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Here’s the 3rd episode of the New Season, featuring special in-studio guest: Chase Jarvis! Plus we’ve got Larry Becker with another installment of “Cheap Shots” where we shows how to create a modeling light for your off-camera flash for under 5 bucks. I’ve got a great tip for sports shooters who need more frames per second, plus Matt has a tip on better focus if you’re shooting things that move, and even more cool stuff. Check it out below.

Hi Gang: Well, it seems like forever, but we’re finally back with our 2nd Season of D-Town TV, and what better guest to have on our first new episode than Mr. Joe McNally himself. We’ve got a lot packed into this show, and we hope you guys like the new wide-open format (it’s no longer just Nikon only) and the range of topics we’re now covering.

Also, we’re leaving the first season of D-Town TV online as well so we can refer back to particular episodes and specific techniques, and you can find those back episodes over at Thanks everybody for hanging in there with us, about without further ado: Season 2, Episode 1:

The fairly embarrassing “behind the scenes/not so best-of” video clip above is designed to distract you from the fact that two days ago we should have launched the new 13-week season of Photoshop User TV on our new set, with our new format (so go ahead and watch that video clip now—-it helps ease the pain).

In short, here’s what happened: When we showed up to tape the show last week, we all kind of realized that everything wasn’t quite in place yet (ugh!). The set is much larger than before, and as soon as we started blocking the segments, we realized that we needed a lot more studio lighting than we thought, so we ordered a whole new lighting set-up from Westcott (they make video lighting, too and we already use their stuff on our green screen set and it rocks, so we’re totally relighting our real set with their lights). The lighting should be here today, as well as some mounts we’re missing for the video panels, and well…it all just wasn’t ready yet, so once again, we wait.

Anyway, you all have been really (overly) patient while we’re getting this all together, so thanks for hanging in there with us. Dave, Matt, and I are really excited about the new format, and we think you guys will totally dig it, if we can just get everything together and launch this new season. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we can shoot the season premiere early next week.

Once we get that done, we can move onto getting D-Town TV up and running on its new set and get that baby launched. I know, I know….one thing at a time. Ugh!


Hi gang. Before we get going, how ’bout a round of applause for Jay Maisel’s inspiring Special Guest Post yesterday! I was just so tickled to have Jay as a guest blogger here, and I know that a lot of you that are going to Photoshop World are now going to make it a point to check out Jay’s session live. I guarantee—-it will move you! Thanks Jay, for honoring us with your words and images.

Now, onto the news:

  • Something Cool is Coming Tomorrow
    If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you’ve got to check back here tomorrow because I’m going to release something that I hope you’ll find really cool. It’s definitely something unique, it’s Photoshop related, and best of all—it’s totally free! I can’t wait to share it with you, so check back here tomorrow when all the pieces are in place.
  • 10 Annoying Things Photographers Say to Each Other
    I saw this on Paul Burwell’s”Wildshots” blog and it cracked me up (mostly because so many of his 10 things are so ‘on the money).” If you’ve got two minutes, give this a read. It’s either going to crack you up, or you’re going to think, “Oh no! I’ve said that same thing!” (NOTE: After you jump over there, if you see any that are missing, feel free to post ’em here as a comment).  Here’s the link to the article.
  • My iPhone Book is now availble on Kindle for the iPhone
    It doesn’t get any more convenient than this—-my book, “The iPhone Book” (co-authored with top iPhone guru Terry White), is now available for download to your iPhone itself, using Amazon’s free Kindle for iPhone app (here’s the link to the app). That way, you’ve got the inside tips on how to get the most from your iPhone right on your iPhone. Anyway, I was kind of psyched. It sells for $9.99 on (that’s for the book, the reader is free). NOTE: A new review just went up on the book over at the iReviewiPhoneApps blog. Here’s the link to the review.
  • Creative Photography and Photoshop Work
    Check out the work of photographer Kate Turning at her “Turning Pix” site which features some amazing (and detailed) Photoshop work combined with some first-rate photography. Very cool images and wonderful creativity. Here’s the link.
  • Our Three-Part Free Series on Nikon Wireless Flash
    (with special guest Joe McNally!)

    Today we released this week’s episode of D-Town TV (the weekly show for Nikon DSLR users), and in it we kick off a three-week series on using wireless flash. These three episodes are aimed at folks who are brand new to wireless flash, and we start at square one, so if you’re new to wireless off-camera flash—make sure you check it out. If you’re more advanced at wireless flash, make sure you watch as we have Joe McNally on as a special guest where he shows how to use some of the new features of the Nikon SB-900 wireless flash units. That guy is brilliant! Here’s the link to the first part of our three-part series.

That’s all for today folks. Hope to see you back here tomorrow! :)


We had over 300 comments on the launch of our new weekly show for Nikon DSLR users, “D-Town TV,” and we really listened to your ideas and suggestions, and have already started implementing many of them. Since we had so many questions, and I thought I’d answer at least a few of them here:

Q. The opening music is really annoying. Are you guys going to change it anytime soon?
Yeah, we heard that a bunch. Luckily, it’s already done. We re-uploaded the original episode with new, less annoying music, and since we did that, everyone seems much happier.

Q. We couldn’t see how the Di-GPS connected to the camera because of your black shirt. Are you guys going to fix that?
Man, did we hear an earful about this (this, and the opening music). Well, I don’t know if you’ve noticed (from my other show), that I’m pretty much always in a black shirt, so we’re just going to try to keep me from holding up a black camera in front of my black shirt. We’re also working on the lighting in general.

Q. Why did you guys use the Di-GPS rather than Nikon’s GP-1?
Unfortunately, we didn’t have Nikon’s GP-1, and I had been using the Di-GPS for a while and really liked it, so I wanted to include it. We’re hoping to have a GP-1 any day now, and once it comes in, we’ll be sure to cover it on the show.

Q. Are you guys going to cover some of the older Nikon DSLRs, like the D200, D2x, D80, etc.?
We’re trying to work some of the older cameras into the mix, and in our next episode you’ll see us showing a technique on a D300, and then how to do that same technique on a D200. But here’s the thing: for obvious reasons we can’t spend a lot of time of cameras that Nikon no longer makes, so most of our show will be dedicated to showing you how to use Nikon’s current gear (Believe me; it’s tricky enough just covering the current cameras), but we heard your comments and we’re trying to sneak in as much stuff for older cameras as we can.

Q. Why didn’t you guys do a show for us Canon users?
Well, it’s like this: Nikon wanted us to do a show like this, and sponsored it. Canon didn’t.

Q. What are you going to do about the clanking sound it makes when you put your cameras on the table?
Yeah…sorry about that. We’re adding padding to the table so it doesn’t clank as much, but the next two shows are already “in the can” and the clanking is still there. We’re trying to catch as much of it as possible in post-production, but for the next two episodes; it’s clank town. The good news is; we’re working on it. We’re also working on balancing the audio in general. It’s a process, eh?

Q. Are you guys going to cover some of the video features of the Nikon D90?
Absolutely! In fact, in the show that airs week after next, we have our first video tip on the D90.

Q. When are you guys going to cover Wireless Flash?
That’s the next episode we’re working on, and we’re going to have a very special in-studio guest—Joe McNally. Whoo Hoo!!!! :)

Q. Can you cover the settings for shooting bracketed series for HDR?
Yup. In fact, we do that in this Thursday’s show!

Q. Can we subscribe to the Podcast verison on iTunes yet?
Absolutely. It’s already up and running (here’s the link).

Q. Where can we go to give you ideas for future segments?
The best place to do that is to post a comment on the D-Town website (here’s the link). We read all the posts (Both Matt and I) and we’re there for your ideas and suggestions, so post away.

Q. How much advanced stuff are you guys going to cover?
We’re definitely going to incorporate some advanced stuff as we go along, but the show is really geared toward newer users, so don’t look for a lot of high-end tips on the Nikon D3x or using $5,000 lenses.

Q. Where does “The Amazing Brad Moore” fit into all this?
Brad has signed on as Technical Editor for the show, so he’ll be doing things like checking to see how a technique that we showed on the D300 works on a D90 or a D80, so we can include that if it’s different. He’ll be looking at everything we do; testing the techniques, and making sure which cameras our techniques work on so we can inform our viewers. Plus, it’ll give us someone to blame for any mistakes we make, which is a big plus. ;-)

So, that’s the scoop after week one. We know that the show can’t appeal to every user, at every level, using every camera, but we’re going to do our best to create a show that’s really helpful to a lot of people, and we always welcome your ideas and suggestions on how to make the show better.

Matt and I are committed to making each show better than the last, and you’ll see more of your ideas taking root in the next few shows. Thanks for watching. :)