upgrade From My Beloved EOS R?

All the stuff I mentioned above
But especially the better sensor

Built-in Focus Stacking
The EOS R didn’t have it, but weirdly the lower-ed EOS RP does. Canon could have added it in a firmware update, but the just never did.

Built-in Image Stabilization
Most of my lenses already have stabilization, but people are raving about the performance of the built-in version.

Another bonus for me is the physical Mode dial on top
Changing modes through menus on the R was kind of a pain. I love a physical dial.

More Frames Per Second
Way more. I can use this body for sports. The Autofocus is better, too.

Way Better Buffer
The buffer on the R6 is crazy good (and way larger than the one on my EOS R).

The back of the menu-driven original EOS R. Not many buttons, and a funky main dial.
More buttons, much like the 5D Mark IV (notice the top dial, too)

More Buttons and a Better Main Dial
Menus are great until you need to change something quickly. There’s a reason so many pros like buttons — they keep you from having to dig through menus when you need to make a quick change. Also, the Main Dial (from the 5D Mark IV) that I loved so much is now on the R6, and man that thing is the best in the business. I’m thrilled to have both of these features.

Better ergonomics
How it feels in your hands matters more than you’d think, and the R6 has a refined body (and did I mention more buttons) and a better feel, and even looks better. How it looks matters.

In short, this is the camera I’ve been dreaming of — with more of the stuff I love and less of the stuff I don’t need. It’s like I just got a Mirrorless 1Dx with way more features at a fraction of the price. I’m thrilled! This is my first week shooting with the new camera, so I’ll have more of a shooting report later on, but for now, I wanted to answer that question that everybody was asking.

One more thing:
Another thing folks were asking me was how does my new Tamron (bought to shoot aviation) compare to the Sigma with similar range. I have no idea. I don’t have the Sigma; they never send me a lens a try — I have no idea. I’m a Tamron guy, and the lenses they have been coming out with in the past few years are just incredible, and an incredible value (the closest Canon lens is their 100-400mm, so it’s not nearly as long a zoom, but it’s still $1,000 more). It was an easy decision to go with the Tamron (especially after I shot an airshow a couple of months ago with a Canon 100-400mm, and 400mm really doesn’t get you close enough. All the pros out there were shooting 500mm or 600mm, or that exact Tamron I bought, so I’m pretty psyched. Now, I just need an airshow I can drive to. LOL!!

OK, There you have it. I hope you found that helpful, and more to come on the camera and lens as I chance to chance to shoot with it. :)


This is a cautionary tale — one where I was literally just one click away from getting my $1,450 Canon EOS-R Mirrorless body ripped off. Here’s what happened:

I wanted to buy the new Canon R6 Mirrorless body

It has all the stuff I want on it, (and yes, for goodness sake it has two card slots), and I’ve been waiting for what I hope will be the perfect camera for me, and well…it came in yesterday. Anyway, to get this body I decided to sell my beloved Canon EOS R mirrorless body I bought back in 2019, so I listed it for sale on eBay (as seen below).

I’ve sold a number of things over the years on eBay, and I don’t do the whole auction-thing — I only put stuff up with a “Buy It Now” choice. I take my own pics of the product (seen below and throughout), so it’s the actual one they’re getting, and I price it to move, and it usually does pretty quickly. I had a few low-ball offers, but then within a day or so, it sold at full price, and I could see the guy paid in full, but PayPal put a hold on the funds to make sure I actually sent the guy the camera body. Apparently, theft and scams for what PayPal referred to as “high-priced consumer electronics” is a fairly common thing.

Things start getting a bit sticky

I get a message from the buyer saying how excited he was to get the camera, and how he couldn’t believe they actually got it. He also told me the shipping address on the account was outdated, and now he lives in Delaware and could I ship it to where he lives now instead, and he gave me his new address. I’m like “Sure, no problem.”

I messaged back to the buyer that I would be shipping the camera body that day and I would send the FedEx tracking number shortly, and I went to create the shipping label.

Wait. What?

The buyer dropped me a note again, and said he noticed that PayPal had put a hold on the funds. I’m not used to this happening (neither was he), so I went “old school” and called PayPal on the phone to make sure it was OK to ship the camera body (I didn’t want to get scammed, and have the buyer pull back his payment after I shipped the camera, saying he never received it). They assured me it was OK to ship it, and that the payment would be released the buyer received the camera. So, as I’m writing back and forth the buyer, I wrote, “That’s going to the Delaware address, right?” He wrote back, “What Delaware address? I live in Tennessee.”

Well, as it turns out, the first messages I got weren’t actually from the real buyer. They were from someone posing as the buyer of my camera, using a different eBay account. He got the buyer’s name after seeing it on my Facebook page, because the actual buyer wrote there, “Hey, Scott. I just bought your EOS R” so this other guy posed as him, used his name, and son-of-a-gun I was one click away from shipping it to the scammer at tthat Delaware address. I would have lost my camera; the real buyer would get hosed because now he’s not getting a camera either, though eventually he would have his money released back to him by PayPal, but the bad guy in Delaware would have pulled a fast one and I’d be out $1,450. I was that close. One click from printing that label and shipping it.

A Rookie Mistake

I’ve been told (since) you never, ever ship to an address other than the address on their account (by the way — the guy in Delaware closed his fake account immediately after I told him I was shipping the camera that day).

I Dodged A Bullet!

The real buyer confirmed he got the camera and he’s loving it. I’m about two days away from having PayPal release the funds from the sale, and my new camera (along with a new 150-600mm Tamron lens) came in yesterday in a glorious B&H Photo shipping box, and man…I just got lucky. This story could have had a very sad ending.

I hope this story of near-disaster helps you if you’re selling any gear online, and at the very least makes you double-check and triple-check before you ship.

Here’s wishing you a wonderful, safe, non-ripped off weekend, and we’ll catch you next week. :)


P.S. A big thanks to everybody who attended our Travel Photography Conference this week. It totally rocked, and the feedback has just been stellar!!! Such a great group of photographers, with lots of great questions and discussions, and laughs throughout. Also, a high-five to all our wonderful instructors and my production team here at KelbyOne who worked so hard to make this conference such a success. I’m indebted to you all. Can’t wait to share what’s next. :)

I had to do this for a project I was working on recently, and it’s so simple (yet so effective) that I thought I’d share it in a quick two-minute video here today. It’s how to add a realistic drop shadow under your product in no time (so easy and quick). Check out the video below:

Hope you found that helpful. :)

Have a great Monday — stay healthy and happy, and check back tomorrow for “Travel Tuesdays with Dave.”


The conference itself is Wednesday and Thursday of next week, but it kicks off a day early on Tuesday with a special pre-conference session I’m teaching called “What makes a great travel photo?” I’ve got such a great session put together for this pre-con — I can’t wait to share it with the folks who’ve signed up.

Give the trailer above a quick look (it’s only like 2 minutes or so), and then go sign up right now — it’s going to be an amazing few days with an incredible team of instructors from all over, and you’ll learn a ton (there are a number of sessions on Lightroom and Photoshop for travel photography, including a session I’m doing on “Travel Photography Special Effects.”

Here’s the link to sign up, and we’ll see you next week!

Have a great weekend, stay safe and healthy, and we’ll catch ya back here next week. :)