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Yippie! It’s up!!! (I guess it actually went up yesterday, but I didn’t get the exact URL for the download until this morning. Sorry ’bout that).

Remember: this update was created exclusively for people who actually own my book “The Lightroom Book for Digital Photographers” and I created this 1.1 Update Kit as an added benefit for those specific people (whom I dearly love, by the way).

To download my Lightroom 1.1 Update Kit, go to and enter the 10-digit ISBN number found on the back of the book. Once you do that, to download the book it’s going to ask you a simple question that, if you own the book, you’ll be able to easily answer (a sample question might be something like, “On page 12, what’s the first word in paragraph two?” That’s not the question, but it’s that easy.).

If you don’t have the book yet, you can pick it up at your local bookstore, or online from Barnes&, or  Of course, once you get the book, then you can download my 1.1 Update Kit as well.

So, I hope you enjoy my 1.1 Update Kit, and I know you’re going to enjoy Lightroom 1.1. :-)

Now, for some quick news:

  • If you have a digital camera, make sure you check out this week’s episode of “The Digital Photography Show” Podcast, as Scott and Michael talk with an expert from Penn Camera on how to clean your digital camera's sensor. It's a terrific walk-though of how to blow, brush and wipe that dust away. The rep from Penn does a great job of demystifying the process and debunking some of the myths out there about sensor cleaning, and they talk about specific products and how to use them. Here’s the direct link.
  • We’re getting incredible feedback on Corey Barker’s new online training course on Photoshop Channels. If you’ve ever wanted to unlock the power of Photoshop’s Channels features, make sure you check out Corey’s 21-day online course (remember, it’s just five minutes a day). Don’t forget: NAPP members get a BIG discount on taking the course. It’s over at
  • I’m off to the Bahamas today for some “meetings at sea” with a bunch of our staff (I love my job). We’ve sneaking in a photo shoot while we’re in Nassau and shooting with me will be Matt, Corey, Dave, Larry Becker, and friends. We’ll probably do some sort of shoot while we’re down here (seeing as our new Photoshop TV studio isn’t done yet). Should be lot of fun (and a little bit of work).

Have a great weekend, mon! :-)


It won’t be long now; as my “Photoshop CS3 Book for Digital Photographers” is on press today, and should be in bookstores in just a couple of weeks.

The new version of the book not only adds the important new features of CS3, but I’ve learned SO much since the CS2 version of the book was published (believe it or not, that was back in April of 2005), that I wound up rewriting about 70% of the book from scratch. Plus, I wanted one place where the entire process “comes together” I added a new workflow chapter at the end of the book, that shows my own step-by-step digital photography workflow, which you can use as a starting place for building your own.

You can preorder the book and be among the first to get it as soon as it comes off press, over at either Barnes & or, or you can find it in bookstores in just a few weeks. :-)

>> There’s more Lightroom 1.1 news today, so scroll down to the next post to catch that action.


Here’s some great resouces for seeing the new features of Adobe’s free Lightroom 1.1 update:

  • First, check out our buddy Terry White’s Creative Suite Video Podcast today (shown above), where Terry takes you through the new features like only Terry “T-Bone” White can. :-)
  • Next, our man RC (The Photoshop Ninja), takes a look at different aspects of the update with individual video clips over at Layers Magazine (the How-To Magazine for Everything Adobe)
  • Then check out NAPP’s own Lightroom Learning Center, where our own Matt Kloskowski (who does the Lightroom Killer Tips weekly video podcast) takes a look at what’s new, too!
  • Also, in a semi-related note; scroll down to yesterday posts, and click on the Comments button to check out Glyn Dewis’ story about his experience shooting teathered directly into Lightroom while covering a live event shoot. Really great to hear this type of field report, and how profitable his shoot was. Thanks Glyn for sharing this.
  • My editor’s are just finishing up proofing the last parts of my Lightroom 1.1 Update Kit and we plan to have posted  later today, so please check back for a link on where to download it. I’ll do a separate post then it goes live.

NOTE: Although these are called “Video Podcasts” you absolutely DO NOT need an iPod to watch themâ”you can watch these video clips from either inside Apple’s free iTunes software for Mac and Windows (if you have an iPod, or any Macintosh) you already have iTunes. Also, in most cases you can watch these videos right on their Web page, right in your browser, so make sure you check ’em out.


Good Wednesday everybody! Here’s the Lightroom scoop:

  • Adobe has officially released Lightroom version 1.1 (which is really more like a version 1.5 release, but it goes WAY beyond fixing bugs–it adds some serious new features, enhancements, and improvements throughout the application, including the ability to merge multiple libraries [now called “Catalogs.”), better sharpening and noise reduction, a new Clarity control that kicks butt, and lots of other little tweaks you’ll love. The update is FREE, and you can download it directly from Adobe’s site (For the Mac version click here. For the Windows version click here).
  • I just finished writing a special free Version 1.1 PDF update for people who’ve bought my book “The Lightroom Book for Digital Photographers” and we’re working on having it up live by tomorrow. I call this update “My Lightroom 1.1 Update Kit” and the kit is laid out in two page spreads; the left page shows how we used to do a particular task in the original Lightroom 1.0, and the right page shows the new and improved way to do it in version 1.1. It’s a really clean, quick, and efficient way to get up-to-speed fast, and the initial feedback on it has been really terrific. Also, I threw in lots of cool little tips becauseâ¦well, I just love cool little tips. More on this when it goes live tomorrow.
  • I’m also excited to announce that today we’re launching a 21-day online course with my buddy (and NAPP TV Co-host) Matt Klowkowski, on Lightroom version 1.1. The classes are just 5-minutes per day, and you get to download the same photos Matt works on in the class (so you can follow right along), plus you get a PDF outline each day (and some other cool bonus stuff I can’t tell you about). The 21-day class is $69.95 (but only $49.95 if you’re a NAPP member), and you can get more info, or sign up, at
  • has posted an in-depth article on the new features. Click here to jump there. There’s also a nice little article over at the Wired Blog Network about the new 1.1 update, complete with some screen caps. Check it out here.
  • Scroll down to the next post to see a quick video clip filmed during my Santa Fe Workshop. :)

It’s a great day to be a Lightroom user—have a good one! :)

Here’s a short video clip (which aired on this week’s NAPP TV episode), which gives you a quick look at my Santa Fe Workshop. Click play on the image below to start the video (If you can’t see it, you probably need the latest Flash Player Plugin).


Howdy, folks. :)

  • Part 2 of the Derrick Story’s “Photoshop CS3 Insiders” interview with Adobe’s Kevin Connor and Dave Story is now online. It’s an audio interview (called Podcast 85), so all you have to do is go to Derrick’s site and click the link for the interview.
  • Looking for some inspiration today? Check out my buddy Jeff Revell’s photo blog, which has some great photos of classic cars, plus some other cool images. Here’s the link.
  • This has nothing to do with Photoshop whatsoever, but if you really love popcorn, and you want the best popcorn on the planet, check out Garrett Popcorn (from Chicago). They ship nationwide, and their popcorn will change your life (in a good way). You can get two flavors, side-by-side, in one large can (try the half carmel, half cheese—it rocks!). It’s not cheap, but ask anyone whose waited in line for hour at one of their Chicago stores (there’s now one in NYC, too!), if it’s worth it (trust me–it is).
  • The photo above (click on it for a larger view) was taken by Marvin Derezin, (one of my Santa Fe Workshop students) as I was shooting the infrared photo of the Church of St. Francis of Assisi that I posted here on the blog on June 15th (scroll down to see the shot I was taking). Thanks to Marv for sending the photo.
  • I had a great comment posted yesterday by Trina, who wants to take a workshop, but wants to know what the difference between something like my Santa Fe Workshop and my upcoming GAPW workshop. In short, here’s the answer:

    The Santa Fe workshops that are based on Photoshop (like mine) take place mostly in a state-of-the-art hands-on digital lab, and you generally stay and work in that lab the entire week. Now, because of the way I teach Photoshop and Lightroom, I kind of break the lab rules a bit, and take my students out for a location shoot each day (sometimes quite early, before class), so we can learn the entire process from start to finish (we shoot, we process, we print). We do everything from architectural shoots, to portraits (and portrait retouching), to flowers, and everything in between (we even included a wedding shoot this time), so it’s very broad based, but main reason you come to my Santa Fe workshop is to learn Photoshop and Lightroom.

    In contrast, the GAPW workshops are focused on landscape photography—that’s why they’re held in such amazingly beautiful places, and we take you to some breathtaking locations to give you every opportunity to creates some shots of a lifetime. These are definitely landscape photography workshops, so we only shoot in good light. The rest of the time, we are back in the classroom (on your own laptop) learning how to process our landscape photography (and only landscape photography) using Photoshop and Lightroom.

    I hope that helps, Trina. And to Wayne who signed up yesterday for my Montana workshop—dude, we’re going to have a blast! :)

That’s it for now. Have a great Tuesday.