The Best Guest Posts of 2017

It’s my annual tradition to kick off the New Year with a look back at the best posts of the previous year.

Today we’re honoring my picks for “Best Guest Posts of 2017”

2017 was a stellar year for Guest bloggers. I thought 2016 was incredible, but I think 2017 actually took it up a big notch, and the follow guests shared so much wisdom; so many great images; and they informed and inspired us at a level that was really something special.

Here are my picks for “The Best Guest Blog Posts of 2017” (in no particular order):

Tracy Sweeney
She answered one of her most-asked questions; which lenses does she use in her newborn, child and family photography, but she did it in such a wonderful way, with such beautiful examples, that just calling it a post about lenses does it a disservice. In short; she rocked it! Read it right here.
Steve Brazill
Steve’s an awesome concert photographer, but his post about “The Heart of Photography” is something every photographer should read. This is really good stuff. Read it here. 
Jeremy Cowart
Every year Jeremy delivers one of the best guest posts. Every year. This is no different, but his post is, and it’s a very eye-opening look into commercial photography – one I have read anywhere else. It’s funny and sad, but real and so worthwhile. Read it here. 
Matthew Simmons
His post A Loose Collection Of Thoughts From An Emerging Photographer is much more than that. Read it here.
Wayne Johns
Great insights, stunning images, and there’s inspiration and wisdom around every corner in this post. So well done. Read it here. 
Kaylee Greer
I think she had the most comments of any guest post of the year (again, and with good reason. It’s a brilliant story, packed with fantastic images wrapped in a story of how important personal projects can be, and the doors they can open. This is an awesome post! Read it here.
Justin Van Leeuwen
This is a personal project story with a twist. One that will bring a tear to your eye, and totally make your day. Great photos, and so well written. Read it here.
Rob Sylvan
Rob’s post was freakin’ awesome – it’s called “10 Years of Lightroom Help Desk Advice” and his post should go in the Lightroom training Hall of Fame (if there was such a thing, and maybe there should be, but until then, there’s this). Read it here. 
Pratik Naik
His post “The Hidden Blessing and Stigma of Failing” is another one that goes into the “a must read for every photographer.” This should be required reading in business school. Heck, it should be required reading in high school. Very well done (and of course, superbly retouched images). Read it here. 

Chip Litherland
I’ve been a fan of Chip’s work for many years, and his graphic style and strong colors always pull me in, but his post “10 Ways to Help Clients Find You” is incredibly well written, and worth its weight in gold (if it weighed a whole bunch more). So well done, and wonderful images as always. Read it here.

Dave Black
One of my all time heroes of sports photography answers viewers questions about his portfolio and Instagram images. It doesn’t get much better than that! Really good stuff! Read it here.
Gavin Hoey
His post, “Small Studio, Big Potential” has the ability to change the way you feel about having your own in-home studio. A really great, practical, fun post from top to bottom. You’ll learn a lot. Read it here. 
Austin Burke
Austin goes beyond the camera and lenses to share what’s in his “little black bag” for making professional food imagery. This is the stuff you don’t read about, but it’s the stuff that makes a big difference. This is awesome! Read it here. 
Moose Peterson
Moose is another guest who winds up in the “best of” category each year, and his post this year is truly one of the inspirational pieces of the year. Incredible images, and such good advice – advice that goes beyond just photography. Read it here. You’ll be glad you did.
There’s an incredible amount of knowledge, passion, inspiration and soul shared in these posts. I’m so grateful to all the photographers and Photoshop experts who shared their thoughts, teaching and ideas through my blog, and of course big thanks and high-five to the awesome Brad Moore for wrangling, managing and producing them all. It’s a lot of work, and he runs it all like a boss.
Hope you enjoyed this look back. On Friday we’ll be looking at the best images of the year — hope you’ll join me for that.
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