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The folks at On1 just did a major new feature release across their suite of plug-ins. My favorite of theirs (the one you guys know I use for my finishing moves after my editing in Lightroom), is On1 Effects, so I did a video on the new features and how to use them, and I embedded it right here. It’s about 15-minutes because there’s a lot to cover, but it’s not just a demo – I’m showing you how to use it as well because I know many of you out there are already using Effects 2022, so I hope you’ll find this helpful.

You can download free trials of their plug-ins right here. Congrats to the On1 crew on taking things up a big notch once again.

Just 8-Days ‘Til the OPTICWEST Conference

I’m so psyched! I haven’t been to California since 2019, right before COVID, and I so miss all the great folks out there, and I can’t wait to be there, teaching again at the OPTICWEST conference. B&H Photo hosts it and the wild thing about this multi-day conference for landscape, travel, and nature photographers (with an all-star crew of instructors), is that you can attend in person (in beautiful Monterey – a photographer’s paradise along the Pacific Coast), or online, and either way – it’s free. All of it. The classes, the tradeshow, the whale watch – the whole nine yards, thanks to B&H Photo. All you have to do is RSVP right here. That’s it. Don’t miss out, especially when it’s free (and these days, nuthin’s free).

Here’s the link, and I hope to see you in person in just eight days.

A Quick Word of Thanks

I want to give a big thank you to all the folks who attended our online Travel Photography Conference, which just wrapped up this week. It was a great success, with some incredible sessions from our KelbyOne instructors, including some new faces teaching with us for the first time, and I’m very grateful to everyone who attended and who has supported our online conferences in 2022. This was our last one for the year, but we’ve got some great conferences brewing for 2023, including a few surprises I can’t wait to share with you soon. 

Have a great weekend, everybody. Hey, My Bucs didn’t play as badly this week, so there’s that. ;-)


Portrait Photography: Mastering Hard Light with Frank Doorhof

Master hard light in the studio! Join Frank Doorhof in his studio to learn what you can do with smaller light sources to create dynamic photographs with stunning shadows that are the hallmark of hard light. In this class you’ll learn how to use reflectors, grids, flags, projectors, gobos, and more to light your subjects as creatively as your imagination allows. Frank wraps up the class with some retouching examples to demonstrate his approach to enhancing his photos to finalize his original vision.

In Case You Missed It: How to Shoot Portraits in Any Location with Frank Doorhof

Join Frank Dorhoof on his home turf in The Netherlands to learn how to shoot portraits in any location! Learn how to create amazing looking photographs in your own backyard or wherever your travels take you. Using just a single strobe and one light modifier, Frank takes you through a series of location shoots around his home town of Emmeloord. From open country roads to the banks of a canal to the wall of a building across the street, Frank takes you through each of his lighting set ups, posing techniques, and framing to show how to create photos with drama, emotion, and interest regardless of where you are located. Frank wraps up the class with a series of lessons highlighting aspects of his post processing workflow to create the final looks he was after.

Editor’s Note: Originally published in 2018.

How I Became a Pro

Never in a million years did I think I would become a professional photographer and shoot for brands like Sony Electronics, 1800 Tequila, Pei Wei and Toyota. Being a first-generation immigrant from China, I was always told to play piano or violin, or I would be beaten mercilessly with bamboo reeds. In 1985, my parents left a country where they didn’t have much and moved here with nothing but a dream. Even though they had no formal education, they were entrepreneurs and always believed they would succeed in America. These principals have always stood with me and guided me when I most needed it.

My foray into photography is a story that will make most photographers cringe. When our daughter was born, we wanted professional pictures taken. At the time, I didn’t realize how much photographers charged and thought they were wildly overpriced. So the next day I decided I’d just do it myself, and went out and purchased my first DSLR. The irony of this is, of course, that I entered photography as the epitome of everything a photographer despises – someone who undervalues the art and thinks they can do an equally good job on their own.

Thankfully, my ability and appreciation of photography steadily grew from that point. At first I used it as a stress reliever from the everyday trials of the corporate world until I realized I had a true passion for it. I would head out on my lunch break and after work and just shoot whatever I could find. I worked on my compositions and shot everything from landscapes and cityscapes to portraits and street photography. I just loved learning about photography and would spend countless hours on the internet watching YouTube tutorials and reading forums for tips and tricks.


It’s #TravelTuesday again (just like every other Tuesday) and I, Dave Williams, am here as always on to bring you something from the world of travel photography. Today I’ll start by letting you know, if you didn’t already, that the CEO of Sony has predicted that our phone cameras will our-perform DSLR and mirrorless cameras by 2024. That’s quite a claim! Well, having just wrapped up at Adobe MAX in Los Angeles with Russell Brown’s Pre-Con, we decided to head out to Joshua Tree national Park to escape the city lights and see what our phones could really do. Check this out: –

This is Aaron Grimes standing beside somewhat of a Bonsai Tree and as you can clearly see, that’s the Milky Way behind him. This photo was shot on my iPhone 13 Pro max. Milky Way. iPhone. Let that sink in for a second.

Watch, I’ll do it again…

In this shot I light painted the tree with a flashlight and in Adobe Lightroom Mobile I adjusted the White Balance and Contrast of the Milky Way.


The power of the camera in our pockets is insane right now and it’s only going to get better. Here’s a pro-tip – the night mode on iPhone allows us to shoot for 10 seconds handheld, as I’m sure you will have noticed, but get that phone stable on a tripod and you can shoot for up to 30 seconds like I have here.

Starting today is the KelbyOne Travel Photography Conference and as part of that I’ll be teaching a class on mobile photography, so be sure to check that out. I also can’t wait to share my top 20 tips to avoid the Eiffel Tower Effect and create unique images that stand out from the crowd.

If you want to see a truly epic shot from this evening out at Joshua Tree National Park, stop by Russell Brown’s Instagram and see me modelling in my best light (the dark!)

Much love

Well, it actually kicks off today with some pre-conference sessions, and I’m teaching one today on building your travel photography shot list, where I give you a list of what to shoot once you’re out there, and it comes with a downloadable PDF you can keep on your phone to reference while you’re shooting.

Check out this short trailer about the conference: 

Here’s the link for tickets and more details (you probably already know this, but you have full access to all the classes from this two-day, two-track conference for a full year, so if you can’t make it, you can still stream any of the classes on demand. 

We Just Released A New Course On All The New Lightroom and Photoshop Features

Wow! Such great new stuff in Lightroom and Photoshop, and I want to get you up to speed really fast so you can start using these new features in your work, so last week, we released a whole course on those new features, and it’s already getting rave reviews. Check out the short trailer on it below:

Here’s a link to the course (If you’re not already a KelbyOne member, you can buy just the individual course and watch it right now). 

Have a great Monday, ya’ll! :)