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Once again, we’ve got some really cool t-shirts for walkers and leaders this year (one of the shirt designs are seen here), and once again (with the gracious help of Rob Jones of Towner Jones Photography), we’re using this to give back as 100% of the profits go directly to the Springs of Hope Orphanage in Kenya (last year we raised over $7,000 to feed and cloth the children), and this year we’re hoping, with your help, to hit $10,000 (which they could really, really use!).

There are a number of different styles (and even Hoodies and sweatshirts since its in October), so I hope you’ll pick one up and show your support for the walk, and more importantly for the Springs of Hope Orphanage. :)

Here’s a link to order yours today (The link for Walk Leaders “Leader” shirts is on your Leader Dashboard. At least, that’s where it was last year).

Ask anyone who has volunteered to lead a Photo Walk as part of my Worldwide Photo Walk and they’ll tell you it’s a lot of time and hard work. It’s also very rewarding in a lot of ways (not to mention the book they receive for leading a walk, but let me tell you—no one goes through all that trouble for just a free book). They do it because they want to do something special for the photographers in their community.

The downside of being a leader
Of course, besides the hard work, the downside is that the leaders don’t get to compete to win any prizes (they already get the local prize their walkers are competing for), and that’s why this year we thought it would be fun to add a special competition just for Photo Walk leaders.

Now, they get to submit one of their images taken during their Photo Walk, and compete against other leaders from around the world. I’ll pick a winner from all the Photo Walk leaders and they will snag a really cool prize package (we’re still putting it together, but it’ll be some really cool stuff).

I’ll have more details (and a list of prizes soon), but I wanted to let the leaders know now that there’s a special competition just for them.

Walk Mini-Update
We are off to a booming start this year, with nearly 700 walks already planned around the world, and more than 10,000 photographers walkers. If you haven’t joined a walk in your area (it’s free!), here’s the link to search for a nearby city. Ask anyone who has walked in a Photo Walk, it’s just a blast (but you’ll never know until you do one yourself).

I hope you’ll join us for this history-making photographic event! :)

So, yesterday we had four very awesome folks from Adobe’s Photoshop Team down at our headquarters for a visit for a couple of days, and among them was Senior Product Manager for Photoshop, Bryan O’Neil Hughes (you might recognize Bryan from his demos on stage during past Photoshop World Conference keynote presentations, or from his Guest Blog post here on my blog)

Anyway, since Bryan was here, we thought it would be fun to do a special Bonus episode of “The Grid” and have Bryan on live for what we called “Grill the Photoshop Product Manager.” Luckily, Bryan was up for, and grill him we did (in fact, I kinda felt bad a couple of times), but Bryan is such a class act, and such a cool cat under pressure, that he sailed through it all, and provided some really great insights and answers.

(Adove: That’s Bryan on the far left, during the live broadcast yesterday. Photo by Pete Collins).

One of the times I felt bad, was when we were calling Bryan on the carpet for the lame built-in presets in Photoshop CS5’s new HDR Pro. There’s a whole story behind it (which you have to hear, so watch the show), but Bryan turned the tables on me when I told him he should have called us, and we would have made some decent presets for him, and for the next version of Photoshop, he should pick up the phone and ask RC (author of “The HDR Book”), and Matt and me and we’d give them some presets. He basically said, “Why wait until the next version of Photoshop? Why don’t you guys share some presets now?” He got us with that one.

So, here (below) are my settings for my favorite HDR Pro preset (I use this preset to create the 5-image HDR image above. I show this same image on my Google+ page earlier in the week, but I had processed that version with Photomatix Pro 4 instead) RC is making two custom presets for you as well, and so is Matt Kloskowski, but since I already use this one all the time (In fact I talk about in my CS5 book for Digital Photographers—I call it “Scott 5” because it was the 5th preset I saved to my  presets list).

Once you dial those in (just click on the Curve to add points), then you’ll want to save all these settings as a one-click preset. To do that, go to the pop-out menu at the top right corner of the HDR Pro window (to the right of the preset pop-up menu where it says “Custom”), and choose Save Preset (as shown below). Give it a name (you don’t have to name it “Scott 5”—you can call it “Scott 6” ;-)  ), and then this preset will be available to you anytime you make an HDR in CS5’s HDR Pro.

My thanks to Bryan, Zorana (I think she was afraid at some point that we’d yell, “Let’s throw another Product Manger on the Barbie”), Matthew, and Jim for coming all the way to Florida to spend a few days with us. It was a lot of fun, a great exchange, and I hope we get to do it again soon. Also, a special thanks to Bryan for letting us lightly char him on the grill, and for nudging us into sharing some cool HDR presets. Safe travels you all! :)

If you ever wanted some one-on-one time with Adobe’s Principal Product Manager for Photoshop, well…today’s your day. We’re doing a special bonus LIVE episode of ‘The Grid” today and Bryan is our in-studio guest, taking your questions on the air about….well…anything!

Send your questions now (and during the show) via Twitter—just include the hashtag #grillbryan, or you can just post a question here. Hope you’ll join us for a history-making live event, today at 4:00 pm EDT, on “The Grid”

Here’s the link:

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