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Dave who?

As humbling as it is to be here, I can’t wrap my head around the fact that I have been asked to be a guest blogger on Scott’s site. It’s an honor to have this opportunity and be the little guy standing in line next to such ‘big leaguers’ as Jeremy Cowart, Joey L, David Hobby, Drew Gardner, Zack Arias, David duChemin, Joe McNally and so many others I look up to. Needless to say I have some big shoes to fill. It goes without saying, I’m truly grateful to be here. I really am.

Some people may ask themselves, ‘Who the heck is David Jackson?’ In fact, it’s a question I’ve been asking myself for a long time. Well, I’m just a regular dude from a small town in Wisconsin, who pays his bills with a camera, trying my best to make a living for my family. You see, I haven’t spent time on speaking circuits or been featured at international trade shows. I don’t have a timeless success story to share, a marketing tip or harrowing tale from behind the camera. I don’t have a lengthy client list riddled with celebrities and acclaimed publications. Heck, I’ve barely made a name for myself in the creative industry. Who I am however, is an emerging photographer struggling to have my voice heard over the roar of a very intimidating crowd. I’m standing in line to get on the roller coaster of my career and I need to find a seat before they’re all spoken for.

A few years ago a friend of mine called me out; (more…)

Want to love coming to work every day? I have three awesome jobs we’re hiring for right now that could be the job of your dreams. Here’s who we’re looking for:

(1) Photoshop Guy (or Gal)
We’re looking for the next Photoshop superstar to join our team (you’ll have the same type of job here as Matt, Dave, RC, and Corey, except Matt would be your boss, and he screams a lot. Mostly at me, though).

You’ll need mad Photoshop skills, but I already know a ton of people who are incredible at Photoshop. I’m looking for more than that. I need a world class teacher, a passionate instructor, a creative genius, a gifted communicator, someone who can captivate a room with 500+ Photoshop students, and someone’s whose dream is to be one of “The Photoshop Guys” (even if you’re a Photoshop Girl).

The job requires you to relocate to our headquarters in the Tampa Bay Area of Florida (we have a cool office for you), but we have really great benefits, and loads of opportunity (plus, you’ll become a household name if you really rock, which to get this job, you’d have to, so it’s a lock). Details at the bottom of this post for how to apply.

(2) Marketing Genius
We’re looking for an absolutely kick-butt marketing maverick (or maven) to work on expanding our rapidly growing online training segment. You’ll have tons of opportunity, and a great team around you (you’ll need to work in HQ in Tampa, but I saved you an office right near mine), so you’re going to totally love your job and what you’ll be able to accomplish! If you are that kick-butt person, you’ll be helping us to expand into international markets, and open new ones here in the States.

You’ll need to have some serious marketing experience, lots of energy, passion for what you do, and the ability to not only come up with great ideas, but make them happen. An incredible opportunity for the right person, and you can start right away (the pay’s not half bad either, you get awesome benefits, plus there’s plenty of opportunity for growth). You’d report directly to me, and unlike Matt, I rarely yell. This is the job you’ve been waiting for. Seriously.

(3) Photoshop & Web Tech-Geek SuperHero
Things are exploding here (in a great way), and we need a fairly geeky, yet still kinda cool, person to help answer email questions that people run into who watch our online training.

Here’s an example of what kind of stuff you’d need to handle: let’s say somebody watches one of my online classes, and they see me use the Texturizer filter, but when they go under Filter menu to try it for themselves it’s grayed out. That’s where you come in. You’d ask them, “Is your image in 16-bit mode?” Then they’d say “Yup.” And then you’d tell them that Texturizer doesn’t work on 16-bit images—only 8-bit images. Then you’re a hero. You saved the day!

Plus, if they have a problem with their browser, or the video player, or any one of those pesky thing that people run in to with some browser none of us have ever heard of, you could rescue them, too (tell them get Firefox). Anyway, you need to be a little geeky, a little Photoshoppy, you need to have the patience of a Cleveland Browns fan and an awesome attitude, because you have to love this stuff—solving people’s problems and making them happy. The good news is: you can work from your own home, and telecommute (which means you can work in your underwear. We’ll never know). A perfect job for that cool, yet slightly geeky problem-solver.

A little bit about us
Kelby Training is an awesome place to work, with a casual work environment, really cool offices (link to photos–part 1, and part 2), and you’ll be surrounded by some of the best, most creative, and most fun people anywhere.

We only hire kick-butt, highly motivated, really smart and creative people, so if you get a job here, you know you’re the best of the best (and we treat you like it).

If any of these sounds like a perfect fit for you, or someone you know, them come and work for us! If you post a comment here asking for our HR dept, I’ll email the contact info where to can send your resume (don’t send us a stuffy resume that sounds like you’re looking for a job at Bank of America. They’ll weed you out way before it gets to me, and I want you to make the cut).

That’s the gig. Although we’re pretty casual about a lot of things, we’re really serious about finding incredible people, with great attitude, ethics, passion, and personality. If that sounds like you, I want to meet you. Soon!

Just realized there’s only 5 days left to register for next month’s Photoshop World Conference & Expo in Orlando, Florida and save $100 with the Early Bird Registration discount.

Here are 10 reasons why you should be there:

– 100+ classes all aimed at helping you hone your skills (link)

– Learning and interacting with seasoned “pros” willing to share their knowledge (link)

– Hands-on pre-conference workshops that will help kick start your PSW experience (link)

– Can’t-miss bonus classes to expand your knowledge (link)

– Beyond the classroom opportunities to network with fellow attendees and instructors (link)

– The chance to discover the hottest new products and services on the market (link)

– The opportunity to have your work recognized (link)

– A VIP Experience like no other (link)

– PSW hotel rates that’ll have you living in luxury for less! (link)

– The Conference is open to everyone, and if you’re not already a NAPP member, a full one-year membership is included in your full conference pass. (link)

I hope I’ll get to shake your hand, and see you in my class sessions in Orlando next month. Ask anyone who has been to Photoshop World—it’s a career changing experience wrapped inside an awful lot of fun (we have a “Fashion” theme this year. That’s all I’m sayin’).

Remember to save that $100 bucks. Here’s the link to sign up. See you in Orlando!

This are just some of the dates from the first leg of my new nationwide “Light it, Shoot it, Retouch It” tour, but since we have these dates already locked down, I thought I’d share them.

·  Boston, MA – Thursday, March 24th
·  Minneapolis, MN – Monday, April 4th
·  Indianapolis, IN – Wednesday, April 6th
·  Chicago, IL – Thursday, April 7th

Here’s how each session is structured
(1) I start each session with an empty stage and then I build the lighting set-up for a particular kind of lighting look from scratch, explaining everything as I go, all step-by-step.

(2) Then, I actually do a portrait shoot live in each class, sharing all the camera settings, lighting settings, and exactly what you need to do to nail that type of look.

(3) Finally, I take those images into Photoshop to show you how to do all the post processing, including editing the Raw image, all the portrait retouching techniques, and the finishing effects, so you see the entire process, from beginning to end, with nothing left out.

Not only will you be able to nail all these exact same looks, (using a simple, inexpensive studio lighting set-up), but best of all you’ll learn all the post processing techniques as well.

This all takes place in every class session, all day long—–the lighting set-up, then the shooting, and then all the post processing for every set-up, and every look.

I hope you’ll join me in one of these cities. It’s only $99 for the full day of training (or $79 for NAPP members), and includes a detailed, step-by-step workbook that follows along exactly with what I’m doing in the class.

As soon as the rest of cities and dates are locked down, I’ll announce those here too. I am super psyched about this tour, and I can’t wait to get there with you guys. Here’s the link to the full class schedule, or to sign up. I hope I get to see you in person soon. :)

Big, big biggitty-big news: the new season of D-Town TV (the free weekly show for DSLR shooters) is back (watch it right here), and:

(a) We have an all new roomier set

(b) We’ve got lots of new tips and techniques to share this season

(c) We’ve got two new hosts for the show (Larry Becker, who does our Cheap Shots segment in every episode), and RC Concepcion (cool photographer and Photoshop Guy who has done a number of guest tips on the show).

Matt and I will still be on D-Town TV as guests, doing tips and studio stuff and location stuff as well, but we’re handing over the hosting duties to Larry and RC because (drum roll, please), Matt and I are launching a brand new weekly show called “The Grid” (starting as soon as they finish building the set, which they told us would be this week, but alas, it was not quite done yet).

The Grid is more of a video talk-show format (about Photography & Photoshop), but each week we’ll have an in-studio guest for the entire 30-minute show, plus we’ll be doing video chats with a lot of famous photographers, Photoshop experts, and industry leaders.

Live is Scary
The show will be broadcast live, which in and of itself is kind of scary, because at the end of the day, we’re Photoshop guys and photographers, and not professional TV anchors, so I’m sure we’ll have our share of bumps and bruises, but that might make it even more fun (well for you maybe. For us, probably not so much).

We Get to Interact With You LIVE!
Since the show is live, we can take your questions live too. We love that part. If you miss the live show, we’ll post entire show online afterward so you can watch it when you want, and we’ll post both the video version, and an audio-only version as well if you want to just listen.

Lots More to Come
I don’t want to hi-jack the news that D-Town is back by just focusing on The Grid, so I’ll save all the other cool details for next week when hopefully we’ll be taping our first show (if you go to my Facebook page, and hit the “Like” button, I’ll be posting when and where you can watch, and be a part of our first show, live as it happens).

Larry and RC
These two are totally going to rock D-Town, so I hope you’ll drop in and catch the new episode that just went live yesterday. As always, you can watch it online at KelbyTV/Dtowntv or in iTunes (where you can also choose to subscribe to the show for free, so you never miss an episode).

First, I just wanted to thank everyone who posted a comment and shared your thoughts on tweaking the timing and days for my upcoming Worldwide Photo Walk. Your response was overwhelmingly Yes to moving the day to a more temperate time of year, and to expanding it to Saturday or Sunday, which will give more people a chance to participate (that’s a photo of my walk last year, held in Tarpon Springs, Florida. Photo by “Fuji” Ramos).

So, although this is not the official announcement, I’m looking at Saturday, October 1st, and Sunday, October 2nd, 2011 as the walk dates for this year. I have to make sure these dates don’t coincide or overlap with anything that would make them a bad choice, so for now if you could just pencil it in on your calendar, and I’ll firm it up once we do a little more checking.

Again, thanks to everyone who shared their thoughts. Each year I learn a lot from hosting the walk, and every year I try to make it better than the one before. We made some great strides in this past walk, but of course, I stumbled in a few areas as well, which gives me a list of things to work on and improve for this coming year’s Photo Walk, but I couldn’t do any of it with you guys, so thanks so much for your support, ideas, and enthusiasm for the event. More to come soon! :)