I’m Not Upgrading To The iPhone 13. Here’s Why:

I’m still on an iPhone 11, and I was 100% fully expecting to upgrade to the iPhone 13 the minute it came out, but I’m going to skip this one, too (I skipped the iPhone 12), andI can boil it down to one simple thing – the zoom is still WAY too short. The iPhone 13 Pro went from a 2x zoom, to a 3x optical zoom, so their idea of a “zoom” is a 77mm. Seriously? Couldn’t even get us to 85mm for portraits? But what I wanted (ever since I saw it on my buddy’s Samsung) is a 10x optical zoom.

I figured by now, surely Apple has to add a 10x optical, right? Wrong. So, I’m sticking with my 11 Pro. This will be the first time I’ve ever skipped two iPhone upgrades, but there’s just not enough useable improvement to the camera (unless you shoot serious video with your iPhone, which I don’t), and today IOS 15 comes out and so I’ll get some new features on my old iPhone 11 anyway, so that’s where I’m sitting.

Let me know what you think in the comments. Am I missing something or some feature that should make me reconsider? I’d really love to know (I’m only concerned about still photography features – not a faster chip or that stuff. I’m never working on my iPhone and think, “Man, this thing is slow”).

Here’s to a free IOS update, Monday – Hope yours is a great one! :)


P.S. Over on LightroomKillerTips.com today I did a post on how to move your Lightroom Classic catalog to an eternal hard drive, or if your catalog is already on an external hard drive, how to move it back to your computer (I explain why you should or shouldn’t in the post).

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