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Hey Gang, Brad here with yet another installment of Pimpy Thursday! Got LOTS of stuff today, so let’s get to it…

First off, I just want to thank the great folks over at Capture Integration for letting Scott and I try out the Phase One 645 DF and Leaf Aptus-II 80MP Digital Back. They rent gear too, so check them out!

Another Day with Jay Maisel
If you missed the live broadcast of Another Day with Jay Maisel on Monday night, the class is now available over at! How good is it? I was there for both the taping of the class AND the live broadcast, and I still got caught up watching it when I went to get the graphic at the top of this post!

The HDR Book
Rafael “RC” Concepcion’s brand new book, The HDR Book, is now available! We just got our first shipment of books in here, and RC’s already been busy signing the first copies. You can pick yours up at, Amazon, or Barnes & Noble. We also have “The Killer HDR Bundle” available which gets you RC’s book and Matt Kloskowski’s Mastering HDR DVD!

$35 Off Perfect Layers for NAPP Members
Perfect Layers is the fast and easy way to create layered files with Photoshop Lightroom or Apple Aperture. With Perfect Layers you can create and edit multi-layered Photoshop files directly from Photoshop Lightroom and Apple Aperture, or use it to combine images from almost any  application. Use it to change skies, composite multiple images together and retouch portraits using the built-in blend modes. We’re excited to provide you powerful layered functionality that seamlessly integrates into your photography workflow.

As a valued NAPP member, you get an exclusive $35 discount when you pre-order Perfect Layers today. The $35 discount means you can reserve your copy of Perfect Layers 1.0 for only $94.95 – the lowest price anywhere! Click here for more information and to place your pre-order today.

If you’re not already a NAPP member, sign up by June 30 and you’ll get Matt Kloskowski’s new DVD Tack Sharp! Sharpening Techniques in Photoshop CS5 and Lightroom 3, plus you’ll get an extra month for FREE! Just use the promo code TACK1 when you sign up.

Kelby Training Live
Ben Willmore is bringing the Photography & Photoshop CS5: From Focus to Finished Tour to Milwaukee, WI on June 20 and Nashville, TN on June 22! Head over to for all the details and to register.

Dave Cross Workshops
Dave Cross has opened his new Education Center. Based in Tampa Florida, this unique learning center houses a working photo studio and classroom, and offers hands-on small group workshops on Photoshop, photography, Lightroom and more. Workshops will be taught by Dave Cross and guest instructors such as Scott Kelby, Matt Kloskowski, RC Concepcion, Joel Grimes, Jason Groupp and many other leading industry experts. Training sessions will range from one-day workshops to multi-day boot camps, aimed at beginners through advanced users.

Use the code “SUMMERSCHOOL” to receive $100 off all workshop in June – August. Very shortly there will also be a NAPP discount available.

Frank Doorhof’s Why Fake It When You Can Create It
Frank Doorhof will be in Boston on September 11 with his Why Fake It When You Can Create It Workshop! He’ll be covering everything from light meters and lighting, to creativity on a budget, doing live shoots, and post processing in Photoshop. Get all the info, see potential future dates and locations, and register over at

Got a few different reviews here, so I’m just going to post what the review is for and the link to the site :)

Kelby Training AppThe Best App Site

Light It. Shoot It. Retouch It. LIVE! NYCThe Roving Photographer

50 Must-Read Photography BooksPixiq (not necessarily a review, but includes books from Scott Kelby, Joe McNally, Chris Orwig, Dan Margulis, and some of my other favorite photographers!)

Other Cool Stuff
And I’ll leave you with a few kind of random but fun photo-related items to check out:

Photographer’s Life Through The Lens – This is an infographic based on interviews with 20 leading photographers (including Scott Kelby!) which is just cool to see :)

Eye-Fi + iPad = iAwesome – Okay, that was kinda cheesy, I admit, but the photo crew over at BYU is using this new technology to show their photos to their subjects and art directors almost instantly as they’re working on photo shoots! Definitely worth the 3 minutes to check it out.

Take A Ride on the B&H Conveyer System – So, you’ve heard about the infamous conveyer system at the B&H Superstore in Manhattan, but you’ve never seen it in action. Or maybe you have, but you’ve always wanted to take a ride on it and gotten kicked out of the store when you tried (just kidding ;) ). Here’s your chance to see exactly what the products see as they take a ride from their department to the checkout! – This is a new online photo community that’s rapidly growing in popularity! It’s a great way to discover amazing photographers, share your own work, and get feedback from others. You can also use it as a portfolio site and blog! If you need a place to start, you can check out my account that I just set up this weekend ;)

That’s it for today. Have a great Thursday!

Let me start by saying that I’ve never blogged.

In fact “Blog” was one of those odd words that seemed to creep into our social consciousness one day completely out of the blue. No one had ever heard of a Blog and then all of a sudden everybody had one. It reminded me of the word ‘scud”. Nobody had ever heard of a ‘scud’ missile and then one day everybody seemed to have one of those too.

My using the word scud as an analogy is really no coincidence because the meaning of the verb ‘scud’ is: to move fast in a straight line because or as if driven by the wind: “we lie watching the clouds scudding across the sky”.

This represents what Scott has been kind enough to let me blog to you about today; how the digital world has scudded into our lives and not only changed the images that we’re making, but completely changed the process by which we make them.

Next, I’d like to say that I am not a hippie. The fact that I’m writing this blog from a tiny cabin in Woodstock is a coincidence. I’ve lived in New York City for 29 years and never really been to Woodstock. I’m here for the weekend and it’s pouring rain, so how better to spend my time than to blog.

I’m not a hippie, but I do have one or two strongholds in my soul that were spawned by a kind of “hippieish” psychology referred to as “Gestalt” that was founded in Germany in 1912 but developed into a type of therapy used by the psychologist Fritz Pearls during the late 60’s in Northern California.

One of the cornerstones of Gestalt therapy is attempting to be truly present, to attempt to live in the ‘here and now’.

I recall this being something that was actually doable and a philosophy I tried to practice from time to time throughout my life with some success…up until several years ago.

But before I go on, here’s a very brief synopsis of my career for those of you unfamiliar with my work.

My Dad was a very good amateur photographer and he gave me his 35mm Pentax camera when I was ten or eleven. He let me take photos then edit them from a contact sheet using a loupe and a grease pencil to outline my crops. He went to great expense allowing me the chance to choose and emend how I saw.

My Mother and sister photographed by my Father in 1958

By high school I was taking pictures regularly, mostly for the yearbook. I applied to Art College and by the end of my third year had taken every photography class in the program, so I moved to New York.

It was 1982 and just as difficult to break into the industry then as it is now. After a few months of working for whoever would hire me a fortunate set of circumstances landed me inside Annie Leibovitz’s studio. I had no idea what I was doing so I started out loading film but over time learned the ropes and became her first assistant. I worked alongside Annie for three years.
In the two years that followed, I freelanced for several other top photographers including Robert Mapplethorpe and Steven Meisel.

When I ventured out on my own, my first assignment was to photograph a dance company. Those photos became the basis for my first portfolio. When I showed them to magazines they saw bodies in tights and promptly assigned me fitness stories to shoot. Which wasn’t so bad because those exercise pictures helped get me a job photographing a series of twenty books for Time/Life on health, nutrition and fitness. The fitness work led to taking beauty pictures, which led to photographing actresses, which led to photographing mostly celebrities, eventually resulting in what I do now, which is primarily magazine work, television advertising, and movie posters.

New York Magazine, 2006

ABC Family, Los Angeles, 2010

Buena Vista Pictures, Los Angeles, 2006

I still shoot dancers and have been working exclusively with the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater since 1999.

Alvin Ailey Dancers, New York, 2006

That’s the shorthand version of my ten-year overnight success. Let’s return to the idea of “here and now.”

(This post contains minor PG-13 nudity/sexiness beyond this point. If you’re offended by such things, please don’t click “Read More.”) (more…)

For the first time ever, I’m taking one of my tours to Canada (my Light it, Shoot it, Retouch It Tour!), and then on to Europe. My first stops are in Canada:

> Toronto, on July 6th

> Calgary on July 21st

> Vancouver on July 22nd

Here’s the link to sign up for my Canadian tour stops:

Then it’s on to Europe:

> Cologne, Germany on August 10th (with Special Guest Calvin Hollywood)

> Amsterdam, Netherlands on August 12th (with Special Guest Frank Doorhof)

For Cologne & Amsterdam, use this link to sign up or get more details (note: all classes will be presented in English, and the workbooks will be in English as well).

I hope I’ll see you one of these cities for one of these tour dates. :-)

Hi Gang: Thanks to everybody who was a part of last night’s very special event, the premiere of “Another Day with Jay Maisel”

Here are just a few of the comments I received right after it aired live last night (with Jay here in the studio with us taking questions live):

> Loved every min of the last 3 hrs spent with Jay Maisel & Scott Kelby…Thank You both so much. absolutely amazing and inspiring! Thank you Jay, great!

> Thank you for an inspiring, insightful and goose-bumpy afternoon! You and Jay are amazing!!!

> @ScottKelby who’d have thought you could top a day with Jay Maisel, fair play you managed it, great work guys!

> Wow Scott! You and Jay really hit a home run, my hat is off to you, Jay and Adam for the great work! It was worth the wait!

> Scott, the Jay Maisel webcast was fabulous. Kudos to you, Jay and Adam. I was inspired, educated and entertained! I didn’t want it to end.

> Really enjoyed Another Day With Jay Maisel. So inspiring! Thank you so much for making it available to everyone!

> The day with Jay Maisel was wonderful! The words loving, generous, and sweet come to mind. Thank you very much for this evening! So worth it.

> The Jay Maisel Webcast… Amazing!! One of the best interviews I have seen from Kelby Training. What an interesting, creative, and great artist. Thank you for sharing this with us… Your people did a great job with putting this all together.

> Fascinating look at a fascinating man. Now to join @KelbyTraining!

> Much thanks to @ScottKelby for that fantastic insight of another day with Jay Maisel! It’s pretty late right now, but it was well worth it.

> @ScottKelby is right. Jay Maisel’s legacy will live forever…

> Thank you @ScottKelby @JayMaisel and the entire team at @kelbytraining for a fantastic video “another day with Jay Maisel”…worth the wait

> Loving the @KelbyTraining @ScottKelby Another Day w/Jay Maisel, totally inspired

> Thanks for the show w/Jay. So wonderful to see into his life and work.

> Wonderful show tonight with You and Jay Maisel. Adam did a terrific job editing, words cannot describe! So FANTASTIC and so RE-inspiring. THANK YOU

> What a way to end the day! I can’t wait to get my cameras charged up. Living in NYC, I think I’ll see things in a whole new light!

> I can’t say thank you enough times..I loved the 3hrs spent with you and Jay Maisel

> Thanks for feeding my soul!

Jay was amazing because “Jay is Jay.” Adam Rohrmann (the director of the class) did an incredible job on the directing and editing, and it was just a very memorable and inspirational evening all the way around way.

(Above: here’s our crew on set right after the broadcast; from L to R: RC Concepcion, behind him live broadcast editor Daniel Bryant, assistant editor Meredith Pack, Brad “Braddo” Moore, that’s Jay in front [of course], powerful overlord of IT Paul Wilder in the back, and in the middle our director and editor Adam Rohrmann. Behind Adam, the head of our video team Erik Kuna, then me, then the International Ambassradess to France Nancy Masse, Cameraman Juan Alphonso, and Matt Kloskowski (just hanging out and soaking it all in).

Now, if we can just get Jay to do “A Day in Paris with Jay Maisel” we can do this all again. Viva le France!

Hey gang, Brad here with a quick reminder about tonight’s one-time-only free public showing of Another Day with Jay Maisel.

We’re kicking things off at 6:00pm Eastern (which is only hour away) over at We have Jay Maisel here in the studio answering your questions alongside Scott Kelby during the webcast. You can send in your questions via the Twitter hashtag #AskJay or on the live chat.

You’ll also want to tune in for info on a special $20 discount for annual subscriptions to Kelby Training! The discount will only be good between 6:00pm – 10:00pm Eastern tonight, and it’s online only, so make sure you watch so you can take advantage of this very limited-time offer!

And, just to follow up on some questions from Scott’s blog post earlier today… The Phase One 645 DF and Leaf Aptus-II 80MP Digital Back Scott was shooting with during the NYC fashion shoot last week is courtesy of the fine folks over at Capture Integration! They have all kinds of great gear available for purchase or rent, so definitely check them out :)

Last Wednesday, the day before my New York City seminar, I did a fashion shoot for an upcoming book project (it’s one I haven’t announced yet, but it’s due to my editors in two weeks, so it’s getting close to being wrapped up).

I wanted a really cool location, so I contacted my buddy David Teng, a NYC-based photographer who has he’s assisted me in a couple of shoots up there, and he turned me on to an absolutely incredible location called “The Metropolitan Building,” just across the Queensboro bridge from Manhattan (link). We had the entire third floor, which was room after room of amazing walls, furniture, accessories, chairs, couches, chaise lounges, you name it. It was photography paradise!

We had three professional models for the shoot (that’s model Katy Beal above) , along with Hair stylist Chuck Olsen (above left), working with Jackie (right), who was an assistant to the Fashion Stylist working with us on the shoot, and Jackie helped with props and set design) along with Make Up by the amazing Cassandra Renee (the coolest MUA in New York. This was third time working with Cassi—she rocks! Here’s her Facebook page).

(Above: Here’s an iPhone shot of our first shooting location. Well, actually it was our second, as we started each shoot on a gray seamless set-up nearby, and then we’d head to this room for our first shoot with each model. This is before we set up the lighting).

Here’s a shot of model Sophia Niekrasz, and although I took this shot above with my Nikon D3s using my trusty 70-200mm f/2.8 lens, as you’ll see in the production shot below, I tried something completely different for me.

Above: That’s right, I’m shooting a Phase One 645 DF with a Leaf Aptus-II 80-megapixel digital back, with a Phase One 150mm f/2.8 lens (I talked about this rig the day I first got it [on short-term loan] over at my Facebook page. I haven’t had a chance to look at what I captured yet (I’m working on those tomorrow), but I can’t wait to see how they came out. 80-megapixels. Yikes!!!! :-)

For this shoot, I had a really kick-butt Fashion Stylist, Emily Bess (seen here fashionizing Katy on a different set). Emily was amazing, and she created our story for the day, told through the outfits and accessories she put together. Here’s the link to Emily’s site (highly recommended!).

We were also lucky enough to have Stevie as one of our models for the day (that’s her getting fitted by Emily before one of the shoots). She was with us for the NYC “Light it, Shoot it, Retouch it” tour and I asked if she would be one of the models for this shoot for the book, and of course, she was awesome!

Above: Here’s Stevie on Set #2 and that’s me with the Phase One. It’s definitely a different experience shooting with a medium format body, but after just a few minutes, I started to get really comfortable with it, which could wind up costing me a lot of money. ;-)

Above: We also had a male model on the set, the incomparable Braddo, seen here flashing his trademark “Blue Steel” look. Poor Brad has to stand in for the models while we’re testing out the lights, and I have about 1,200 or so similar shots of Brad, that one day will come back to haunt him in a book I’ll call “The Many Moods of Beautiful Brad.” ;-)

Where are all the rest of the shots?
Well, the main shots were for a book project of mine that hasn’t been announced yet, so I didn’t want to show too much at this stage, but I still wanted to share a little behind-the-scenes look at our day in New York. The location was truly amazing—probably the coolest place we’ve ever come across, but unfortunately we did it on the hottest day I think New York has had this year so far, and of course there was no air-conditioning whatsoever, so it got crazy hot in there. By the end of the day, Brad and I could barely walk (we got there at 9:30 am, and didn’t leave until after 7:00 pm, going non-stop the whole time—building sets, moving furniture, and hiking to get water).

I’ll have a whole lot more about this shoot very soon, along with some of the photos from the 80-megapixel Phase One, but until then I want to thank Emily Bess, our awesome Fashion Stylist for taking a handful of my loosely illustrated ideas and turning it into something very creative and cool (also, thanks to her assistant Jackie who was absolutely invaluable during the day with her ideas and input).

Thanks to Cassi, MUA rock-star, and to Chuck our new hair stylist who came up with some very creative looks, and of course our models, Sophia, Stevie, and Katy. My thanks to Amanda at The Metropolitan Building for being so easy to work with, and to Jeffrey Kolsrud at Q. Management (link) for all his help in finding some fantastic fashion models for our shoot. I can’t wait to share the rest with you guys! :)