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Blind Photo Critiques w/ Scott Kelby, Erik Kuna, & Kirk Nelson | The Grid Ep. 496

It’s time for another blind photo critique, and this time Scott and Erik are joined by The Pixel Pro himself, Kirk Nelson! Tune in to see their feedback on viewer submitted images and what they would do to improve them.

New KelbyOne Course: Creative Night Photography on Your Mobile Device with Russell Preston Brown

Join Russell Preston Brown as he discusses how he pushes the boundaries of mobile phone technology to capture long exposure night photography. Russell leaves DSLR cameras behind and only travels with his iPhone and an iPad. He will discuss how he captures the night sky with an iPhone. He will cover setting up the phone preferences and the various applications he uses. Plus he will cover some of his favorite tips and techniques for capturing city lights, stars and star trails, light painting, and more.

It’s #TravelTuesday and I, Dave Williams, am here! I’m gatecrashing Scott’s blog just like I do every Tuesday, and today I want to go all social media-y up in here.

With Facebook and Instagram having essentially merged some time ago, and with the emergence of Meta, the visual world on social media is going to change at a greater pace than it has been so far. I’m not saying it’s a good thing or a bad thing, I’m simply saying that it is a ‘thing.’

These platforms are driven by algorithms, and I won’t go on about that because I’ve done so many, many times before. What I will say however, is that if the algorithms don’t already account for 360, VR, immersive style photos and video, you can bet they will soon!

This is a Norwegian forest that I shot yesterday. For those that want to know, I shot it in 360 mode on a DJI Mavic Air 2 and edited it into a Tiny Planet in the Theta+ app.

In the form of a tiny planet it isn’t strictly within the boundaries of being a 360 photo, but with Facebooks integration of a 360 viewer in the app and the rise of more affordable and effective 360 cameras, it’s certainly something to watch!

I’ll be writing a lot more about 360 photography for the February edition of Photoshop User, but for now I think it’s time to start taking 360 seriously and watch this space for its potential uses.

For the record, print is still king!

Much love


This is a great, simple, but awesome 60-second tip from photographer, and KelbyOne Instructor, Juan Pons. Check it out:

What a great tip, right? And it wasn’t about settings or gear, but equally as important. Thanks, Juan.

Here’s another tip: Juan online course, “The Biggest Mistakes Wildlife Photographers Make and How to Avoid Them” is on a 50% off sale right now (only $14.50) at this link. Such a great course (you will learn a ton).

Over on my Lightroom blog today it’s “What’s new in Lightroom on mobile” – here’s the link.

Have a great weekend, everybody. I’ve got a really busy one planned because there’s a new Call of Duty Warzone map that just dropped, and the Bucs game, and well, it’s going to be very busy. :)


Smorgasbord of Food Photo Myths w/Scott Kelby, Erik Kuna & Aaron Van | The Grid Ep. 495

On this episode of The Grid, we’re not just talking about a few myths, not even a handful of myths… and when you get to the myth buffet, keep on going right past it until you get to the SMORGASBORD of food photography myths! Scott and Erik are joined this week by food photographer Aaron Van to talk all about food photography. Join in and enjoy their discussion (just be sure to leave room for dessert)!

New KelbyOne Course: Creative Family Portraits for Special Occasions with Gilmar Smith

Step up your creativity in your family portraiture! Join Gilmar Smith as she walks you through a series of super fun and imaginative photo shoots with families and kids. In this class you’ll learn what goes into the set up of each scene, how to make it flow with adults and kids, get everyone engaged with a concept, and ensure everyone has a great experience. The first shoot involves a family in a holiday themed shoot, the second has a magical theme for a youth portrait, and in the final shoot Gilmar engages her own kids in a fantastically creative shoot with a unique concept.

It’s #TravelTuesday and I, Dave Williams, am here once again with something from my photographic world. I’m currently in Iceland, but not for much longer! On Wednesday night, I leave to make progress towards Norway, where I’ll spend the next month, as well as crossing into Sweden and Finland. This week, I want to show you the opportunity Adobe gave me to get a different perspective of winter in Iceland.

I’ve been making a series of videos documenting my travels and I was asked if I’d like to go shoot in the sky. Russell Brown from Adobe recognised the work I was putting in to learn Premiere Pro and produce a reportage-style documentary of my adventures and, from a budget set aside to support and recognise creative talent, offered to get me into the air over this stunning country. For someone that loves Iceland and aviation that was an absolute dream, so I got everything ready to shoot and, with some assistance from the Iceland Adobe Gold reseller, I was put in touch with Haraldur.

The first time we met there was a reasonable weather forecast, but in Iceland, it’s more of a horoscope. There’s a saying here that if you don’t like the weather, just wait five minutes. It changes frequently, and with the sub-polar oceanic climate it has, it can turn very bad, very fast!

I had a small handful of shots from that first flight and a bit of footage so, naturally disappointed, I went back to Adobe Premiere Pro to see what it all looked like. In the video, the weather clearly comes out of nowhere so landing was definitely the right decision.

We reconvened a couple of days later and the weather was picture perfect. I was set to fly with Haraldur, but he had a surprise waiting for me. As we flew down the southwest coast, we ended up meeting with another plane flown by an equally skillful chap named Bergur, who had a plane in Icelandic colours. Here’s the result: –

Always follow your heart, and once in a lifetime as often as you can!

Much love


I’m selling some of my lighting gear over on eBay so I took some simple shots of the gear knowing I’d have to clean up some stuff in Photoshop. So, I though today I’d share some of the techniques I used, including one you probably haven’t seen, that are ideal for product photography, but you’ll probably find other ways to them as well. Here’s a quick video:

Hope you found that helpful, and here’s wishing you a great December Monday! :)