Posted April, 2010

  • I’m in Chicago Tomorrow; Corey’s in Boston, Joe Sold Out (again!)

    Apr 8th, 2010  |  9 Comments

    Hey gang—Just a quick update: Grab One of The Last Seats in Chicago! I’m in Chicago tomorrow with my “Photoshop for Photographers Tour”, and as of yesterday morning, there were only 19 seats left, so if you want to join me, grab one of those last seats now. Here’s the info. McNally Sells Out Philly!Continue…

  • It’s Guest Blog Wednesday featuring Frank Doorhof!

    Apr 7th, 2010  |  75 Comments

    Let me start by thanking Scott for giving me his blogspace for today, I will try to leave it the way I found it :) My name is Frank Doorhof and I’m a Dutch fashion and sometimes glamour photographer. In our business we made a quite drastic move into teaching workshops instead of aiming forContinue…

  • Tuesday News Stuffage

    Apr 6th, 2010  |  35 Comments

    Don’t Miss Adobe’s CS5 Launch Event on Monday Next Monday, Adobe is taking the wraps off Photoshop CS5 (and the rest of the Adobe Creative Suite), with a global launch event. Without stealing any of Adobe’s thunder, I can tell you hands down that it’s one of the most important, and robust upgrades in years,Continue…

  • The iPad’s Here—Now What Do Photographer’s Do About It?

    Apr 5th, 2010  |  101 Comments

    Showing your photography portfolio on your own iPad is no problem. In fact it’s about the best showcase you can possibly give your photos on a screen. The iPad was born for this stuff. That’s not the problem. The problem is what happens when people visit your web site on their iPad to look atContinue…

  • 7 Things That Surprised Me About Apple’s New iPad

    Apr 5th, 2010  |  42 Comments

    Here’s what happened: I had ordered an iPad Wi-fi + 3G which means I would be waiting until the end of the month until I got my iPad, but I really wanted to see one in person, so Saturday afternoon my son and I went to the local Best Buy store and played with oneContinue…

  • Coming Soon to an iPad Near You…..Kelby Training Online

    Apr 5th, 2010  |  72 Comments

    That’s right—we’ve been developing an iPad App since the iPad was announced by Apple, and soon Kelby Training Online subscribers will be able to watch Kelby Training Classes right on their iPads. We’re still putting some finishing touches on it, but it won’t be long now, and now that I’ve seen for myself what canContinue…

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