Kick-Butt Photo Tip On Using One Light To Make Great Beauty Style Headshots

OK, this is technically a Photo Tip Friday but we’re running it on Monday because it’s just so good (and it’s just one minute long). It’s from portrait photographer Lenworth Johnson, and this is really great stuff. Check it out below:

Come on — you gotta love that! One light, and one reflector. Lenworth rocks! (his new class is now on KelbyOne. Here’s the link.

Aviation Photographers: Don’t Miss Out!

Can you imagine spending a couple of days with the man who literally wrote the book on aviation photography at a live seminar? If you’re into aviation photography, this is just an incredible opportunity to learn from the very best (in person on online). More details and tickets right here.

The Best Instructors in the World Are Here!

They’re all coming together for the Photoshop World Conference 2021 — August 31-Sept 2nd, 2021, and you can be a part of it from anywhere in the world this time around, as it’s three days, all online, all awesome, and you get the conference archived for a full year. For more information, or to reserve your spots now using the early-bird discount, click this link right here, and we’ll see you at the conference.

Check out this year’s instructor lineup:

Thanks it for today, folks. Have a good one!


P.S. Last week on “The Grid” our topic was “Copyright, Model Releases and how to protect your work” with guests Intellectual Property Rights Attorney Ed Greenberg and Copyright advocate Jack Resnicki. Absolutely fantastic, eye-opening, educational, and funny episode. Here’s the link.

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